How To Send Apk Files On WhatsApp On Your Android Device

WhatsApp which is one of the best social medias with the most active daily users has not yet released the sharing feature for sending Apk files but only documents sharing are enabled for now. So, in this tutorial, you will be able to easily share any Apk files to your friends and neighbours. In this method or concept, you will rename any Apk files to .doc files before sending and the receiver will rename it from .TXT file format to Apk file format before download. So, let’s go on.

How To Send Apk Files On WhatsApp
As a sender

Firstly, open your WhatsApp application and go to the person’s private message to send the Apk files or in a WhatsApp group (it depend on your choice).
Then, open your ES File Explorer and locate the Apk file you want to send then, hold to bring the options for RENAME. You can now add .doc behind the .apk and press OK. As shown below;

How to send APK files

Renamed from .Apk to .doc

Now, go back to your WhatsApp application and go to the person’s profile then tap on the Sharing icon and tap on Document. Now, locate the renamed file and send.

As a receiver

Open your WhatsApp application and download the shared Apk application.
Then, goto your ES File Explorer and locate the shared Apk file and hold it to bring out options to RENAME then delete the .doc to remain only .apk and immediately, you can now tap it to install.

Wow! That’s all.

This is best method to share any Apk file on WhatsApp application before they decides to add the sharing of app features on their app.

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