What Channel is the Chiefs game on Dish? [Tomorrow]


What channel is The Chiefs game on Dish:

Make mistakes to gain knowledge; this post will teach you about the availability of Chiefs team games powered by the NFL on your Dish TV streaming package. Start reading this post to learn useful information regarding the Dish channel lineup’s Chiefs team game channel.

The Chiefs Game

Take into account the Kansas City Chiefs game, which represents the team’s performance in the NFL. So for 63 years, this Kansas City Chiefs squad has had a decent chance to win the NFL championship. And Arrowhead Stadium, built in 1972, serves as the Kansas City Chiefs’ current home field.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have made 24 postseason appearances, which demonstrates their active play. The Redwood Forest and The Legion of Zoom are the nick titles of this Kansas City Chiefs team. As a result, you may watch all of the Kansas City Chiefs’ games on the channel networks listed below.

Dish TV

Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic TV streaming service from Dish. You can watch every National Football League game with this Dish TV service thanks to its content catalog. Additionally, you have access to Dish TV’s entire video library in HD picture quality.
Eventually, stream each game of every NFL sporting event that is currently scheduled, including NFL Total Access, NFL Fantasy Live, NFL PlayBook, and more NFL streaming options offered by the Dish TV service. Therefore, know the specifics of your Dish TV service subscription.

Features of Dish Network

On this Dish TV streaming service, you can get installation services absolutely free. Then, every Dish TV subscription package includes Smart HD DVR storage with additional perks. In the meantime, each pack of Dish TV streaming services includes free access to the premium live TV channel.

Dish TV Subscription Packages

  • America’s Top 120 costs $64.99/month with 190 channels
  • The America’s Top 120+ costs $79.99/month with 190+ channels.
  • America’s Top 200 with 240+ channels costs $89.99 per month.
  • Then America’s Top 250, with 290+ channels costs $99.99 per month.
What Channel is The Chiefs Game on Dish today

What Channel is The Chiefs Game on Dish?

You have a wider selection of channels available to you on your Dish TV streaming service, giving you access to the Kansas City Chiefs team games. Let’s look at possible solutions to the question of what Dish channel the Kansas City Chiefs team is on.

  • NFL Red Zone broadcasting on channel 155
  • Sportsnet broadcasting on channel 424
  • NBC (SN) broadcasting on channel 2 to 70 (159)
  • ABC broadcasting on channel 7
  • CBS broadcasting on channel 4
  • FOX broadcasting on channel 2-70
  • FOX Sports 1 broadcasting on channel 150
  • ESPN broadcasting on channel 87
  • Kansas City, ABC – KMBC HD broadcasting on channel 6377
  • Kansas City CBS – KVTV HD broadcasting on channel 6378
  • KANSAS CITY FOX – WDAF HD broadcasting on channel 6380
  • KANSAS CITY NBC – KSHB HD broadcasting on channel 6379

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How To Watch the Chiefs game on Dish?

Therefore, to stream the Kansas City Chiefs game on a Dish-connected TV, use any of the channels listed above along with their respective channel numbers.


Let’s start by reading the final section of this post to find out what channel the Chiefs game will be on the Dish TV service. For you to watch Chiefs team games on your Dish-connected TV, we have listed all the channel information on the lists above. Therefore, you may use this article to your advantage to learn which channel the Chiefs game will be on in your Dish channel list.


  • Your TV provider’s lineup of streaming channel networks may include some NFL games. The channels listed above can then be used to watch a Chiefs team game.
  • We eventually found some Kansas City Chiefs team game channel information on the Dish TV service. Use these channel codes to watch the Chiefs game on TV in the interim.
  • In this case, you can just use the Dish streaming service to view the NFL club game between the Kansas City Chiefs. As a result, you can use the channels listed above along with their respective numbers to watch Kansas City Chiefs games.

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