What Channel is ACC Network on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


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More than half the population of Earth fancy sports especially football, and I believe you are one of those dudes. If you are one, you will realize that the significance of channels like ESPN, NBC Sports, and FOX Sports can not be overemphasized. These channels are amazingly broadcasting all the major sporting events. For a sports fanatic looking to get all the exclusive action from the world of NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS, having these channels on your Decoder in a single lineup is a dream come true.

What Channel is ACC Network?

ACC Network is one of the mainstream sports broadcasting channels in the United States. ACC Network is a subsidiary of ESPN Inc. This is a special channel and was dedicated to the coverage of the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2019. The channel has operations directly from ESPN’s headquarter in Bristol. The ACC Network is available on all major U.S. satellite, cable, and streaming services.

The Acc Network features on several TV broadcasting companies like Verison FiOS on Channels 329/829, At&T on Channels 610/1610, Dish Network on Channel 402, Spectrum on Channel 388 etc.

What channel is ACC Network on DirecTV

What Channel is ACC Network on DirecTV

DirecTV gives their subscribers the most interesting events like sports, movies, Comedy, Talk shows, entertainment and many more.

It shines among its opponents for its best quality and quantity too. DirecTV streams the contents in 4K HDR picture format. Moreover, we cannot view this channel on all DirecTV packages. But you can view it on ULTIMATE, PREMIER, and CHOICE packages. All subscribers can watch ACC Network by tunning in to the channel number given below. ACC Network is live on Channel 612 on DirecTV.

Below is a table for List of ACC Network channels on different providers.

Provider NameACC Network Channel
DirecTV Channel 612
SpectrumChannel 388
Dish Network Channel 402
Verison FiOSChannels 329 & 829
At&TChannels 619 & 1610


What Channel is ACC Network on DirecTV?

You can watch your favorite event by tunning in to channel number 612 on your Direct TV at the comfort of your home.

When did ACC Network launch?

ACC Network was first announced on July 2016 and commenced operation on 22 August 2019.

How many events does ACC Network telecast?

The ACC Network telecasts over 1300 events per year and all subscribers definitely enjoy watching their favorite events.

How much does the DirecTV package cost?

The DirecTV package costs $59.99 for all subscribers for a long period of 1 year.


After going through this article, you have known the channels that you can tune in to watch ACC Network on your Smart TV .

What do you think about Acc Network?, Let us know by using the comment section below.

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