What Channel is USFL on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is USFL on DirecTV:

You only need to believe in yourself, therefore start believing in this post about the channel and the USFL games it will be showing on DirecTV Streaming. To determine what channel the USFL is on the DirecTV streaming service today, we have discussed various channels in this post and recorded their numbers.

USFL Channel

Take into account these USFL, or United States Football League, games. Then, these competitions take place in Birmingham, Alabama, between April 16 and July 3, 2022. Additionally, Protective Stadium Legion Field serves as the USFL’s home field.

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In this United States Football League, 43 games have been scheduled to take place. There are 43 total, of which 40 are known as regular-season games and 3 as post-season games. As a result, you can use this DirecTV Streaming service to watch games from the United States Football League.

About DirecTV

The owners of DirecTV are AT&T and TPG Capital, and this DirecTV streaming service is an OTT (over-the-top) internet television streaming platform. Additionally, this DirecTV streaming service offers premium, on-demand services and features at a cost-effective price.

Additionally, you can access more than 140 channels, 65,000 hours of on-demand programming, and the well-known streaming apps with this DirecTV streaming package.

Features of DirecTV

This DirecTV streaming service allows users to stream content across up to 20 screens and different devices. The DirecTV streaming service then has a seven-day trial period. On the DirecTV streaming service, you may also access video content in other foreign languages and in Brazilian, South Korean, and other languages. As a result, the DirecTV streaming service offers the premium channels, on-demand media, and streaming apps for an affordable fee.

DirecTV Subscription Packages

Now let’s talk about the DirecTV streaming service’s subscription plans.

  • ENTERTAINMENT Package: 65+ channels, 40,000 tiles for $69.99 as a monthly subscription.
  • CHOICE Package: 90+ channels, 45,000 tiles for $84.99 as a monthly subscription.
  • ULTIMATE Package: 130+ channels, 55,000 tiles for $94.99 as a monthly subscription.
  • PREMIER Package: 140+ channels, 65,000 tiles for $139.99 as a monthly subscription.
What Channel is USFL on DirecTV today

What Channel is USFL on DirecTV?

You can access the USFL games on your DirecTV Streaming service using these channel numbers and sports channels. To watch USFL games on the DirecTV Streaming service today, insert these channel numbers into your remote control. Therefore, to stream USFL games, use the channels and channel numbers shown below.

Channel NameChannel Number
FS1 HD219
USA Network 242
NBC Sports 220

So you can watch USFL games on the DirecTV streaming service, you can utilize these channels. Then you can watch 14 USFL games on FOX, 9 on NBC Sports, 8 on FS1, 9 on USA Network, and 4 on Peacock. The Peacock streaming service was accessible through the DirecTV streaming service.


In order to get the USFL games on the DirecTV Streaming service, we have described all the details and instructions. Use this helpful post to obtain a better answer to the question of what channel USFL is on DirecTV Today. As a result, we feel compelled to welcome you to our site about the DirecTV Streaming service’s USFL channel.


  • There are 14 USFL games available on FOX, 9 on NBC Sports, 8 on FS1, 9 on USA Network, and 4 on Peacock.
  • Ten of these USFL games are played at Protective Stadium Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama over those ten weeks.
  • In this year 2022, the United States Football League will play 43 games with 10 teams. The United States Football League also has 40 regular-season games and 3 postseason games.

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