Nanny Jobs in Canada for Foreigners


Nanny Jobs in Canada for Foreigners


Are you in search of nanny jobs in Canada, whether you’re a local resident or a foreigner residing outside the country? It’s an excellent idea due to the impressive compensation that nannies receive in countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Nannies working abroad, particularly in nations like the USA, Canada, and Australia, often earn more in a month than some entry-level corporate workers in Africa.

The rise in demand for higher-paying jobs has led many women in African countries to explore opportunities abroad. Nanny jobs are one of these lucrative prospects that are in high demand in Canada, where busy mothers seek reliable caregivers to support their corporate careers.

One remarkable feature of nanny jobs in Canada is that they typically have minimal educational requirements. However, other prerequisites and responsibilities are essential, as we’ll discuss shortly.

Before we delve into the details, rest assured that this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to secure a high-paying nanny job in Canada with visa sponsorship, regardless of your country of origin, whether you’re from Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa, or anywhere else.


Nanny Jobs Description in Canada

The job description for nanny jobs in Canada may vary slightly across different employers, but the primary duty of a nanny is to serve as a caregiver, tending to the needs of infants and households. The specific roles of a nanny in Canada include:

Caring for Infants: Nannies provide dedicated care for infants, ensuring their well-being and safety.

Household Maintenance: This entails maintaining a clean and safe environment, which may include sweeping and tidying up.

Feeding Infants: Nannies ensure timely and proper feeding of infants, attending to their nutritional needs.

Diaper Changes and Laundry: Daily diaper changes and laundry for infants are common responsibilities.

Entertaining Children: Engaging and entertaining children under their care is part of a nanny’s role.


Requirements and Eligibility for Nanny Job Applicants in Canada

To secure a nanny job in Canada, whether with or without visa sponsorship, there are specific qualifications and eligibility criteria you must meet:

CV: A well-structured CV is a fundamental requirement for your job application.

Childcare Experience: You should have at least two years of experience in caring for children.

Guarantor: You may need to provide a guarantor who is related to you, vouching for your suitability for the position.

Meal Preparation: Proficiency in basic meal preparation is essential for childcare.

English Language Proficiency: A conversational level of English language is generally required to communicate effectively with the family.

First Aid Knowledge: Knowledge of first aid, including a document proving certification, is an advantage.


Nanny Job Salary Scale in Canada per Hour

The salary scale for nanny jobs in Canada is typically calculated on an hourly basis and can range from $5 to $17 per hour, as of June 2023.

Now that we’ve covered the necessary criteria for securing a high-paying nanny job in Canada, let’s explore some of the top nanny job recruitment platforms that offer visa sponsorship for foreigners.


List of High-Paying Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

1. Indeed Nanny Jobs in Canada: Indeed Nanny Job Recruiter in Canada is a leading agency offering a vast array of high-paying nanny job opportunities published in cities and provinces across the country. There’s a strong likelihood of securing a nanny job paying at least $15 per hour through their job search portal. To explore available opportunities, you can visit their Canadian Nanny Job Recruitment Portal at

2. AU Pair Nanny Jobs in Canada: AU Pair is a reputable job search and recruitment website known for offering high-paying job opportunities in countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK. They are a prominent name in Canada and provide a variety of job offers, including nanny jobs in various cities. You can use this link to directly access their nanny job search portal.

3. Canadian Nanny Jobs with Sponsorship: Canadian Nanny Job Recruiter is a leading platform for securing high-income per hour nanny jobs in cities and regions across Canada. As an aspiring nanny, you can explore numerous nanny job offers with visa sponsorship. You can apply for nanny jobs in Canada from any country and receive free sponsorship to work in Canada. All it takes is a diligent job search to find families in Canada seeking reliable nannies for their children. You can access Recruiter here



We hope you have found value in this comprehensive guide. It has unveiled some of the best available nanny jobs in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship. We strongly recommend that you take the necessary steps by submitting your CV and cover letter to the appropriate recruiters and using the application links provided in this guide. You can also consider professional resume writing or editing services to ensure your CV is tailored to the job you’re applying for.

Nanny jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship offer an excellent opportunity to travel and legally live and work in Canada. What are you waiting for? Proceed with

your plans by applying for available opportunities abroad, which often do not require a university or college degree as a job requirement. Start your journey toward a high-paying career in Canadian nanny jobs today.

  1. Ayoade yemisi dorcas says

    How can I apply for nanny job in Canada please help me

  2. Stella chemtai says

    Hi am Stella from Kenya hard working lady l will be glad if l can get a chance to work in Canada. Am working in Saudi Arabia as housekeeping have two years experience please how will apply for job in Canada as waitress nanny or housekeeper . thank you

  3. Stella chemtai says

    Hello am Stella from Kenya hard working lady l will be glad to get a chance to work in Canada as waitress nanny or housekeeper have been working in Saudi Arabia as housekeeping have two years experience please let know how to apply for the job in Canada thank you

  4. Ruth Zimba says

    Am looking for a job as a Nanny

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    La couture

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    Looking for nanny and child minding care

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    Good day im interesting to apply for nanny im here now at saudi arabia as a caregiver

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    Am very much impressed, with this information, how can I apply for the nanny job.

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    Hie, I’m Deserve from Zimbabwe. I’m interested for nanny job. I’m willing to relocate from South Africa Capetown to Canada

    1. Happiness says

      I’m happiness,please I’m interested in nanny job I have 8years experience, I will be very happy if i will be among does that will be employed thanks.

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    Please I’m interested in nanny job how can I apply,I like care for children.thanks

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    Please I will appreciate it if am giving the opportunity to work as a Nanny in Canada, I have experience in taking care of Children/Adults…here my Email: [email protected]

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    How can I apply for the caregiver or nanny jobs in Canada

    1. oluwaferanmi says

      My name is damilola oluwaferanmi I am from Nigeria I can work as nanny I av d experience very well I will be happy if I am chosen pls help me

  14. Noloyiso Diya says

    Greetings, my name is Noloyiso Diya, a South African citizen. I am currently working as a Social worker for 3 year now. I specislise in foster care placement for abandoned and orphaned children. I can also take care of children from one month old. Please advice on how to apply as I want to immigrate to Canada.

  15. Nakachwa says

    Write hawo kana a play

  16. Patricia chitongo says

    Im Patricia a zimbabwean energertic lady ,Im 32 Im Looking for a nanny or caregiver job in canada and lm ready to relocate anytime there is my email [email protected] thank you

  17. aztbgy says

    My name is N’yanga Haba I’m from Ghana and I need a job so any job available I can do it like, Security, clean house, maintenance the flowers, handle the shop, washing the car etc…

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    Am peninah from Kenya am looking for a nanny job or cleaning job or care giving I have experience of over 8 years

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