Smile vs Spectranet – Which is Better? | A Complete Comparison 2021


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In this article we will be comparing smile vs spectranet in terms of speed, coverage and affordability. Before we get to the big question, which is better? smile or spectranet, I will like to break it to you that each network has it’s stronghold and weakness so the answer greatly depend on user preference.

Smile vs Spectranet – Which has better Speed?

For speed from personal experience and from reviews Smile takes the lead here.

Some others have also argued that it is location dependent which brings us to my first point again. It all depends on user preference. So I would say that this one is on smile’s side.

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Which has a better Coverage?

In terms of coverage, Smile achieves a wider coverage than spectranet, swift, and even NTEL. Smile covers almost all Nigerian major cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Asaba, Abuja, Ibadan, Kaduna, Onitsha, Benin.

Spectranet on the other hand has limited coverage to just few cities Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja.

Undoubtedly, Smile wins the coverage battle.

Which is More Affordable?

Now we have arrived at the point that everybody have been waiting for. Smile vs Spectranet – Which is more affordable? Before I make my verdict, I will Drop a table below detailing both the smile data plans and the spectranet data plans. Let’s get to it.

Smile Data Plans And Prices

NameValueValidityPrice (N)
UnlimitedLite35GB monthly FUP at up to 8Mbps30 Days10,000
UnlimitedEssential70GB monthly FUP at up to 8Mbps30 Days15,000
130GB Bigga130GB30 Days19,800
100GB Bigga 100GB30 Days18,000
75GB Bigga 75GB30 Days15,000
60GB Bigga 60GB30 Days13,000
40GB Bigga 40GB30 Days10,000
30GB Bigga 30GB30 Days8,000
20GB Bigga 20GB30 Days6,000
15GB Bigga 15GB30 Days5,000
12GB Bigga 12GB30 Days4,000
10GB Bigga10GB30 Days3,500
8GB Bigga 8GB30 Days3,000
6.5GB Bigga 6.5GB30 Days2,500
5GB Bigga 5GB30 Days2,000
3GB Bigga 3GB30 Days1,500
2GB Bigga 2GB30 Days1,200
1.5GB Bigga 1.5GB30 Days1,000
1TB 3651TB365 Days 120,000
500GB 365500GB365 Days 100,000
200GB 365200GB365 Days 70,000
125GB 365125GB365 Days 50,000
70GB 36570GB365 Days 32,000
35GB 36535GB365 Days 19,000
15GB 36515GB365 Days 9,000
3GB MidNite3GB7 Days 1,530
6GB FlexiWeekly6GB7 Days 1,500
2GB MidNite2GB7 Days 1,020
2GB FlexiWeekly2GB7 Days1,000
1GB FlexiWeekly1GB7 Days500
2.5GB FlexiDaily2.5GB2 Days500
1GB FlexiDaily1GB1 Day300
3GB Weekend only3GBWeekend1.530
smile data plan and prices

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Spectranet Data Plans and Prices

NameValueValidityPrice (N)
200GB Always On200GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing30 Days38,390
100GB Always On100GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing30 Days19,960
120GB Always On120GB30 Days18,425
216GB Bumpa216GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 360 Days72,000
192GB Bumpa192GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 360 Days62,600
156GB Bumpa156GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 360 Days52,100
108GB Bumpa108GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 360 Days36,500
84GB Bumpa84GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 360 Days31,100
108GB Smart108GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 180 Days38,600
96GB Smart96GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 180 Days33,100
78GB Smart78GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 180 Days27,600
54GB Smart54GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 180 Days19,300
42GB Smart42GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 180 Days15,500
80GB Kelele80GB30 Days15,999
60GB Kelele 60GB30 Days 12,999
45GB Kelele 45GB30 Days 10,999
32GB Kelele 32GB30 Days 7,999
24GB Kelele 24GB30 Days 5,999
12GB Kelele 12GB30 Days 3,999
70GB Mega70GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 30 Days15,355
50GB Mega50GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 30 Days13,305
45GB Mega45GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 30 Days 12,795
30GB Mega30GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 30 Days 10,235
18GB Mega18GB + Unlimited Midnight Browsing 30 Days 7,165
20GB Mini20GB + 10GB Promo10 Days4,500
6GB Mini6GB + 4GB Promo7 Days1,500
Spectranet Data Plans and prices
smile vs spectranet

The two tables above shows the data plans and their respective prices for smile and spectranet as at the making of this post. For more current details refers to their official websites through the following links. Smile data plans and spectranet data plans.

Back to our sub topic Smile vs Spectranect – Which is more affordable? From the data above, the prices for their data bundles are almost the same however spectranet floored smile by their addons such as unlimited midnight browsing and promos which is absent in most of the smile data plans.

So in terms of affordability, Spectranet takes the mantle.

Conclusion: Smile vs Spectranet – Which is better?

With regards to the three grounds which this comparison is based on, Speed ended on user preference, Coverage has Smile on top and Affordability has Spectranet on top.

With these being said so far, The overall comparison also has to give way to user preference so we would like to know.

Smile vs Spectranet – Which do you prefer?

Let is know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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