How To Fix DirecTV Sound but No Picture? [Updated 2022]


DirecTV Sound but no picture, JIP errors, delete a location error and no sound issues are just some of the issues that DirecTV customers have been experiencing for a long time.

In as much as these errors can not be resolved totally, we still provide you with many troubleshooting methods to fix certain issues on your DirecTV.

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix DirecTV sound but no picture issues.

What Does DIRECTV Sound but No Picture mean?

Just like you can see from the name, this error causes you DirecTV to display a black screen on your monitor.

This lack of display image most times does not affect the sound system.

To resolve this error, it is wise that we let you know the possibly reasons why you are getting sounds but no picture on your DirecTV.

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Common Causes of DirecTV Sound but No Picture.

There are many reasons why might be facing black screen on your DirecTV receiver.

Below are the most common ones;

Blocked Signals

Your DirecTV antenna needs to get a clear line of signal from the satellite. Blockades like buildings, walls, or trees might likely interface with the signal and cause your DIRECTV to lose connection.

Bad Weather

A stormy weather can no doubt cause an interferance to the signal and therefore result to loss of visual on your DirecTV.

Loose or Bad Cable Connections

At times the cable connecting the antenna and the receiver is not fastened properly and it causes a break in signal.

How to fix DirecTV sound but no picture
Fix DirecTV sound but no picture

Check the ports to make sure that you are not connecting the cables to the wrong ports.

Poor Signal Strength (Error code 771)

The signal strength is supposed to be from 60 and above for HD receivers and 70 and above for regular receivers in normal conditions.

You can run a signal meter test to check your signal strength.

2. The Visual cables (eg HDMI) connecting TV to the receiver is not loose or faulty.

3. The guide information in the receiver is correct but the video is not processing.

4. The channel you are watching is broadcasting a special or exclusive event.

How to Identify The Cause of DirecTV Sound but No Picture Issues?

When you are facing a black screen on your DirecTV, it is very important that you Identify the cause of the problem before you apply the methods to fix DirecTV No Visual issues.

First Check if is a satellite related problem by making sure the antenna cable us properly set and in good shape.

Then, try checking the backlight panel or the T-connector on your TV. If it turns out that it is not a TV-related issue, we can then conclude that there is a problem with the DIRECTV Receiver and proceed with the solutions below.

Note that is the problem is caused by an exclusive event as mentioned in causes of no picture problem above, all you have to do is switch to another channel or pay for the special event if you are interested in watching it.

How to Fix DIRECTV Sound but No Picture? (Black Screen)

Anytime you are faced with a no visual on your DIRECTV, try the troubleshooting methods below to resolve such error.

Reboot your TV

Simply switch off your TV and then switch it back on. This step solves any problem with visual transmission on your television.

Reboot your DirecTV Receiver

Switch your DirecTV Receiver off and then back On.

On most DIRECTV receivers, the power button is beside the access card door whereas on otherd the power button is on the side of the receiver. Make sure that the front panel’s light is on.

You can go further to unplug the power cord from the power source and wait for like fifteen to thirty (15 – 30) seconds, and then plug it back in.

Most times this simple reboot fixes half of DirecTV errors.

Check the Cable Connections

The cable connecting the antenna and the receiver should be in properly connected likewise the cables connecting the receiver and the TV.

Reset your DirecTV receiver

Resetting your DirecTV receiver is a great way of solving all no picture and no sound problems on DirecTV.

Let’s see how to reset the network connection on DirecTV genie and non genie receivers.

Genie Receivers

To reset Genie receivers,

  • Press the DASH button. Internet: Connected should be displayed. (Press the DASH button twice for newer models).
  • Then Press the MENU button.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Next Internet Setup.
  • Now Reset Network Defaults
  • Once network defaults are reset,
  • Finally click on Connect Now

Non Genie Receivers

To reset Non Genie Receivers,

  • Press the DASH button. Internet: Connected should appear.
  • Then Press the MENU button
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Then Help
  • Next Settings
  • Then Network Setup
  • Now select Reset Network Defaults
  • Once network defaults are reset,
  • Finally click on Connect Now

Contact DirecTV Customer Support

If you have tried all the methods above and you are still getting sound but no picture on your DirecTV then it is time to call the customer service.

There technical team will definitely fix the issue or at least detect the cause.


Why does my DIRECTV have sound and no picture?

Your DirecTV could have sound and no sound due to the reasons mentioned above like poor signal, loose or bad Cable Connections, exclusive events etc.

Why is the screen black on DIRECTV?

Loose or bad cable connection is the most likely cause of black screen issues on the DirecTV

How do I run a diagnostic test on DIRECTV?

When you experience sound but no picture on your DirecTV, you can run a diagnostic test by doing the following;
1. Press the Menu button
2. The go to Settings & Help > Settings > View Signal Strength.
3. Then Press the DASH button
4. Finally check each satellite individually

How do I reboot my DIRECTV?

Unplug your receiver’s power cord from the electrical outlet, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in.


By following the guide above carefully, you will be able to fix the DirecTV sound but no picture errors.

If you encounter any difficulty following the steps above, Let us know by using the comment section below.

Also make your satellite provider’s customer service your best friend.

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