What Channel is NFL RedZone on Xfinity? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is NFL RedZone on Xfinity:

Enter the sports world to discover a world of excitement. NFL appears to be one of the most well-known football competitions in America. Additionally, it is a multi-segmented annual event. Several cable, satellite, and online streaming networks cover and broadcast the desired NFL game.
Do you know about the NFL RedZone? Indeed, it is the only station available for viewing NFL Sunday afternoon games. In similar vein, this article addresses the Xfinity channel for NFL RedZone. To learn which channel the NFL RedZone is on with Xfinity service, see the following article.

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NFL RedZone

Here is a brief introduction to NFL RedZone. NFL RedZone appears to be a sports television network in the United States. Since 2009, NFL Network has owned the aforementioned TV station. Despite being a TV station, it won’t broadcast programs every day.
Instead, live programming is only available on Sundays during the NFL season. Every touchdown from every game during the regular NFL season is shown on this channel every Sunday. Additionally, it concentrates on contests in which the offense is inside the 20-yard line.

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The program will apparently air for only seven hours while covering up to eight games. It is a standalone subscription-based program that is separate from anything else, including NFL Sunday Ticket. While this is going on, you can access NFL RedZone by purchasing any NFL Game Pass.
Game Pass Pro, Game Pass Essential, and Weekly Pro memberships are the appropriate ones. For Pro customers, a new dual-screen functionality is also available. Pro subscribers can thereafter watch NFL RedZone games live and on the same device.

NFL RedZone subscription plans

NFL RedZone has a different subscription option that costs $11 per month. Additionally, TV service providers like Fubo TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Xfinity TV, and DirecTV offer the required service.

Xfinity TV

In this section, let’s think about Xfinity. Xfinity appears to be among the top cable TV providers in the country. Additionally, the parent organization is Comcast Communications, which also goes by the trade name Xfinity.
It appears that Xfinity is the trade brand used to offer services such as VoIP, cable TV, internet, mobile, and telephone. You can explore and view a variety of live and on-demand 4K super HD content here. By purchasing an Xfinity service subscription, you can access a variety of programming from well-known TV networks.

Additionally, Xfinity gives you access to all of your preferred online streaming services, including NBC, AMC+, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Bravo, Apple TV+, and a host of others. Additionally, Xfinity TV comes with an integrated DVR. So you may stream and record your favorites wherever you are, whenever.
Even more intriguing is the option to download and stream your preferred content when you’re not online. Undoubtedly, an Xfinity subscription also includes the Xfinity TV box and an exceptional voice-controlled remote that simplify streaming.

What if you could obtain all of these advantages online? If you’re wondering, the Xfinity Stream app makes it possible. Indeed, Xfinity Stream is a mobile streaming service that lets you watch your favorite Xfinity TV content. It is also the central location for accessing live TV, DVR, sports, on-demand material, etc.

Features of Xfinity

Numerous live TV channels, on-demand options, films, TV shows, documentaries, and other content are available with Xfinity. The Xfinity 4K streaming box appears to be free with your Xfinity internet service. Get Xfinity DVR for the ultimate streaming experience. Meanwhile, your Xfinity subscription comes with Peacock TV movies, shows, and Originals.

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Additionally, Xfinity TV offers add-on bundles for premium channels including Cinemax, The Movie Channel, NBA TV, HBO Boxing, NFL Network, and HBO Boxing. Do you enjoy watching NFL games, too? If yes, you can watch the exclusive and out-of-market games on NFL Network and NFL RedZone channels through Xfinity.

Xfinity Subscription Packages

Additionally, your Xfinity subscription also comes with Peacock premium. So, we now bring up the Xfinity TV subscription plans.

  • Popular TV costs $49.99 per month with 125+ channels, including Disney Channel, AMC, and Comedy Central.
  • Ultimate TV costs $59.99 per month with more than 185 channels, such as the DIY Network, ESPN, and the Cooking Channel.
  • Premier bundle costs $134 per month with 185+ channels, including HBO, Showtime, and ESPN Max.

Is NFL RedZone available on Xfinity?

Thankfully, you can access NFL RedZone on your Xfinity TV. In fact, with your subscription, the corresponding service is natively accessible on Xfinity TV. NFL RedZone is available on Xfinity via channel code 741. For hassle-free access, make sure your Xfinity TV subscription is still active.
What Channel is NFL RedZone on Xfinity TV

What Channel is NFL RedZone on Xfinity?

Do you have any questions about using Xfinity to watch NFL RedZone? If so, the information in this section will provide you the exact channel number you need. NFL RedZone appears to be the go-to location for seeing NFL out-of-market games. As we have already seen, different TV providers offer the desired service. But how far can Xfinity subscribers access NFL RedZone? Let’s investigate that in the area below.
Channel NameChannel Number
NFL RedZone 741

NFL RedZone is available on Xfinity on channel number 741.


In order to watch the NFL RedZone on Xfinity, I hope the aforementioned post will be useful. Thankfully, Xfinity TV offers native streaming of the NFL RedZone channel. To watch NFL RedZone games, all you need is an active Xfinity membership and a streaming device that is compatible with it. I appreciate you reading.


  • Xfinity TV does offer NFL RedZone. The relevant channel is accessible on the Xfinity channel lineup at channel code 741.
  • NFL RedZone is a monthly $11 fee-based subscription service. To view NFL RedZone games, you can also select online TV services like YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Xfinity TV.

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