How To Get and Watch ITV Hub App on PS4? [Updated 2022]


ITV Hub on PS4:
Another intriguing essay is available here for you. The focus is on a well-known streaming service. ITV Hub is that. A well-known streaming service called ITV Hub provides all the material in both its free and subscription versions. For those who have a PlayStation 4, this information will be useful. You can follow the instructions below to get and play the ITV Hub app on a PS4.


An internet streaming program called the ITV Hub was formerly known as the ITV Player. ITV Hub (formerly known as ITV Player) was first made available in 2008, then in 2015, the service’s name was changed to ITV Hub. The ITV Hub is owned by ITV Plc. ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV are the live channels available on ITV Hub. On ITV Hub, you can also access movies, on-demand content, and a lot more.
The ITV Hub service is free.

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The app is also available in a premium edition. ITV Hub+ is it. The cost of the paid version is £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year. ITV Hub+ users have access to a free week-long trial, content downloads, ad-free streaming, offline viewing, and other features. You might see advertisements if you’re watching live. And there is no contract associated with the ITV Hub+ membership. A wide range of devices are compatible with the ITV Hub app.

How To sign up for ITV Hub

The procedure for registering for ITV Hub using a suitable web browser is as follows. Let’s get started with the process.

  • Use your smartphone or computer to browse
  • Next, select the Sign in and then the Sign up now options from the browser’s menu.
How to get, Play and watch ITV Hub on PS4.
  • Fill up your personal information in the browser for your ITV Hub account, including your name, email address, date of birth, zip code, and new passport.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions and check the box in the browser to indicate that you accept them.
  • After that, click the browser’s Submit button.

How To Subscribe To ITV Hub Plus

To sign up for ITV Hub+ using a compatible web browser, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to and select Sign in.
  • Open the ITV Hub account browser and log in.
  • Open your profile in the browser.
  • Go to the browser’s Manage account area.
  • To subscribe to ITV Hub+ and enter your payment information, follow the on-screen instructions.

Is ITV Hub available on PS4?

There is no ITV Hub app for PlayStation 4. Consequently, you can’t download the software directly to your PS4. You now know how to use screen mirroring to download the ITV Hub PS4 app. Speakers must be connected to your device.

How to get, Play and watch ITV Hub on PS4.

How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS4?

  • Set up a Wi-Fi network that both your smartphone and PlayStation 4 can connect to.
  • Install the Screen Mirroring and ITV Hub apps on your smartphone, then complete the initial setup.
  • Get your PlayStation 4’s Library access.
  • Click the Internet Browser icon on your PlayStation 4 to open it.
  • Next, open the PlayStation 4’s
  • Open the Screen Mirroring application on your smartphone.
  • Using your smartphone and the connected TV on your PlayStation 4, scan the QR code.

  • Once you’re connected, open the Screen Mirroring app on your smartphone, touch Screen Mirroring, and select Start Broadcast.
  • The screen from your smartphone is currently visible on the TV.
  • Open ITV Hub on your smartphone, and your connected PlayStation 4 TV will display the content.

How do I get ITV Hub on PS4?

There isn’t currently an official ITV Hub app for PlayStation 4.
Please take note that this method only works if the PS4 version of the software is accessible.
Now let’s start the process.

  • Let your PlayStation 4 establish a wireless connection.
  • Open the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4 and select the Search icon.
  • On your PlayStation 4, look up ITV Hub and select it.
How to get, Play and watch ITV Hub on PS4.
  • Next, select the appropriate option to download and install the ITV Hub app on your PS4.

The ITV Hub app on your PlayStation 4 must be activated in order to begin streaming.


One of the top streaming providers in the UK and ROI is ITV Hub. ITV Hub is used by more than 29 million people. By following the steps listed above, you can download the ITV Hub app to your PlayStation 4.
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