We are currently seeking a skilled and experienced Housekeeper to join our team.

We are looking for a hardworking and dedicated individual who can work well in a team and take direction from supervisors. The ideal candidate should have experience in housekeeping and be familiar with tools and equipment used in the field.

Job Summary

A Housekeeper works alone or as part of a team in the cleaning of rooms. As a Housekeeper, you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the guest rooms, public areas and other designated areas of the hotel. You will be responsible for ensuring that the hotel is clean, safe and comfortable for guests, and that the hotel’s standards of cleanliness are met.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The ideal applicant will be expected to effectively discharge the following;

  • Cleaning and sanitizing guest rooms and public areas
  • Making beds, changing linens and towels
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Restocking guest room amenities
  • Reporting maintenance issues to supervisor
  • Following safety protocols and regulations
  • Performing other related duties as required

Required Skills and Qualifications

The ideal candidate for this role should;

  • have a renown work ethic
  • be able to work efficiently in a team
  • have experience in housekeeping or a related field
  • be able to lift heavy materials
  • have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • possess the legal backing to work in Canada (work permit)

As a Housekeeper, you will need to have a strong physical stamina and be able to lift heavy materials. You will also need to be able to work in various weather conditions, and be able to stand for long periods of time. You should also have good communication skills and be able to work well with others.

Salary Expectations and Benefits

The salary expectation for this role is between $15 and $20 per hour.

In addition to a competitive hourly rate, we also offer a comprehensive benefits package including health, dental, and vision insurance.

We also provide opportunities for advancement, and encourage all of our employees to continue their education and training in order to advance their careers.

How to Apply

To apply for the Housekeeper job position, you can either follow the attached link below to apply directly through the company’s website or submit your resume and cover letter to the company’s email address of website.

Working as a Housekeeper can be a challenging yet rewarding career. You will be part of a team that is responsible for ensuring the hotel is clean, safe and comfortable for guests. You will also have the opportunity to develop your organizational and communication skills while working in a fast-paced environment. If you are a highly motivated individual who is interested in a career in the housekeeping field, we encourage you to apply for this position below.

Start your application for the housekeeper job position now!!!

  1. abubakar mohammed says

    Working hard is my beherviour

  2. Faith B Diegbiah says

    I want to work as housekeeper to take good care of your house and other things in the house

    1. Alimatou Jallow says

      I want to work as house keeper I’m interested

      1. Um Amm Amm says

        house keeper I am interested

    2. Margaret Mosaray says

      I’m interested in working for you as house keeper job.

      1. Yeukai phiri says

        I want to work as a house keeper I’m interested

  3. Faith B Diegbiah says

    I want to be a housekeeper

  4. Happiness David Bassey says

    I want to be a housekeeper

    1. Wisdom says

      I want to be a house keeper

    2. Tshika says

      Tshika gina

    3. Sharon emefa Dzramado says

      Sharon emefa. Am interested in housekeeping ,I have worked in four hotel as a keeper in Ghana.

    4. Fetiya redwan says

      I want too house kepping work please support mee

    5. Abdulhakim Sano Beker says

      I am so lucky.

  5. Mohammed Drammeh says

    I was working in a hotel called Palma Rima hotel in the Gambia as a security but I was also assisting those cleaning the rooms and floors of the hotel. I was active in various positions in that hotel. Which clearly means I can work in any positions of housekeeping. I will bring all the positive impact you expect from your team with my hard work.

    1. Priscilla Tagoe says

      Am Priscilla tagoe form Ghana am interested in housekeeper I fear god please accept me +233540471170

  6. Nyeko Gilbert Akumu says

    I am Gilbert from Uganda I am looking for a house keeping job I a God fearing man I take a good care of your house well my WhatsApp number is.+256781598590. email me on [email protected]

    1. Asefa Hagazi says

      How I can apply?

  7. Hadrami Houssen says

    ظائفكيف أتقدم على هذه الو

    1. Dusabimana Eddy kevin says

      I want to be a house keeper

      1. Alimatou Jallow says

        I want to be house keeper i have a express for 3years

    2. Peris wahome says

      Interested being housekeeping at ur company

  8. Sampa Harold says

    To work and live there has a general painting and warehouse works

    1. Sharon emefa Dzramado says

      Sharon emefa Dzramado,am interested in house keeping department because I have in four hotels in Ghana and also am God fearing person.please this are my numbers: +233 0257671383, ±233246688546

  9. Sampa Harold says


    1. Wondimu Tonas Tola says

      Yes i will do ,please help me how can i do

  10. Pithana Apparao says

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  11. Yonas desalegn says

    Yes I will do that please help me how can I accept visa

  12. Andualem says

    I want to work by being a housekeeper in Canada because I can apeak English well and it is easy for me to communicate

    1. Marfo David says

      I’m in, I need this Jo

    2. Egness mabhandi says

      I want to work in Canada

  13. Madina santu says

    I can work bt how can i accept da visa,.

  14. Tshika Gina says

    Hi please help me to travel to canada to work and live im singel mother with tree kids im her in south frica im suffering please im congolaise

  15. Deborah Nafuna says

    Hi,help me please to travel and get a job in Canada (house keeping job)

  16. Blessing Daimani says

    I really nead this job so help how to get a visa?

    1. Oumar yaya khamis says

      Je suis vraiment intéressé pour aller au Canada pour étudier et travailler

  17. Linda Dolo says

    I want to do housekeeping work with you guys

  18. said kacimi says

    I want to work in canada housekeeper

  19. Um Amm Amm says

    Please I need help is this true I have children and they are father is day so I am so poor

  20. Persie B. Folley says

    I’m Persie Folley from Liberia West Africa, am interested in house keeping job this is my email [email protected].

