Windows 11 to Support Android Apps and Games. Microsoft Reveals


Many windows users here must have been very eager to unleash the upcoming windows 11. without knowing the greatest package it has to offer. This version of Windows software has been rumoured to come with support for Android apps and games. which will enable users to use their most loved application and games. without having to buy an Android phone.

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Microsoft just released the Windows 11 in the Microsoft event that took place recently.

This next generation of Windows unveiled many user interface introducing features ranging from hello windows to the lock screen.

According to Microsoft, Windows will support Android Apps and Games for the first time.

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Windows 11 users can now download and install Android app on PC and desktops.

Microsoft further informed that Android app will not be downloaded through the Microsoft Store. but rather. they will collaborate with Amazon so that they will integrate Amazon Appstore. in a way that users can download Android apps.

Windows users can not enjoy their favorite Android apps and games on PC or even share Instagram Stories and many more.

  1. Mishhcre says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Alcoron says

    This move will make Windows to gain even more popularity and not fall so back behind Android.

  3. Kingsley Lordbravo says

    Of Course yes. It is a brilliant move to make windows more flexible and popular

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