What Channel is TV Land on Optimum? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is TV Land on Optimum:

This post appears to be very valuable to your search for the TV Land channel on Optimum. TV Land is a well-known TV station, while Optimum is a well-known TV service provider in the US. Let’s see how far it can go and what the TV Land channel on Optimum is like.

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What is TV Land?

Simply put, TV Land is a well-known pay television provider that is accessible in New York and the United States. Indeed, the aforementioned channel is owned by Paramount Media Networks. If you’re between the ages of 30 and 40, this channel is ideal for you. The TV Land channel airs historic and contemporary television programs from the 1960s to the 2010s, which is the explanation.
Additionally, it features a few films that have been theatrically released as well as original scripted programs. You may browse and watch classics here, along with a carefully curated selection of popular shows and timeless hit comedies. Yes, that includes Two and a Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Goldbergs, and the Golden Girls.

It appears that you may use the official TV Land website and the TV Land app to enjoy these incredible time-tested series. Additionally, you may locate and see material from well-known companies like CBS, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, Pluto TV, BET, Nickelodeon, etc. By logging in with the credentials provided by your TV provider, you can furthermore watch live TV.
Online streaming providers like Sling, Hulu, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV also let you access TV Land content. Furthermore, TV Land does not require a separate membership. Instead, in order to view TV Land, you must have a working pay TV provider or a subscription to an online TV streaming service.

About Optimum TV

Let’s discover more about Optimum. To sum it up, Optimum is a U.S.-based telecommunications firm. In fact, the parent firm of the specific service is Altice USA. Additionally, the Optimum business is renowned for providing services including mobile, television, telephone, and internet in various locations.

According to appearances, Optimum provides service to several different areas, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, California, Missouri, and New York. As a result, Optimum is currently ranked as the fourth-largest cable TV provider in the country. Additionally, it is a Fortune 500 company for telecommunications.
Optimum is the home of premium channels in addition to a number of well-known TV networks. HBO Max, Showtime, STARZ, Cinemax, STARZ Encore, and The Movie Channel are all on the list of premium networks. Install the Optimum app on your streaming device to access all the advantages listed above online.

In fact, only legitimate Optimum TV members have access to the Optimum app. Furthermore, the built-in DVR capability allows you to record live TV in addition to watching it. Additionally, by downloading the app on your smartphone, you can use the virtual remote feature.

Features of Optimum TV

More benefits are offered by Optimum than by any other TV provider. Numerous local and premium channels are accessible for a low monthly fee. You can also get premium features with an Optimum TV subscription, such as a voice-controlled remote, Apple TV app, 4K super HD programming, built-in streaming applications, and much more. The Optimum TV app is additionally accessible on a variety of platforms. Obtain Optimum app access to watch your favorite shows on the move.

Optimum TV subscription packages

However, all you need is an active internet connection and a valid Optimum subscription. Check the following part for the subscriptions available with Optimum.

  • First Plan – Core TV – $74.99/month

Includes 220+ channels like Disney Channel, ESPN, YES Network, CNN, Lifetime, etc.

  • Second Plan – Select TV – $89.99/month

Includes 340+ channels like TV Land, Discovery, NBA TV, MLB Network, History, etc.

  • Third Plan – Premier TV – $124.99/month

Includes 420+ channels like Showtime, HBO Max, STARZ, Sportsman Channel, HBO 2, etc.

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Is TV Land available on Optimum?

You can watch the TV channel on your Optimum service. In fact, to view the relevant station on Optimum, tune to channel code 34.
Both live TV and on-demand programming are available on the TV Land channel. In fact, in order to view live TV content on TV Land, you must have a current membership to a TV provider.

What Channel is TV Land on Optimum TV

What Channel is TV Land on Optimum?

Do you have any questions about using Optimum to access the TV Land channel? If so, this section will reveal the precise TV Land channel number. To access TV Land on Optimum, get ready with your Optimum channel guide and enter the provided code below.

Channel NameChannel Number
TV Land 34

TV Land is broadcasted on channel number 34 on Optimum TV.

How To Watch TV Land on Optimum?

As was said above, you can use your Optimum service to access the TV Land channel. You can watch TV land on Optimum by tuning to the channel code 34 as a result. To view your favorite shows without any trouble, make sure your Optimum subscription is active.


The information in the aforementioned post should have made it easy for you to locate and access the TV Land channel on Optimum. Thankfully, the desired TV Land station may be streamed through the Optimum subscription. For additional information on how to watch the TV Land channel, see the page above. We are happy to have you as a part of our content.

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