How To Find, Hide, Change Firestick IP Address [Without Remote]


How To Find & Hide Amazon Firestick IP address without remote

You can only be able to do a variety of hacks on your Firestick if you know its precise IP address. For instance, in order to enable sideloading of third-party apps like HBO Max on Firestick require the Firestick IP address.

The good news is this. Your Firestick’s IP address may be discovered using a straightforward 3-step approach, so there’s no need to scratch your head in confusion. The earlier interface (v5.2.2.0) needs a slightly different approach to seek up the IP address in case you haven’t upgraded your Firestick.

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Be at ease. The IP address of the Firestick is covered in this article for both software versions.

Find Firestick IP Address for newer Versions ( and above)

You should have no trouble using the newest Firestick’s user interface, thus finding the IP address should just take a few seconds. Look at the actions listed below.

  • Navigate to Settings from the Home screen and then click Ok.
  • Now, navigate to My Fire TV and choose it.
  • Then select About.
How to find hide change Amazon Firestick IP address without remote
  • Next, select the Network option by scrolling down and clicking it. All there is to it is that. On the right side of the screen, you can see the IP address. For use in any program that asks for the IP address, write it down.

Find Firestick IP Address for Older Version [ below]

Even if you’re using an outdated user interface, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the Firestick IP address. The options and navigation are slightly different, but again, it is just a straightforward 3-step procedure. This is how you do it:

  • To access the Settings menu from the home screen, scroll down rather than right. To access more choices, once there, scroll right to System and select it.
How to find hide change Amazon Firestick IP address without remote
  • To find out more, scroll down and select the About option.
  • Next, locate the Firestick IP address by scrolling down and selecting the Network option in the About menu. On the first line, it’s right there.

How To Find Firestick IP address without remote?

To find Firestick IP address without a remote is just the same as what we have explained above.

Instead of using a remote control to navigate through your Fire TV stick, you now use the Fire TV app installed on your phone.

Follow the steps below to see how you use your smartphone as a remote control for your Firestick device.

  • First download and install the Fire TV app on your smartphone.
  • Plug your Amazon Fire TV stick to a power source and Switch it on.
  • Also connect it to a smart TV using a HDMI cable.
  • Now connect your Firestick and your Android or iPhone to the same WiFi network.
  • Open the Fire TV app on your smartphone,
  • Then from the Available Devices page,
  • Select FireStick.
  • Finally enter the code that displays on your smart TV in the app.
  • On successful pairing, you can now use the guide above to find your Firestick IP address without remote.

How To Change or Hide Firestick IP Address?

The Firestick IP address is necessary if you want to use some awesome third-party apps, as was alluded to in the beginning of this article. What if, though, you’d want to change or hide the Firestick device’s IP address?

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The IP address can be hidden for a few reasons. First of all, it enables you to switch servers and prevent high Internet traffic, which might exacerbate buffering. Additionally, if you use Kodi, a change or hide Firestick IP address prevents any snooping ISPs from accessing your data.

Additionally, by faking your precise location, you will be able to access some of the information that is geographically prohibited. In any case, you must first download and set up a VPN service. For illustration, this guide for ExpressVPN, however you can use any other VPN that works for you.

The actions you should take to hide the Firestick’s IP address are listed below:

  • To sign up as a new user, use the Express VPN website or mobile application.
  • Plug your Firestick to a power source and Switch it on.
  • After turning on the Firestick,
  • Go to the Amazon store.
  • Click on the search icon.
  • Enter Express VPN in the search bar.
  • Select ExpressVPN from the search results.
  • In order to download and install ExpressVPN, click the Get button now.
How to find hide change Amazon Firestick IP address without remote
  • Choose Open after installing the app,
  • Then enter your username and password to log in.
  • Then, pick any server of your choice to use and change or hide your Firestick IP address.
  • Click the Home button on your Firestick remote when everything is set up and the VPN connection is active.


How do I connect my Firestick to WIFI without a remote?

To connect your Firestick to a WiFi network without remote, use the Fire TV app on your phone.

How do I access my Firestick Network?

Go to Settings>Network.
Click on your network name.
Press Okay or Pause on your Firestick remote to see network status.

How do I change my IP Address on my Firestick?

To change or hide your Firestick IP address, Install a VPN and follow the steps above.


No matter what software version you are running, finding the Firestick’s IP address is a rather simple task. This will significantly increase the usability of your Firestick and provide you access to a wide variety of third-party apps.

Now, tell us about your experience using applications that ask for your Firestick’s IP address. So please don’t be shy about sharing your favorite applications in the space below.

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