How To Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku? [Updated 2022]


How To Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku:

I am aware that canceling ESPN Plus on Roku has caused you pain. You have been led to this page as a result. Don’t worry; we have the finest ways to cancel your ESPN+ Roku subscription. Therefore, don’t be confused about canceling your ESPN+ subscription. This blog was written because I had a difficult day after canceling my ESPN+ on Roku subscription.

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I sought advice in a variety of places before coming to a satisfactory decision regarding the cancellation of the ESPN+ bundle. Now I input the identical steps I took to cancel my ESPN+ subscription in order to cancel my ESPN Plus subscription. The crucial point is that the major steps will be missed if you omit any of the steps from the article below. You then encountered some issues trying to cancel your ESPN+ subscription on Roku. So, all we ask in return is that you don’t skip any crucial tasks.


You must first be aware that we can cancel your subscription to the ESPN Plus service at any time. Of course, ESPN Plus will allow us to quit our subscription plan at any time, but unlike many services, a refund is not accessible. You can stream ESPN Plus content until the end of your subscription period if you cancel your current membership plan. We will now discuss how to discontinue Espn Plus on Roku.

How To cancel ESPN Plus subscription on Roku tv

How To Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku?

Three ways are provided below to discontinue your Espn Plus subscription. In order to cancel your Espn Plus subscription, first read it word for word. Two of the four methods listed below were taken from the ESPN+ and Roku websites. Therefore, don’t wait to cancel your ESPN+ subscription; just finish reading this post.

Cancel ESPN plus on Roku via ESPN+ Website

Here, we demonstrate how to immediately cancel ESPN Plus by visiting their official website. There is no need to access the settings of a different website or streaming service. We can immediately cancel our ESPN Plus subscription on the ESPN Plus website. To cancel your ESPN Plus subscription on Roku, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the ESPN plus official website on your computer or mobile browser.
  • Open Manage my ESPN+ Subscription.
  • Enter your credentials to get into your ESPN+ account.
  • If you haven’t logged in before, do so now by entering your login information, including your registered email address and password.
  • Redirect to ESPN+ Subscription in step four.
  • From the ESPN+ Subscription menu, choose Manage.
  • Choose Cancel Subscription from the Manage Subscription menu after that.
  • To cancel your current ESPN+ subscription, choose Cancel Now.

How To cancel ESPN Plus on Roku tv directly from Roku device

The biggest benefit of the Roku streaming device is that you may control or discontinue your channel subscription. We can cancel our membership to a channel at any moment thanks to Roku. The same applies to canceling ESPN+ with Roku devices. To cancel your ESPN+ subscription on your Roku streaming device, carefully read the steps listed below.

  • On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Locate and access the ESPN+ channel.
  • The two methods listed below are utilized to access ESPN+ features on a Roku device.

List of Channels

  • Choose the “Home” button.
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight the ESPN+ channel.
  • Press the Star button on your Roku control.

Channel Store

  • Pick streaming channels.
  • Look through ESPN+ and choose it.
  • Using the remote control for your Roku streaming device, select OK.
  • Choose Manage Subscription if you were able to successfully access ESPN+.
  • To cancel your ESPN+ subscription, click Cancel Subscription.

How To Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Roku via Roku Website.

We can cancel our ESPN+ subscription on Roku without necessarily using a Roku streaming device. Yes! The aforementioned assertion is supported by the Roku website. Go ahead and cancel our ESPN+ subscription on the Roku website. Follow the instructions below to stop receiving ESPN+.

  • Go to on your streaming device or mobile device.
  • Establish a Roku password and sign in with your Roku login information, which may be an email address.
  • Next, select Manage your Subscriptions from the menu.
  • After choosing the Manage Your Subscription option, the My Subscriptions screen launches and all available subscription channels are shown.
  • Look for ESPN+ in the My subscriptions list.
  • Click Unsubscribe to cancel your ESPN+ subscription.

How To Cancel ESPN Plus on Roku TV using Customer Support

You can undoubtedly cancel your ESPN+ on Roku by contacting customer service. The precise instructions for canceling your current ESPN+ membership on Roku are provided below.

How to unsubscribe by phone:
Follow the instructions to cancel your current ESPN+ membership on Roku by dialing this number: 1800-727-1800.

How to unsubscribe by mail:
Send an email to [email protected] to terminate your current ESPN+ subscription plan for the Roku streaming media player. After that, [email protected] will send you a message with information on how to stop using ESPN+ on your Roku streaming device.


The greatest place to stream stuff from the ESPN channel is ESPN+, to wrap things up. However, there are occasionally issues while using Roku to access ESPN+ content. We experience boredom while watching the same kind of entertainment on Roku. We also made the decision to terminate our ESPN+ subscriptions and renew our new plans with other streaming services at the same time.

There are numerous ways to cancel your ESPN+ subscription. The four best ways to cancel your ESPN+ subscription are described in the aforementioned article. Try the four procedures listed above to cancel your ESPN+ Roku subscription.

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