6 Effective Ways to Protect your Android phone from Damage


Ways to protect android phone: Nothing hurts more than seeing your smartphone’s remains splattered all over the floor after an accidental drop. Despite their usefulness, smartphones are quite fragile — too fragile, in fact. They are vulnerable to all kinds of damages that may cause them to malfunction or not even function at all. Yes, your phone is constantly at risk of accidental drops, water damage, and various forms of structural damage. Fortunately, there are some things you can do significantly improve the safety and lifespan of your smartphone.

 Protect your phone with a strong case.

 A cell phone case acts as a shell to protect it from the impacts of falling on hard surfaces. The effectiveness of a case depends on the material it is composed of. For best protection against major impacts, it is recommended to use heavy duty or hard rubberized cases. Premium cases often consist of at least two layers of protection: a hard polycarbonate layer and a rugged rubber skin that wraps around the phone. The hard rubber acts a cushion by absorbing the strong impact forces generated by falls. The hard polycarbonate shell beneath the rubber skin keeps the case firm and stable. While premium cases cost more and are bulkier silicone skins and style cases, they offer better protection.

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Use a screen protector. 

There are many different types of screen protectors. Each type of screen protector provides specific advantages. Regular screen protectors are more affordable, privacy screen protectors prevent individuals around you from seeing sensitive information on the screen, and heavy duty or military grade screen protectors are made out of thicker filaments to provide enhanced protection. If you want to provide the best protection for your phone, consider safeguarding your screen with a military grade screen protector. If you want to save extra money, consider getting a regular screen protector.

Don’t touch your phone when your hands are wet. 

That may sound obvious, but it can actually be difficult to abide by this. For example, someone important might call while you are just finished washing your hands. Anxious to answer the phone call, you might be tempted to touch it while your hands are still wet. The best thing to do in this scenario is to quickly and thoroughly wipe your hands if possible. If you end up missing the call, contact the person or send a message. Touching your phone while your hands are wet may cause water to enter the internal hardware – which may cause serious damage.
Ways to protect android phone
Holding your phone properly prevents accidental falls.

Hold your phone properly.

Interestingly, a lot of smartphones were dropped from a person’s hand. This indicates that the way you hold a smartphone plays an important role on ways to protect android phone. To prevent accidental drops, avoid holding your phone with negligence. Make sure you have a firm grip on the device. Your hands should be comfortably wrapped around both corners. The bulk of the device should be within your palms. Holding it this way prevents accidental falls. 

Be aware of where you place your phone. 

Before placing your phone down, take a brief moment to analyze the condition of your surroundings. Try to anticipate any possible problems that may put your phone’s safety at risk. For example, before placing your phone near a window, make sure that it is closed if the weather is gloomy. Your phone may end up getting wet by rain if you fail to take note of this. Avoid putting your phone on objects people use to sit. For instance, someone may accidentally sit on your phone if it is on a chair. That may cause minor structural damage if your phone doesn’t have a case. To prevent these kinds of problems, foster the habit of assessing and anticipating possible hazards before placing your phone down.

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Carry your phone with care. 

Using your hands and pockets are not the most effective ways to carry your phone with you. Consider using belt clips and pouches. You can find these products at various e-commerce sites and local retail stores. Make sure the product you buy is designed for your device. When buying belt clips and pouches online, purchase the ones that are specifically designed for your device. But, what if you do not have the means to get a belt clip or a pouch? If that is the case, you can use your pockets.

Ways to protect android
Cases and belt clips allow you to carry your phone safely.

While they are not the best way to safely carry your device, there are techniques of using them without jeopardizing the safety of your phone.  Place your phone in a pocket that is free of other objects – especially metallic and sharp objects. Such things can scratch your phone. When placing your phone in your pocket, make sure that the screen or front side is facing your thigh. 


This is really important because your thigh provides extra cushion for the screen. If you don’t do this, you are putting your phone at serious risk. For example, while leaning against pointed structure, such as the edge of a table, you may inadvertently damage your screen if your phone facing the wrong side. 


Despite the fact that smartphones are highly vulnerable to damage, you can still have ways to protect your android phone. Some individuals like their phone as it is, and they don’t like how cases and covers modify original feel of the phone. If that is the case, you must strive to practice the concepts mentioned above (steps 3 to 6). Failure to do so would put your phone’s safety in serious jeopardy. 


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