What Channel is BT Sport on Cox? [Updated 2022]


What channel is BT Sport on Cox:

Do you want to know how to watch BT Sport on your Cox service? If so, continue reading until the end to learn how to receive all of your favorite BT Sport broadcasts on your current streaming service. In this article, we will demonstrate the simplest way to access BTSport on Cox. So, join us right away to understand how to access all of your favorites indefinitely.

About BT Sport

BT Sport is a sports television channel owned and operated by the BT Group. Football, Rugby, Cricket, Motorsport, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball, and more sports are available through BT Sport. BT Sport is available on Now TV, Virgin TV Go, and the BT Sport player. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, BT Sport is accessible. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the article so you may enjoy all of your favorites without any problem.

BT Sport shows and Programming

With BT Sport, you can undoubtedly find a wide variety of sports collections. BT Sport Score, The Rugby’s On, European Football Show, What I Wore, BT Sport Film, Scottish Football Extra, The Football’s On, DIY Punit, and other well-known programs will be included in this section. The forthcoming guide contains information about a few well-known BT Sport programs.
One of the BT Sport programs with hosts Darrell Currie and Jules Breach is this one. On August 13, 2016, the first episode of this program aired. Additionally, Jules Breach is a show host for the EFL, European Football, Fantasy Football, and other programs.
The program What I Wore airs on BT Sport. It began on January 26, 2019.

What is Cox?

Cox is one of the cable TV providers that offers services like VoIP, home security, wireless, broadband internet, gigablast fiber, business services, and more. Cox Enterprises is the parent company of the Cox service. Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Massachusetts, Kansas, Idaho, Florida, Washington, California, Arizona, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Nebraska, Louisiana, Lowa, Georgia, D.C., Connecticut, Arkansas, and many other places provide access to the Cox streaming service.
Cox’s official sponsors include the NFL, Esports, College Sports, NBA, MLB, and many more. You may obtain a variety of channel selections from Cox, including several Live TVs, On Demand, Music Channels, and much more.

Cox Subscription Packages and price

The subscription fee is also reasonably priced and accessible. Here, we’ll go through the benefits of Cox subscription options.
Cox offers four different types of subscription options. They are Counter TV Ultimate, Counter TV Starter, Counter TV Preferred, and Counter TV Preferred Plus.

Contour TV Starter

It is Cox’s entry-level package, which costs $53.00 a month and gives members access to 75+ channels like the CW, ABC, Fox, CBS, and others. You will receive premium channels with the Contour TV Starter package, including FOX, CBS, PBS, NBC, and others. It will also give you access to Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and many more services.

Contour TV Preferred

You may receive 140+ channels with this subscription, including Nick, USA, ESPN, TBS, HGTV, and more. It furthermore provides FOX, NBC, CBS, and PBS. Also included are local channels. Additionally, you will have access to Peacock, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video applications. This package’s monthly subscription fee is $98.00.

Contour TV Preferred Plus

Local TV networks, premium channels, and more channels are included in this bundle. It provides 170+ channels, including ones like STARZ, HBO Max, HGTV, Showtime, and ESPN. The Preferred Plus package also gives you access to the Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video apps. This plan is available for $118.00 a month.

Counter TV Ultimate

Users of the premium subscription may access 250+ channels in addition to premium channels. Disney Junior, Cleo TV, NFL Network, and other channels are available. Additionally, it provides premium channels like MLB, HBO Max, Epix, Starz, Showtime, and others. You will pay $138.00 a month for the Contour TV Ultimate plan when it comes to subscription fees.

By purchasing add-ons, you may further personalize your membership options. In addition, Cox offers premium channels, a sports bundle, DVR storage, TV boxes, and other features. Please visit the Cox website before signing up for the service, though. because the pricing of the aforementioned subscription can alter in the future.

Is BT Sport available on Cox?

Cox is among the top possibilities for improving the quality of your leisure time. You can receive a ton of channels from all genres with Cox. However, as of right moment, using Cox service to stream BT Sports shows straight on your preferred device is not an option. Unfortunately, Cox does not provide BT Sport.
Therefore, the BT Sport channel is not available on your Cox. We will update it if BT Sport launches a dedicated channel on your current streaming provider in the future.

What channel is BT Sport on Cox

What Channel is BT Sport on Cox?

Unfortunately, your Cox service does not allow you to view BT Sports. Therefore, using Cox to broadcast BTSport content on a large screen is not yet a possibility.
One of the premium providers that offers a ton of entertainment material at a reasonable price is Cox. Additionally, Cox offers four other subscription packages: Contour TV Starter, Contour TV Preferred, Contour TV Preferred Plus, and Contour TV Ultimate. To enjoy all Cox features on your preferred device, select the package that best suits you and subscribe to it.


We trust that the above-mentioned material will aid in your education regarding BT Sport. We are sorry, BTSport doesn’t have an official channel on your Cox streaming subscription. Therefore, using the Cox service to watch your preferred BT Sports broadcast on your preferred device is not an option.
We will update this site if there is any official information on BT Sport’s accessibility on your service. Therefore, stay up to current to learn about BT Sports and Cox upgrades. Please visit our website and click on the Cox category to find out how to add extra channels to your Cox streaming account.

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