What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV:

Are you a fan of the USC football team? You’re trying to find a channel to watch the football game, right? If you answered “yes” to that question, then this article is for you. Even though I also looked for a better sports channel at the time, I was able to watch USC football games and all other college sports on Pac 12 Network. The majority of Americans, in my opinion, subscribe to DirecTV as their preferred channel provider. Here is the query: What channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV? Moving on to the article. Let’s look at this.

Pac 12 Network

We came here initially to discover more about the Pac 12 network. The American sports network cable and digital television network is called Pac 12 Network. The Pac 12 Conference owns this channel, which is identified as P12N and Pac 12 Networks. Pac 12 Network is without a doubt the channel that college sports fans want to watch. However, thanks to its larger audience network, this station has a large following. Despite the fact that Pac 12 has six sibling channels from various locations and universities.

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Pac 12 Arizona, Pac 12 Bay Area, Pac 12 Los Angeles, Pac 12 Mountain, Pac 12 Oregon, and Pac 12 Washington are the sister channels. The University of Arizona and Arizona State University, the University of Washington and Washington State University, the University of California and Stanford University, UCLA and the University of Southern California, the University of Colorado and the University of Utah, and the University of Oregon and Oregon State University are just a few of the universities that have events broadcast on these channels.

Through satellite, this network channel is accessible across the entire country. Larry Scott is the Pac-12 Commissioner, Executive Chairman of Pac-12 Enterprises, and Mark Shuken is the Pac-12 Networks President. In order to provide us with TV everywhere from the platform of Pac 12 Networks, Pac 12 Networks offers two online services: Pac 12 Now and Pac 12 Plus. Both of these services offer live sports events.

Shows and Programming on Pac 12 Network

All college sports from the Pac 12 conferences are only available on Pac 12 Network. The 850 collegiate events broadcast on the Pac 12 network each year include 100 men’s basketball games, 35 football games, and 40 women’s basketball games. The Pac 12 Network also airs original shows such Conference of Champions, Timelines, Varsity Days, and others. All of these programs assist the channel in rising in the ratings. Here are a few popular Pac 12 Network Shows and Programming.

Pac 12 After Dark

One of the Pac 12 Network’s most watched programs is this one. The Pac 12 football action from the Pac 12 universities is the main topic of this presentation. On Saturday nights, Pac 12 After Dark shows are shown on television. It also airs Pac-12 games that begin in the morning and end at night.

Pac 12 Football Central

This program is popular and one of Pac 12 Network’s most watched programs. This program is built around the analysis of specific incidents. The subject of the show is the examination of pregame and postgame situations that occur before, during, and after the game. Additionally, the host talks about the game with game professionals.


The DirecTV service is used by a large number of subscribers. However, we unintentionally use this service without being aware of DirecTV’s advantages. So, these are the correct terms and advantages of the DirecTV service. In El Segundo, California, there is a distributor of multichannel video programs called DirecTV. Despite having only been in operation since 1996, this service’s main goal is to offer satellite television service to all of the US. Additionally, this service offers a Virtual MVPD service under its DIRECTV STREAM brand in addition to IP-based television service under its U-verse TV brand.

Despite the fact that Dish Network, conventional cable television providers, IP-based television services, and other over-the-top video services are competitors of DirecTV. Even though this service has more rivals, its advantages help it remain unique. Despite the Federal Communication Commission and Department of Justice’s approval, AT &T seized DirecTV, which was valued at up to $67.1 billion in 2015.
This subscription most likely also includes regional networks like MyNetworkTV, The CW, Telemundo, Univision, and others. Although it stopped in 2020, DirecTV still offers dozens of shows from the Audience Network.

The NFL Sunday Ticket sports bundle is available through this service if you’re interested in learning more. The 2007 J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction went to DirecTV. All DirecTV subscribers get access to all of these benefits through an application that is available whenever and wherever they are. Fortunately, AT&T has 15.9 million subscribers to pay-TV services like DirecTV Stream, DirecTV, and U-Verse.

DirecTV Subscription Packages

It appears that DirecTV offers subscription plans. For DirecTV subscribers, there are four main types of plans available. Consider signing up for one of the plans before streaming any USC football games. The DirecTV subscription plan is listed below.

  • Entertainment: The pack costs $64.99 per month. This package includes HD DVR and more than 165 channels.
  • Choice: This package is $69.99 per month. This package includes regional sports networks and more than 200 channels. This deal also includes a special for NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX in the 2022 season.
  • Ultimate: A month’s worth of service with 270+ channels is $89.99. Regional Sports Networks and a special NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX offer are also included in this bundle.
  • Premier: This is the final package. This package includes regional sports networks and more than 340 channels. Additionally, this plan offers discounted NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX tickets for the 2022 season.
What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV

What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV?

Finally, we’re here to address the query: What channel does Pac 12 Network air on DirecTV? Although Pac 12 Network is the most desired channel, all types of customers can profit more from DirecTV. All OK, so what about the channel number? Find out if DirecTV offers the Pac 12 Network here.

Unfortunately, DirecTV is not available the Pac 12 Network. Pac 12 Network is not included in the DirecTV Service’s channel list. As an alternative, there are other ways, such as streaming gadgets, to watch USC football games on Pac 12 Network.


We can now conclude this article. However, we learned a lot about the DirecTV package and the Pac 12 Network channel. Pac 12 Network is presumably the only channel that offers college sports content, both live and recorded events. Additionally, DirecTV serves as a platform for streaming sports channels in addition to being a distributor of multichannel video programming. Unfortunately, DirecTV’s channel selection does not include the Pac 12 Network channel. That concludes our discussion of the Pac 12 Network’s DirecTV channel.


  • The Pac 12 Network can be streamed without a cable provider. You may watch Pac 12 Network sports programs on streaming services like FuboTV, Sling TV, and Vidgo. However, it would have been ideal if you had signed up for the streaming services first, then watched the Pac 12 Network games.
  • The Pac 12 Network airs the USC Football games. There will always be fans of the USC football squad. You may watch a lot of live and recorded events on Pac 12 Network. The only requirements, however, are a subscription to a TV provider and any streaming service that offers Pac 12 Network.

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