What Channel is the 49ers game on Spectrum? [Tonight]


Check out this great post If you have Spectrum TV and want to watch 49ers games online, it’s worth your time to learn how to do so. Follow the steps outlined here to find out where to watch the 49ers game on Spectrum.

San Francisco 49ers

Taking into account this 49ers performance, a popular team in the NFL. San Francisco 49ers is, then, the entire name of this great squad. The San Francisco 49ers are an American football team that was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area. They currently compete in the National Football Conference West.

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In addition, 49ers Enterprises is responsible for bringing you the San Francisco 49ers. This San Francisco 49ers team has been in constant communication with the NFL for 78 years. The 49ers eventually moved into their own stadium, Levi’s Stadium in California. That reliable TV service also provides live coverage of all 49ers games.

Spectrum TV

In this case, we all know that Spectrum is the ultimate color destination, and that the Spectrum TV service is the ultimate hub for any and all types of video content. Sooner or later, with Spectrum TV, you’ll be able to prearrange the recording of your preferred shows on your DVR.
Meanwhile, with your Spectrum TV package, you may personalize and set the DVR’s recording schedule and storage capacity. Also, with Spectrum, you have complete command over your television and featured channel list.

Features of Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV allows you to have a more affordable and comprehensive subscription plan. Meanwhile, Spectrum bundles TV streaming and internet access into an one bill. Spectrum, in the meantime, is competitively priced with other providers. Consequently, Spectrum TV doesn’t need any more fees for being so transparent.

Spectrum TV subscription packages

Let’s go ahead and look up some Spectrum subscription information right now.

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  • TV Select With Over 125 channels costs $49.99 per month
  • The TV Select + Entertainment Package with 205+ Channels costs $61.99 monthly
  • TV Select + Sports View + Entertainment View with over 228 channels costs $67.99 per month.

Is the 49ers game available on Spectrum Today?

The aforementioned networks are available to you, including NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network, and many more. Then, you may use these channels to watch 49ers games on your Smart TV using your cable or satellite service.
What Channel is The 49ers Game on spectrum tv

What Channel is The 49ers Game on Spectrum

If you’ve been wondering what channel the 49ers game is on Spectrum, you can check the listings below.
Spectrum is the name of the sGame treaming service that we use.

  • NFL Network broadcasting on Carson City, Nevada on channel 14, 800. Creswell, Oregon on channel 18, 807. Great Falls, Montana on channel 17, 625. Lincoln, Nebraska on channel 99. Maryville, Tennessee on channel 22, 826. El Paso, Texas on channel 94, 310. Orlando, Florida on channel 83. Grand Junction, Colorado on channel 38, 625. Montgomery, Alabama on channel 15, 822. Los Angeles, California on channel 310. Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on channel 15. Athens, Georgia on channel 20; Sartell, Minnesota on channel 14; Cheyenne, Wyoming on channel 17; Yuma, Arizona on channel 310; Florida on channel 101; Wapato, Washington on channel 20; Brooklyn, New York on channel 310; Madison, Wisconsin on channel 15; Athens, Georgia on channel 20; Indianapolis on channel 417, Midland on channel 227. Montgomery on channel 323. Los Angeles on channel 311, Great Falls on channel 126 and Orlando on channel 826
  • Sportsnet broadcasting on Channels 215 (SD) and 787 (HD)
  • NBC broadcasting on channel 4
  • ABC broadcasting on channel 7
  • CBS broadcasting on channel 4, 5, or 10
  • FOX broadcasting on channel 11
  • ESPN broadcasting on channel 39

Where Can I Watch the 49ers game for free

If you want to watch the 49ers game on Spectrum, just plug in the channel numbers we gave you above into the appropriate network.


With the aforementioned knowledge, you’ll have no trouble finding the 49ers team game streaming on your Spectrum integrated TV. Therefore, I am hoping that this post might be useful information for anyone who are curious as to what channel the 49ers game is on Spectrum TV.

Sooner or later, Spectrum TV subscribers will be able to watch 49ers games online thanks to the channel networks that have the rights to stream NFL games.

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