UPDATE: Android 12 Vs iOS 15 Features || Everything you need to know.

Android 12 Vs iOS 15

It is no longer news to us that the latest update of the Android operating system OS is set to be officially released since the beta 5 which is the last beta version has just been released.

Though we are not expecting this Android 12 to be released anything before late September or October.

iOS 15 on the other hand is taking over the internet as iPhone users can’t wait to unveil the amazing OS which will be released in no time.

In this article today I will be discussing,

  1. New features of Android 12.
  2. New features of iOS 15.
  3. Changes Android 12 comes with in 2021.
  4. Changes iOS 15 comes with in 2021.
  5. Supported devices for Android 12.
  6. Supported devices for iOS 15.


  • Face Based Autorotate.
  • Customized color themes.
  • New design for  notification shade.
  • App privacy features.
  • Double Tap options.
  • One handed mode.
  • Trash and Recycle Bin
  • Digital Car key.
  • Android TV remote.
  • Material you .
  • On device search.
  • Scrolling screenshot.


  • Text Recognition in images.
  • New design for notification shade.
  • ID cards in wallet app.
  • Focus mode.
  • Spatial Audio and SharePlay in FaceTime calls.
  • New design for Safari, Maps, Weather, and Notes app.
  • Added Privacy features.
  • New Widgets.
  • Improved Accessibility and Gaming Controls.


The biggest noticeable change that Android 12 come with is the Material You design theme. Android 12 looks unlike any other custom skin this year, with massive widgets and beautifully laid out notifications shade. Whether it’s the lock screen, Always On Display, or the home screen, your phone will base its accent colours around the wallpaper’s colours. There will be several colour-based themes instead of Dark and Light. The Material You design will be limited to the Pixel devices.

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There will be easier access to services like Google Pay and Home controls from the notification shade. Google Assistant will now be accessible via double-pressing the power key.

Google promises faster performance with Android 12. There will be a reduction of CPU time by 22 percent and newer animations will help enhance the experience to another level. Android TV remote is now baked into the system by default. The Chrome browser can now suggest vulnerable passwords and use Google Assistant to quickly change them with a secure one.

Privacy takes centerstage in Android 12. There is a new Privacy Dashboard app similar to iOS 15 that reports what apps are using your personal details via the on-device sensors. This one does not track websites like iOS 15. Privacy Indicator makes its way to Android to notify you of device sensor access while using an app.

Google is also livening up its camera algorithms to make it fair for users of all colours. Improvements in exposure, lighting and details can be expected with future updates.


Apple is not make that much of a change with iOS 15, Instead of bringing headlining features like widgets from last year, the focus is more on little things to make life easier. Apart from a new still wallpaper and redesigned notifications, the interface mostly remains unchanged.

Apple has taken the liberty to work on notifications this year. Users can now group their notifications under different profiles such as DND, Driving, Work, Home, and more. You can choose from one of these and ask iOS to notify you from only those apps that you want. Unimportant app notifications can now be hidden and scheduled to be shown as a summary of all notifications at a certain time. The notification UI is now more akin to Android this year.

A derivative of this notifications thing is Focus. It is similar to Profiles from Android and lets you stay in control of your device. If you have enabled DND, your contacts on iMessage will be notified of your DND status when they send you a message.

FaceTime gets upgrades in the form of background noise reduction, portrait mode effects in video calls, and a new grid view for group calls. SharePlay allows iPhone users to listen to Apple Music or watch Apple TV together while on a call. Moreover, Android users can now also participate in FaceTime calls with FaceTime links via a web browser.

Safari gets a makeover with smarter tab management this year. The search bar now rests at the bottom and you can swipe on them to switch to the next.

The camera app can now scan text from photos to copy it in other apps or save as notes. Spotlight search now shows up images and web information that are relevant to your search topic. Siri works offline too and you can expect faster command execution. Shared With You now shows up all links and media shared by your friends on iMessage at one place.

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Lastly, App Privacy Report allows tracks all access to your phone’s data from all installed apps. Users can also see the accessed domain name as well as what sensors were used in those scenarios. Mail Privacy Protection hides IP addresses to improve security.


Android 12 will be supported for most of the Google pixel series however it depends upon Android partners as to which of their devices they want to support with Android 12. Some of the big names participating in the beta include OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, Realme and more.

Pixel 3 series.

Pixel 3a series.

Pixel 4 series.

Pixel 4a series.

Pixel 5.


iPhone 7 series.

iPhone 8 series.

iPhone X.

iPhone XS series.

iPhone XR.

iPhone 11 series.

iPhone 12 series.

iPhone SE (1st and 2nd Gen).

iPod Touch 7th Gen.

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