List Of Top 13 Common Android Smartphones Problems and Solutions

Many people have dumped their android devices today because of one problem or the other, Many users can easily detect malfunctioning on their Android device but finds it very hard to get their smartphones back to normal . There are many android malfunctions and possible solution we have provided on this blog. Below are still some common problem we face and as well solutions how to fix it.


List Of Top 13 Solutions for Android Smartphones Problems

There are many Android problems but we be looking at some common errors we encounter on a regular basis;

1. Phone Overheating

Phone Overheating can be caused by many factors which includes Charging your device with fake charger which is not branded of your phone company, So make sure you charge using original phone manufacturer charger.

Also Try to avoid charging or placing your phone in a sunny environment, reduce your phone backlight, stop background apps and run games or apps that are compatible with your OS version.

Kindly charge your phone from direct Power source and most especially charging smartphone with generator causes over heating on the phone. Avoid charging your smartphone with Power banks or directly from Laptops.

2. Android Consuming Or Zapping Much Data

You can manage and Minimize data usage by using “DATALLY” a third-party application . These will stop some Apps consuming much data on your phone. You can as well try setting up a data usage limit on your smartphone to help you control usuage.

Once You reaches our data set limits your mobile data will Automatically Turn off in other to Manage your data. You can enable this by Navigating to Settings => Data Usage => Set Limit to Mobile Data usage.

3. Some Games Not Working

Many games comes with different sizes and phone requirements, Some games are only compatible with some set of Operating system (O.S). These is to say game is not supported for your device. In such cases you encounter Malfunction on your phone whenever you try running the game.

Also Games are not running because your RAM might be too low to run them and might cause your phone to show “white” and freeze. Try to use a phone with sufficient RAM to run those type of games or use Clean Master app to boost the game.

4. Quick Battery Draining

Battery draining issue is common problems we experience each day, These can be as a result of the Manfucturer battery capacity and at times may be as a result of Apps running on phone backgound, So therefore best way in resolving the issue is by enabling battery saving mode, decreasing phone backlight, removing live wallpaper and stopping apps running on background.

You can as well use DU Battery saver a Third-party App which helps you to eliminate apps that runs on background and additionally, it helps your battery charge faster by performing the necessary things that will help you save your battery.

5. Wi-Fi Not Connecting

These issue is also experience on a regular basis but it is usually caused when your phone has been Online and active for long period of time and hours. So therefore in such case you might find it difficult to connect to Wi-Fi or receiving signal.

You can fix these issue by Restarting your phone Or you can just enable Airplane Mode for at least 1 minute and try again.believe me at this point it will work perfectly fine.

6. Forgot Android Pattern Or Password Security.

I have been a victim of these on several occassions, At a time like these, Many advice me to take it to an engineer but i decided to surf online and try out these method and it worked like Magic.

If you have ever forgetten your password or partner, you can choose to unlock using your Gmail Account, Or you can decide to bypass all those security question and try out below method for quick soution

To resolve this issue, boot into your phone recovery mode by powering off your phone and by holding the VOLUME UP button + the POWER KEY button. It will boot directly into recovery mode.

Now scroll down and select “CLEAR CACHE AND DATA” and select “YES” to proceed. Once it’s done, you have successfully cleared your Android phone data and information and the password won’t be there any longer. Reboot and set a simple password this time or complex one that you can ever remember.

7. Google Play Errors

I have posted some solution and fix as Google Play has many errors attached to it. But on these post if you encounter any Issue with Google Playstore like Not downloading and other minor errors, you should quickly try these solutions.

First Clear Cache on your Google Playstore App by going to Settings =>Apps =>Google playstore.

Second You can Remove and Add back your Google account on the Playstore. This might resolve the issue but if it persist you can as well try this one;

Go to Apps and “Uninstall updates“, these will likely solve the issues. you can also read on other Playstore Errors and Solutions.

8. Insufficient Space Error

These occurs when memory storage is filled up, Such message will always popup so therefore you can immediately delete Junk files and also clean Up memory space by Installing CClearner  Third-party App, which can help you free up some memory.

You can delete big files by Opening up your  Xender App and Navigate To File => Choose Big Files. Now delete up big files and free up your memory space.

9. Apps Won’t Install To My SD Card

Most especially is as a result of update provided by your O.S. Moreover some Apps are also built to be mounted on Phone memory, But you have an option to Move installed App on phone to SD card. To do this Go to Settings  =>Apps => and choose the option to “Move to SD Card

If this feature is not available on your phone kindly use a third-party app called APK Extractor app and extract all apps into your phone SD card.

10. SD card Not Recognized

These problem is common, when SD card is rejected by your phone Simply pull it out, insert it into a card reader and format it. You can also find some options in the menu of the SD card and format the SD card. It works in most cases. If it persist then the SD card is faulty.

11. Turn OFF Screen While Charging

These is not actually a problem but a setting from the phone, whenever you plug in your phone for charging and notice the screen automatically turn off, kindly go to Phone Settings => Apps =>Development and tick the “Stay Awake” option to keep the phone awake while charging.

12. Unresponsiveness, Freeze and Slow Speed

Unresponsiveness, Lagging and Hanging of phone is another problem we face on a daily basis. Many factors can cause these issue but most especially When your phone storage is low, Processor is low or also when phone RAM is low as well.

The best solution is to delete unused apps and delete heavy or big files from memory card or from the inbuilt memory storage. You can also delete Big Files and Junk files, Clean Master  Android App can also be a great solution to these problem. so download and install.

13. Phone Cannot Connect To PC for Data Transfer

To transfer data from PC to mobile or from mobile to PC, you need an app called AirDroid to make it work seamlessly, that’s if you use laptop or WiFi. This app will help you wirelessly transfer data to PC. Sometimes, your USB or USB port in PC doesn’t support each other that’s another reason you might face this type of problem.

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These are some common errors and solution many android users face today, But with above solution you can fix in your phone and be your own Android doctor. Feel free to drop your other related issues using comment section below let suggest you a solution. You can also take a look at the clip below for better clarification.

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