How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS5? [Updated 2022]


ITV Hub on PS5:
The majority of people’s source of entertainment during this pandemic catastrophe is streaming services. With information on streaming services and how to utilize them on your devices, we are here to support you. You’ll benefit from this essay in a similar way. The focus of today’s discussion is ITV Hub.

What is ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is a website that lets you stream your favorite shows whenever you want. This article is exclusive for PlayStation 5 owners, so please read on. We’ll assist you in finding ways to download the ITV Hub app to your PS5.

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ITV Hub is an online service that allows users to stream content from its official website to compatible web browsers and to compatible devices via the ITV Hub app. ITV Player, ITV Catch Up, ITV Net Player, and ITV Network Player were the previous brand names for this service. It is now ITV Hub.
You may view all the ITV stations and on-demand material via ITV Hub, a free streaming service. On the ITV Hub website, on mobile devices, and on connected TVs, you can create a free account.

ITV Hub subscription packages

The ITV Hub service is free. So you can browse the ITV Hub content library without having a subscription plan. But the service is also offered in a paid version. It is ITV Hub+ (£3.99/month or £39.99/year), which offers a 7-day free trial and ad-free, content-downloading, offline viewing options. Ads may appear with some content.

Is there ITV Hub available on PS5?

The ITV Hub app for PlayStation 5 is not yet accessible. Additionally, there is no future information available regarding ITV Hub for the PlayStation 5. On the PlayStation 5, we can immediately install the ITV Hub app if it’s available. But for present, the method described above is how you download the ITV Hub software to a PlayStation 5.

How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS5

How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS5?

The ITV Hub app cannot be installed directly on a PlayStation 5. because PlayStation 5 cannot run the ITV Hub app. However, the steps in the following guide will assist you in downloading the ITV Hub software for the PlayStation 5.

  • First, allow your smartphone and PlayStation 5 to join to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Return to your PlayStation 5’s home screen.
  • Press the PS5 controller’s PlayStation button.
How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS5
  • On your PlayStation 5, select the Game Base option by hovering your cursor over it.
  • On your PlayStation 5, select Options and then the Go to Game Base option.
  • Next, select a friend and use your PlayStation 5 to send
  • On your PlayStation 5, click the link message you just provided to your friend.
  • This brings up the Google home page. On your PlayStation 5, enter into the address bar and conduct a search.
  • A QR code will appear on your screen. Install the Screen Mirroring app and ITV Hub app on your smartphone.
How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS5
  • After that, open the Screen Mirroring app on your phone and scan the QR code that appears on the TV linked to your PS5.
  • Next, open the Screen Mirroring app on your smartphone and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.
  • Next, in the Screen Mirroring app on your smartphone, click Start Broadcast. The screen of your smartphone will then appear on the connected PS5 TV.
  • Next, access the material by going to the ITV Hub app on your smartphone. On the linked TV of your PlayStation 5, you can view ITV Hub programming.


ITV Hub is a streaming service that offers free, unrestricted access to the entire content library. Use the steps outlined in this article to get the ITV Hub app for the PlayStation 5. We sincerely hope you find this information to be useful. I appreciate you taking the time.

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