  21. PETER KOIKOI says

    I’m interested in housekeeper job

    1. Tegegn tagele says

      I’m interested housekeeper plz help me

  22. Isaac Heziel Asarw says

    Please good evening to anyone who can hear me out , please do beg ,I have my professional work Glass work and electrical but I don’t have anyone to push me out please I need someone to help me

    1. Francis says

      Merci beaucoup à vous le Canada

  23. Ayanda F Nkiwane says

    I am very interested and i promise to work hard because i have experience

    1. Peris wahome says

      Am interested being a housekeeping at your company/hotel.Be blessed as you consider me.Thank you!

  24. suraj surur says

    I want to move Canada Please send me work vissa

  25. Elijah kamalu says

    Am interested for the housekeeping job or any manual work

  26. Yassin Nuri says

    I needs to Ajob Housekipper

  27. Abdulhakim Sano Beker says

    I am so happy.

  28. Abdulhakim Sano Beker says

    It is so good.

  29. Abdulhakim Sano Beker says

    I said nothing except say thank you so much

    1. Suraj Mohammed says

      I am very interested Please send me vissa

  30. Suraj Mohammed says

    It is good opportunity i am intersted

  31. Moulay Abdallah says

    I want to be part of the job who work and take care of house that’s my job

  32. Mamadu Jalloh says

    My name is mamadu jalloh am from Sierra Leone west Africa I really want to work in Canada please help me with the job

  33. Mamadu Jalloh says

    Good morning my name is mamadu jalloh am from Sierra Leone west Africa I really want to work in Canada please help me to get the job
    Is my WhatsApp number

  34. Kebba ceesay says

    Please this is my number +002213835107 contract me

  35. Sadia Dule says

    I have interest move to Canada for a job

  36. Innocent Ntobolo says

    Am Ntobolo Innocent from Zambia , am interested in the house keeping job. Contact me on +260971613603 or email – [email protected].

  37. Mamushet Metekiya says

    Ian live and work Canada am Ethiopian arm or defence force

  38. Bereket says

    My name is Bereket Tulu how can i apply
    Housekeeping job

  39. ADZONYOH says

    Je suis intéressé

  40. 54244747 says

    Yes i am agree.

    1. Akech deng says

      أرغب في الوظيفة رجاء

  41. Zaithwa Boston Kamanga says

    I enjoy working indoor

  42. Abel Shimelis says

    If it is true lwant its good

  43. Margaret Mosaray says

    I’m interested waiting for your reply

  44. Haroun idriss adoum says

    J’aimerais aller au Canada pour faire mon étude supérieur

  45. Haroun idriss adoum says

    J’aimerais aller au Canada pour faire mon étude supérieur.

  46. Elijah Larma says

    I’m interested

    1. Abdulhakim Sano Beker says

      I am so lucky.

  47. Elijah kamalu says

    Thanks for choosing me to work as an housekeeper

  48. Manasseh says

    I wish to work as house keeper. How can I be assisted

  49. Tigist says

    My name is tigist getenet asfawe iwant iob housekeepers

  50. Suraj Mohammed says

    I Want to this big opportunity Please help me by giving chance and i am intersted move to canada

  51. Nonia Habasimbi says

    Please I really need the job help me

    1. Ezequiel Alberto CHauque says

      Good afternoon
      I would like to have a job in Canada.
      It could be a domestic job

  52. Nurhussen says

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  53. Alice Namfukwe says

    How can I apply

  54. Blessing Ndubueze says

    Am blessing I want a housekeeping on your hotel I promise I will do my best+2348066629035 my WhatsApp for anything to know more about mthanks

  55. Mekonnen says

    My name Mekonnen EFA from Ethiopia

  56. Amoateng justice bright says

    I’m decent and works hard as ordered

  57. Conteh Mary says

    Am willing to work

  58. Conteh Mary says

    Am always ready to work

  59. Conteh Mary says


  60. Conteh Mary says


  61. Conteh Mary says

    I’m decent and work hard as ordered

  62. Silungile Dlamini says

    I’m willing to work at any conditions….I’m a qualified ECD educator

  63. Mohammed S Fofana says

    My is Mohammed S Fofana from Liberia, I want to know more about this plafond.

  64. Kodjok.gedeon Eklou says

    My name is EKLOU kodjo GEDEON im 34 years old i hail from Togo willing to come to Canada for job and i care for housekeeper or any kind of labor work as worker i will carry out my responsability be good humble. Looking forword to have my answer in short time yours sincerly Gideon.

  65. Biya says

    Good I really want to work

  66. warren wesley says

    Hello! my name is Warren am a decent, hard working person, I know how to clean properly and also can relate, communicate well with otherst, I know team work please am the perfect person for the Job

  67. Namusabi janet jenine pina says

    Am willing to work

  68. Mukyala Teddy says

    I can do house keeping

  69. Farrag hassanin says

    Ok I really this joo

  70. 0992559695 says

    أرغب في الوظيفة رجاا

  71. Messaadi hacine says

    اريد ان احصل على وظيفة

  72. SAMUEL KIFLOM says

    I am interesting for thise work and i want

  73. Mercy Ngoma says

    My name is Mercy Ngoma I am 30 of age . Live in Zambia and I am really interested to come and work there in Canada please help me i would be grateful if my reply received favourable consideration


    I am from DR.Congo,i need a job lf housekeeper

  75. Netsanet Desalegn says

    I’M really interested to work in canada

  76. Netsanet Desalegn says

    really lam interested work in canada

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