Android 12 Official Update Released by Google.


It is no longer news that the Android 12 official Update by Google is on its way since the release of the fourth beta version of the Android 12. We are all used to seeing the new Android updates dropping in September. However Google appeared to be a little late this year. We have been waiting for an official rollout in the beginning of the last month, but then, Google surprised us with a fifth beta of Android 12. A little later, reports emerged pointing to an October 5 release for Android 12. However, Google went ahead to roll out the final stable update of Android 12.

Surprisingly, Google Pixel Phones is not getting this Android 12 Update.

The Monday’s official release of the Android 12 official update is not getting to the Google Pixel smartphones until Pixel 6 series is launched. Google has just pushed its source to the Android Open Source Project. None of the Pixel smartphones is getting the stable update. These smartphones will only get the stable Android release “in the next few weeks”. So, this is a release, but not a release that will favor many users. Of course, with code pushed to the AOSP database, it means that custom ROM developers will be able to access the code and start publishing their Android 12-based Custom ROMs. In a few hours, we may see the first smartphones getting Android 12 through the community. As far as Android OEMs are concerned, the first A12 updates should take a few more months. We’ve been seeing companies like Oppo and Realme moving today to unveil their respective Android skins. The next few days will probably be followed by more announcements.

According to Google, phones from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi will get Android 12 “later this year”.

It is not unusual to assume that not all companies will be able to deliver the new upgrade this year. Because at the time of compiling this article, there are companies still delivering Android 11 updates….

Android 12 comes with a lot of enhancements which we discussed in a previous article and a major overhaul in the OS design. Google introduces a new “Material You” UI with wallpaper-based theming and a lot of new design elements. The company is also refreshing Widgets and improving other aspects of the OS.

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