What Channel is PBS on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is PBS on DirecTV:

PBS deserves to be a part of your daily routine because of the excellent content and additional benefits it provides. But the question is what channel is the PBS on DirecTV, and what shows and programming can you watch there?

About PBS

The Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS, is an American television program distributor and public broadcaster that was founded in 1969 with a focus on educational programming.

As a result, PBS on DIRECTV stands out as a major source of educational TV content.It should be noted, however, that PBS does not produce all of the programs that are broadcast on the network.

PBS member stations such as American Public Television, Twin Cities PBS, WGBH-TV, WNET, WHYY-TV, and many others provide a significant portion of its programming.

PBS, as a program distributor, provides television content to 350 member stations. Many are owned or affiliated with educational institutions or state government entities. Each PBS member station broadcasts a variety of locally produced content for their market, including news, cultural programs, interviews, and public affairs.

Unlike the leading commercial broadcast TV networks in the United States, such as ABC, CBS, or NBC, PBS is a non-profit organization supported by member station dues, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Datacast, private foundations, pledge drives, and individual Americans.

PBS, on the other hand, ensures that all proposed program funding is scrutinized against a predetermined set of standards in order to maintain unbiased content.

The PBS channel on DIRECTV offers a wide range of programming from a variety of genres. Whether you enjoy drama, documentaries, fine arts, history, home improvement, independent films, interviews, music, public affairs, science, or even children’s programming, PBS has a lot to offer.

After all, hit shows like America’s Test Kitchen American Experience, Barney and Friends, Downtown Abbey, Nova, Sesame Street, Teletubbies, and The PBS NewsHour have all carried the master distributor’s logo.

If you enjoy science fiction, comedies, or British TV costume dramas, you’ll be happy to know that PBS on DIRECTV rebroadcasts the content! Do you like Doctor Who, Father Ted, Mr. Bean, or Red Dwarf?

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All you have to do is pick up your Direct TV remote and press the channel number for PBS on Direct TV which we are going to share below.

Shows & Programming on PBS

Some of the popular shows aired on PBS Channel are;

  • Alchemy of Souls
  • The Terminal List
  • Upload
  • First Kill
  • Reacher
  • The Last Kingdom
  • Hellbound
  • The Wheel of Time
  • Resident Evil
  • Sex/Life
  • Tomorrow
  • The Outpost
  • Dynasty
  • Blood and Watch
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Top Boy
  • Legacies
  • Shadow and Bone
  • The Boys
  • You don’t Know Me
  • PBS Newshour
  • Masterpiece
  • Call The midwife
  • Nova
  • The Facebook Dilemma
  • Inside Putin’s Russia

Alternatives to PBS Channel

Some of the alternative channels to enjoy in the absence of PBS Channel are;

  • MBC
  • Media Capital
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • ITV etc.
What channel is PBS on DirecTV

Is PBS Channel available on DirecTV?

Before we get into the PBS channel number on DirecTV, let’s talk about how to get CBS on Direct TV.

DirecTV is one of the most well-known and dependable cable and satellite TV providers in the United States.

It is currently an AT&T subsidiary with headquarters in California.

DirecTV packages include all of the channels that a typical home requires.

Whether you live alone or with your family, you will always find some amazing family content for everyone around you.

PBS is available with all DirecTV packages, regardless of features. PBS is available with the DirecTV Entertainment™, Choice™, Ultimate™, and Premier™ packages.

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What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

Although most people can get PBS on DirecTV at channel 30, there are several states where this number varies greatly.

To save you time and energy, we’ve compiled a city-wide list of PBS channel numbers so you know what number to press on your remote to watch PBS on DIRECT TV whenever you want.

Remember that channel numbers may differ depending on the affiliate station that broadcasts PBS programming, so you may see more than one for your city if applicable.

The Channel number in most states and cities is listed in the table below.

City StatePBS Channel on DirecTV
Birmingham, Al 10
Phoenix, AZ 8
Little Rock, Ark2
Los Angeles, CA 24/50/58
Denver, CO6/12
New Haven, CT 24(HD)
Wilmington, DE12/23/39
Jacksonville, FL 7(HD)/8(HD)
Atlanta, GA 30/8(HD
Boise, ID4(HD)
Chicago, IL 11/20/56
Indianapolis, IN20/30
Des Moines, IA11
Wichita, KS8/9
Louisville, KY 15/68
New Orleans, LA 12
Portland, ME10
Baltimore, MD 22/22(HD)
Boston, MA 2/11/44
Detroit, MI 56
Minneapolis, MN 2/10/17/22
Kansas City, MO19
Jackson, MS29
Billings, MT16(HD)
Omaha, NE 26/32
Las Vegas, NV 10(HD)
Manchester, NH2/11/44
Newark, NJ 13/21/50/49(HD)
Albuquerque, NM 5/3(HD)
New York City, NY13/21/50/49(HD)
Charlotte, NC 30/42/58
Valley City, ND13
Columbus, OH20/34
Oklahoma City, OK 13
Portland, OR10
Philadelphia, PA 12/23/39
Providence, RI 53(HD)/36(HD)
Charleston, SC 7(HD)
Sioux Falls, SD20/23(HD)
Nashville, TN 8/22
Houston, TX 8
Salt Lake City, UT 7
Burlington, VT 49/33(HD)/57(HD)
Virginia Beach, VA2/15
Seattle, WA 9/28
Huntington, WV 25/33
Milwaukee, WI 10/36

How To Watch PBS on DirecTV?

To watch PBS Channel on your Direct TV receiver, pick up your Direct TV remote and press the corresponding channel number based on your location, using the guide in the table above.

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Where Can I Watch PBS?

PBS shows are available on a number of streaming services such as;


What channel is PBS on DIRECTV in Michigan

You can watch PBS on channel 56 with DirecTV in Michigan.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV Utah?

PBS HD and PBS is channel 68 and channel 11 respectively.

What channel on DirecTV is PBS on demand?

PBS can be accessed via DirecTV Channel 30. You can also watch PBSNET on channel 389. The number may differ from one location to the next. To get a real answer to this question, you should always search with your street address.

Does AT&T have PBS?

Yes! AT&T has PBS Channel on the DirecTV stream platform.

What channel is PBS in Detroit?

You can watch PBS on channel number 56 in Detroit.

What channel is PBS on Direct TV in Texas?

PBS is available on channel 8 with DirecTV in Texas.

What channel is PBS on Direct TV in Arizona?

PBS is available on channel 8 with DirecTV in Arizona.

What channel is PBS on Direct TV in Missouri?

PBS is available on channel 19 with Direct TV in Missouri.

What channel is PBS on Direct TV in Ohio?

PBS is available on channel 20/34 with Direct TV in Ohio.

What channel is PBS on Direct TV in NC?

PBS is available on channel 30/42/58 with Direct TV in Missouri.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV Florida?

You can get PBS on channel 7(HD)/8(HD) of your DirecTV Florida programming.

What channel is PBS on Direct TV Los Angeles?

PBS is available on channel 24/50/58 with Direct TV in Los Angeles.


That’s all you need to know about PBS channel on DirecTV.

What is your thought about PBS and DirecTV,

Share your thoughts with us using the comment section below.

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