How to Import YouTube videos from another Channel to your Account

Import YouTube videos.

Import YouTube videos
You Have been uploading your videos to one Youtube Channel and You want to move them to another channel?  YouTube Haven’t made this feature available yet however there is a way around it using Google Drive, and Google Take out.
Basically what you have to do is  use Google Takeout to save your YouTube videos in their original high-resolution to your Google Drive, and then import it on the upload page.

How To Move Youtube Videos  From One Channel to Another

  1. To get started, go to this Google TakeOut, click the Next button and choose Add to Drive as your delivery method. That’s it. All you YouTube videos will be zipped and added to the Takeout folder in Drive in few hours.
  2. After that Google TakeOut notifies you that your YouTube files are done exporting, go to your Google Drive, click on my drive, select more, and then click on connect more apps.
  3. Search for zip, choose to connect “zip extractor”
  4. Open your Google takeOut with ZipExtractor, and unzip the files.
  5. Now go to YouTube upload a Video Page on your second channel, and click on  import video from ( drive or google photos)
  6. search for the video, and select it
  • both YouTube channels have to be under the same account, you can add  them to the same account by adding your account as a manager
  • you may need to upgrade your google drive storage if you have a lot of videos on your account
  • you can move the videos using YouTube Api, if you know some coding
  • Youtube has turned off the feature that allows you to upload a video by email,where you could’ve sent the video from your drive directly to your uploading link
  • there is another way listed online, it suggests changing the license of your video, and then adding it in a mix, but it doesn’t work out.

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