Is NewsMax on SiriusXM? SiriusXM Channel List and Guide 2022


In this article I will answer your long asked questions Is newsmax on SiriusXM?. I will also guide you on the list of availabile channels on SiriusXM Radio.

What is Newsmax TV?

Newsmax TV is an American conservative news channel owned by Newsmax. The network primarily focuses on opinion-based talk shows. It carries a news/talk format throughout the day and night, with documentaries and films on weekends. (Wikipedia)

What is SiriusXM?

SiriusXM Radio is an American satellite radio and online radio services operating in the United States by Sirius XM Holdings Inc broadcasting company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was formed by Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio, merging into SiriusXM Radio. (Wikipedia)

Is Newsmax on SiriusXM Radio?

Now comes the great question.

Sirius ХM offers a delightful variety of channels designed to satisfy your music cravings. There is so much channels you can tune to and enjoy.

Although Sirius ХM lacks a Free Plan like Spotify, which is unfortunate, you can take download the SiriusXM Radio Mod APK here with all premium features unlocked without using your credit card to pay for any subscription.

Now If you already know the channel you are looking for, in this case Newsmax TV, all you have to do tune to Sirius XM 125 (Patriot) to listen and watch Newsmax TV for free. 

So yes, Newsmax TV is available on SiriusXM Radio and you can tune to it on SiriusXM 125 (Patriot).

Is Newsmax on SiriusXM?List of Channels on SiriusXM Radio

SiriusXM Radio has a very wide coverage in channels ranging from Music, sports, talk, news, comedy, and lots more.

Below is a list of all the channels available on SiriusXM.


SiriusXM Hits 1#2
Pandora Now#3
TikTok Radio#4
The Pulse#5
The Coffee House#6
’70s on 7#7
’80s on 8#8
’90s on 9#9
The 10s Spot#11


ESPN Radio#80
ESPN Xtra#81
Mad Dog Sports Radio#82
FOX Sports on SiriusXM#83
ESPNU Radio#84
NBC Sports Audio#85
SiriusXM NBA Radio#86
SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio#87
SiriusXM NFL Radio#88
MLB Network Radio™#89


FOX Business#113
FOX News Channel#114
FOX News Headlines 24/7#115
Bloomberg Radio#119
BBC World Service#120
CNN Originals#121


XM Preview#1
Radio Andy#102
Faction Talk#103
TODAY Show Radio#108
SiriusXM Stars#109
Doctor Radio#110
Joel Osteen Radio#128
Business Radio#132


Netflix is a Joke#93
Comedy Greats#94
Comedy Central#
Kelvin Hart’s Laugh out Loud Radio#96
Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup#97
Laugh USA#98
Raw Dog Comedy#99
Just For Laughs Canada#100

The complete list of channels are shown in the following images.

Click here to download the full channel guide

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