How To Get and Watch ITV Hub Live on Xbox One? [Updated 2022]


ITV Hub on Xbox One:
As usual, we have another informative and engaging post for you. We dispel your misunderstandings about streaming services and their streaming methodologies. Thus, the subject of today’s discussion is a streaming service that is far less expensive to subscribe to.

About ITV Hub

ITV Hub is a streaming service that you may purchase for a very reasonable price. ITV Hub offers a huge selection of material. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up the ITV Hub app for Xbox One.
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Up until 2015, ITV Hub was referred to as ITV Player. ITV Hub is a property of ITV Plc. It is especially for residents of the UK and ROI. Within its broadcasting area, ITV Hub allows you to view live broadcasts of all ITV stations as well as on-demand programming at any time. All content on ITV Hub is freely available to users. The ITV Hub app has tremendous compatibility.

ITV Hub offers ITV Hub+ as a premium service. The monthly or annual fee of the ITV Hub+ service is £3.99. New subscribers are given access to a week-long trial period without charge. Users of ITV Hub+ have the option to download their favorite shows to watch later without ads. Even if you have an ITV Hub+ membership, some live channels and content may display advertisements. The ITV Hub+ subscription can be purchased via the company’s official website, linked TV devices, Apple devices via iTunes, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Is ITV Player available on Xbox One?

The ITV Hub app is compatible with Xbox One and functions properly on it. There is no need to use such workarounds, therefore.

How to get, Play and watch ITV Hub on Xbox one.

How To Get and Watch ITV Hub on Xbox One?

The program can be installed straight on your console. Download the ITV Hub app on an Xbox 1 with the help of this tutorial is advised.

  • Connect your Xbox One to Wi-Fi.
  • Next, navigate through your Xbox One’s Dashboard until you find the Store, and then choose it.
  • On your Xbox One, choose the Browse Apps tile now.
  • Next, navigate to the Xbox One’s Apps area.
How to get, Play and watch ITV Hub on Xbox one.
  • On your Xbox One, select Search Apps and conduct a fresh search for ITV Hub.

  • Select the ITV Hub app from the results on your Xbox 1 by highlighting it.
  • Obtaining the ITV Hub app for your Xbox 1 requires access to the Get option.
  • Start ITV Hub on your Xbox One after the installation is complete.

How To Activate ITV Hub on Xbox One?

The process for activating the app on the Xbox One is as follows. On your Xbox One, you can also be asked to check in to ITV player. Create an ITV Hub account before beginning the process.

  • Complete the instructions above to get and watch the ITV Hub app.
  • On your Xbox One, select the Sign in now icon in ITV player.
  • On your Xbox One-connected TV, a code will be displayed. Note it down.
  • Next, use your desktop or mobile device to browse
  • Select Sign in from the menu to access your ITV Hub account on your desktop or mobile device’s browser.
  • If you chose the Sign in option, enter your ITV Hub account’s email address and password to sign in on your smartphone or desktop browser.
How to get, Play and watch ITV Hub on Xbox one.
  • Next, select the Watch with Ads option in the browser on your smartphone or desktop to continue watching without an ITV Hub+ subscription.
  • Next, paste the code into the appropriate field of the browser on your desktop or smartphone and press Continue.

The app is now operational on your Xbox One.
You may watch your favorite shows online on various devices with the aid of ITV Hub.


As we’ve previously stated, the ITV Hub service is primarily for residents of the UK and ROI. Utilize the steps above to download and watch the ITV app on your Xbox One and start watching your favorite shows.
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