How To Install HBO Max on Nintendo Switch? [Updated 2022]


HBO Max on Nintendo Switch:

Here is a great article about how to stream HBOMax on your Nintendo Switch. You can easily download and use the HBOMax app on your Nintendo Switch device with the help of this post.

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About HBO Max

HBO Max is a fantastic online tool that offers a wide variety of video content to meet our demands and preferences. You can get HBO Max originals, must-watch TV shows, fresh releases, films, series, documentaries, and much more through this app.

You can end your boredom with the aid of the HBO Max streaming application and its media material. HBO Max has 4K material available.

Features of HBO Max app

The features listed below will give you a head start if you’re interested in purchasing a pack from HBO Max.

  • You can download any content from HBO Max to use offline. You can download any movie or television show to your device and watch it at a later time.
  • HBO Max is jam-packed with a ton of blockbuster movies, noteworthy television programs, popular discussion shows, documentaries, and the most recent Max originals.
  • On a single account, you can set up as many as five user profiles. Conveniently, each profile photograph can be altered to suit the preferences of the user.
  • In addition to the amazing programming previously offered, popular channel brands like Cartoon Network, Studio Ghibli, DC, Looney Tuned, TCM curated classics, Sesame Workshop, Crunchyroll, and many more are accessible.
  • Parental control is another noteworthy aspect that shouldn’t be ignored. The environment is adaptable and simple to utilize.
  • Using HBO Max will undoubtedly give you a unique user experience. You will become completely absorbed in the content, especially if watched on a 4K HD TV.

HBO Max subscription plans

Both ad-supported and ad-free subscription plans are available. As a result, the monthly and annual subscription fees for HBO Max are $14.99 and $9.99, respectively.

How To Get and download HBO Max on Nintendo Switch and switch Lite

How To Get HBO Max on Nintendo Switch?

There are specific methods we can use to download the HBOMax app to the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Download HBO Max on Nintendo Switch
  2. Stream HBO Max on Nintendo Switch via Streaming Devices

You can get the HBOMax app for Nintendo Switch using these methods.

How To Download HBO Max on Nintendo Switch?

By following these simple instructions, you can try this way to download and install the HBOMax app on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Press the power button to Boot your Nintendo Switch.
  • Now Connect it to a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Press A to go to the Home Screen.
  • Then Click on the shopping bag icon to enter the Nintendo e-shop.
  • Now sign-in to your Nintendo Switch account with your username and password.
  • Go to the search bar.
  • Enter HBO Max in the search area and Search.
  • Select the HBO Max app from the search results.
  • Now Click on Download to install the HBOMax app on your Nintendo Switch.
  • After installation, Launch the HBO Max app.
  • Sign-in with your HBO Max account details.
  • Select any movie to watch on your Nintendo Switch.

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How To Watch HBO Max on Nintendo Switch via streaming devices?

You can get the HBO Max app on the Nintendo Switch via streaming devices. Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and other streaming devices all have HBO Max. So you can simply install one of these streaming service on your Nintendo Switch and enjoy the exclusive content of HBOMax.


Can I watch HBO Max on my Nintendo Switch using the Hulu app?

Yes, all you have to do is install the Hulu app on your Nintendo Switch and subscribe to a HBO Max package.

Can I switch plans on HBO Max?

Yes, you can switch plans across devices on HBO Max. All you have to do is click on the profile icon and select subscription.


This is where we begin to wrap up our discussion of how to install and stream the HBOMax app on your Nintendo Switch. This post on installing HBOMax on your Nintendo Switch will be a helpful guide in getting HBOMax and its contents installed. As a result, we appreciate you taking the time to read this article about the HBOMax app for Nintendo Switch.

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