Airtel Message Center Number: How To Fix Message Not Sent on Airtel


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Just like our last article we will be talking about Airtel message center number, why you get a message not sent notification whenever you send an SMS and how to fix message not sent on Airtel Sims.

In the recent times the evolution of chat apps and social media platforms has made the SMS seem a bit less important, yet SMS is still a vital form of sending messages in many countries around the world. Especially in Nigeria where the use of other messenger apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and telegram has been greatly abused.

It happens sometimes that one wants to send a message and by some chance he or she is not able to sent an SMS on your iPhone or an Android Smartphone. If that is the senerio for you then this article is for you.

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Why You See Message Not Sent.

There are many reasons why you would see a message not sent notification when you send a message to a friend, a colleague or a business partner. What are those reasons?

The main reason you see this message on your phone is either your phone is somehow blocking your radio signal or you have not successfully setup the correct Airtel Message Center Number on your phone.

If you are having a hard time sending SMS on your phone, the problem might not necessarily be that your smartphone is bad. Though a bad phone can also lead to this inability to send messages problem.

Most times the major thing that results to message not sent is having the wrong message center number entirely or tempering with the message center number.

Before you will be able to send an SMS successful on Airtel sims, you need to have to correct Airtel message center number on your phone.

What is Airtel Message Center Number?

By now you must be wondering what this message center number is.

The message center number which is oftentimes also referred to as the Cost center number is an internationally unique number assigned to individual network providers and is different from network to network all over the world.

Message billings and tariffs are charged through this special number.

The Airtel Message Center Number is +2348020000009

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How To Fix Airtel Message Not Sent

If you are running on iOS then you need to check if your iMessage is turned on and then turn it off.

If not proceed with the tutorial below.

  1. Insert your Airtel SIM
  2. Power on your device
  3. Launch the stock message app
  4. Go to message settings
  5. Select Text messages
  6. Go to message center number

Now carefully input the correct message center number for Airtel which is +2348020000009

If you followed the above procedure correctly, by now you would be able to send and receive messages from your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

If you have any questions feel free to use the comment section below.

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