What Channel is MTV on Freeview? [Music TV UK]


This post will help you all stay joyful and focused by providing information on the MTV channel network on the Freeview channel lineup. Start reading this article to learn more about the MTV channel network’s streaming channel code on the Freeview streaming service.

MTV Channel Network

Let’s now look at some specific details concerning this MTV channel network. Then, this MTV channel network is a TV streaming channel network with British and Irish roots. Notably, this MTV channel’s transmission territory includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, and London, the United Kingdom, where MTV is headquartered.

This MTV channel, meanwhile, is dedicated to streaming music-related videos as well as other available programmes. Additionally, Paramount Networks UK & Australia directed the development of this MTV channel network. As a result, Sky Go, Now TV, Virgin TV Anywhere, and other channel lineups all offer live streaming of the MTV channel.

Freeview TV

Let’s begin by learning more about this Freeview TV streaming service. It is stated that this Freeview streaming service is a joint venture sort of service. The following streaming companies held this Freeview streaming platform, which was developed by DTV Services LTD.

Then, as a joint venture property, this Freeview streaming service has been developed by Sky Group, ITV plc, BBC, Channel Four Television Corporation, and others. Additionally, in order to receive the Freeview platform’s free-to-air channels on your own home, you must purchase its equipment, which costs £80.

Features of Freeview TV

You may get unrestricted access to many channels by using this Freeview streaming service. The equipment for the Freeview streaming service will then have a one-time cost. Smart TVs, Freeview streaming boxes, video recorders, and other devices are the essential tools required for the Freeview streaming platform. You can use the electronic channel guide provided by Freeview when it is available. Notably, this Freeview streaming platform differs from the standard Freeview services in that it is also accessible in High Definition streaming quality.

Can I Watch MTV on Freeview UK?

There is no information available at this time regarding the MTV channel’s inclusion in the featured channel list of Freeview. A notice stating that this MTV channel was removed from the list of channels available through Freeview’s streaming services on January 31, 2018, is also present. In order to discover more about this MTV channel on the Freeview streaming service, read the sentences that follow.

What Channel is MTV UK on Freeview

What Channel is MTV UK on Freeview?

Let’s get started by learning the details required for this post regarding the MTV channel network’s Freeview streaming channel code. As we already stated, there are no specifics listed online about the Music TV channel network’s inclusion on the featured channel lineup of the Freeview streaming service.

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We have several music channels accessible on the Freeview channel selection in addition to the Music TV channel. Then, in the list of Freeview channels, there are 4Music (E4 Extra), That’s Music, NOW 70s, Viva (MTV OMG), and others. Therefore, we have listed the Freeview streaming service’s music channel codes.

  • 4Music (E4 Extra) broadcasting on channel number 18 (31)
  • That’s Music broadcasting on channel number 92
  • NOW 70s broadcasting on channel number 76
  • Viva (MTV OMG) broadcasting on channel number 57

Here are all the music channel codes that have ever been part of the Freeview service channel lineup.


Here are my last thoughts regarding the Freeview channel lineup’s streaming of the MTV channel. In the meanwhile, we’ve outlined the simple instructions that can assist you in streaming MTV channel content to your Freeview-connected Smart TV. From this point forward, we sincerely appreciate your participation in this post on the MTV channel network on the Freeview streaming service.


  • The MTV channel is not yet available on Freeview’s featured channel selection. You can read the sections in the top section to learn more about how to get the MTV channel through the Freeview streaming service.
  • To add more channels and video content to your Freeview streaming service box’s library of contents, you should first retune the device. Additionally, you should look for the MTV channel in the list of Freeview channels.
  • We have several music channels accessible on the Freeview channel selection in addition to the MTV channel. Then, in the list of Freeview channels, there are 4Music (E4 Extra), That’s Music, NOW 70s, Viva (MTV OMG), and others.

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