What Channel is Christmas Music on DirecTV and SiriusXM?


DirecTV Christmas Music Channel:

Who doesn’t love the feeling of having Christmas melodies playing around him during the seasons?

Christmas music channel is a great way to enjoy and celebrate your Christmas period at home.

In this article, we are going to discuss about DirecTV Christmas Music Channel with fireplace and what channel is Christmas music on DirecTV.

What Channel is Christmas Music on DirecTV?

Christmas music is available on DirecTV on the music choice channel.

The channel is named music choice classic Christmas and can be enjoyed by tuning in to channel number 858.

Other Christmas Music Channels

Christmas music is also available on SiriusXM in a variety of ways therefore you can enjoy your favorite season tracks at handy.

You can listen to your favorite music on SiriusXM through multiple devices such as Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PS5, PS4), Amazon Alexa and so on.

SiriusXM gives new subscribers an affordable Streaming Platinum Deal for three months for just $1 dollar which will give you access to all it’s 19 Christmas music channels as well as original talk, podcasts, exclusive comedy and news. After the first three months, the cost per month goes back to $10.99.

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How To Listen to Christmas Music Channel on SiriusXM?

You can listen to your favorite season melodies through the following channels.

They are divided into Online for SiriusXM streaming service and channels for SiriusXM radio.

  • ’70s/’80s Holidays (Online)
  • Acoustic Christmas (Channel 781)
  • Christmas Spirit (Channel 782)
  • Country Christmas (Channel 779)
  • Hallmark Channel Radio (Channel 777)
  • Holiday Chill-Out (Online)
  • Holiday Instrumentals (Online)
  • Holiday Pops (Channel 784)
  • Holiday Soul (Channel 778)
  • Holiday Traditions (Channel 71)
  • Holly (Channel 105)
  • Jazz Holidays (Online)
  • Jolly Christmas (Online)
  • The Mannheim Steamroller Channel (Channel 510)
  • Navidad (Channel 787)
  • Rockin’ Xmas (Online)
  • Noël Incontournable (Online)
  • New Year’s Nation (Channel 105)
  • Radio Hannukah (Channel 788)


What channel is Music Choice on TV?

Music Choice TV is on channel 800.

What number is the Christmas music channel?

Christmas music channel is on channel number 858 for DirecTV and channel number 782 for SiriusXM

What channel is Sounds of the Season?

Sounds of the Season airs at 10 p.m. Saturday, Christmas Eve and again from 6-7 a.m. Sunday, Christmas Day, on NBC15.

How do you get music choice on Smart TV?

Music Choice is available on your Smart TV app store, The music Choice app is also available for iOS & Android.


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