What Channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV:

Only after trying anything can it be determined to be excellent or terrible. Try reading this post, which will explain how to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, in a similar manner. NFL Sunday Ticket appears to be a sports package for watching live NFL games, and DirecTV is a reputable US TV provider. The following article will provide you the DirecTV channel number for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

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What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a standalone sports package that transmits live NFL games to areas where NFL is not accessible, to put it simply. It is true that the service for watching out-of-market games is subscription-based. You may look around and watch the unique Sunday afternoon games that Fox and CBS create here.
The NFL games appear to be restricted to streaming in some areas of the United States. People or fans who live beyond the designated broadcasting zone in this situation won’t be able to see their favorite sports. The NFL Sunday Ticket service was introduced for this reason.

What Channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV

Aside from that, the NFL Sunday Ticket Package will allow the excluded folks to view the premium live games on Sunday afternoons. Numerous TV service providers have offered this special service in various locations. In fact, DirecTV offers service in the United States, while DAZN offers service in Canada, Sky Mexico offers service in Mexico and Central America, and Vrio offers service in South America and the Caribbean.
The NFL Sunday Ticket has a number of benefits, such as best-in-class playback options, closed captioning support, a customizable game mix, video playback at 60 frames per second, full control immersive video, etc. Additionally accessible online is the NFL Sunday Ticket. As a consequence, it becomes your one-stop location to obtain information such as results, game statistics, timetables, and in-game advancement. In addition, you may mark your favorite athletes on the app. So that you can receive personalized notifications and alerts on their matches.

NFL Sunday Ticket subscription packages

Between the two packages listed below, there appear to be two key distinctions. In fact, you can access every out-of-market game including the Sunday afternoon game via the NFL Sunday Ticket app. As opposed to the NFL Sunday Ticket Max, which offers two more alternatives in the form of Red Zone Channel and DirecTV Fantasy Zone.

  • NFL Sunday Ticket – costs $239.94 for the whole season and $73.49 a month.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max – is available for $99/month and $395.94/season.

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Overview of DirecTV

DirecTV is a well-known satellite pay TV service in the US for offering dependable service. Yes, it gives you and your family access to the greatest live TV available.
Additionally, with its many channels available through satellite, DirecTV gives you the best home entertainment experience. The NFL Sunday Ticket’s sole home is Direct TV as well.

And meanwhile, it is a paid service that comes with a powerful whole-home HD-DVR.
so that you may catch up on your favorite live TV programs whenever you want. Additional live TV channels in the DirecTV satellite TV bundle include ABC, CBS, Fox, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Food Network, and many more.
You might also look at some programs like Dexter New Blood, House of the Dragon, The Chosen, and many others that are worth binge-watching. With the DirecTV Stream app, you can enjoy watching all of this entertainment online.

Features of DirecTV

One of the most inexpensive pay TV services is DirecTV. With that, you get access to thousands of movies as well as several well-liked live TV stations. By purchasing a DirecTV subscription, you may watch exclusive out-of-market NFL Sunday Night games online. In addition to the built-in DVR support, the built-in Chromecast support allows you to view live sports events on a large screen. In addition, premium channels are offered for three months without charge.

DirecTV Subscription Packages and price

Knowing about the DirecTV subscription options that are accessible at this stage is crucial. Here is a list of the subscription options you have in relation to it.

$64.99/month for entertainment includes 160+ channels, including USA Network, Animal Planet, ESPN and others.

Choice – $69.99/month 185+ channels, such as BET, CMT and ABC, AMC among others.
Includes 250+ channels, including Disney Channel, HGTV, Bravo, NBC, and more.


Ultimate – $89.99/month
Includes 330+ channels, including ESPN, Fox, National Geographic, CNN, and others.


Premier – $139.99/month

Is NFL Sunday Ticket available on DirecTV?

Fortunately, DirecTV offers streaming access to the NFL Sunday Ticket program. Additionally, the particular channel is only accessible through DirecTV subscription. The NFL Sunday Ticket channel will, in fact, be accessible on channels 705 up till 719. The required channel appears to be available just during the regular NFL season. You watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV without any fuss, be sure to sign up for Direct TV.

What Channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV?

Are you trying to find the Direct TV channel where you may enjoy the NFL Sunday Ticket? If so, this section will give you with the precise channel code for the station you want to watch on your TV service. The NFL Sunday Ticket is a live sports streaming service, as we’ve seen above. Will Direct TV offer access to NFL Sunday Ticket? Let’s investigate that in the area below.
NFL Sunday Ticket is available on DirecTV on channel number 705 to 719.

Channel NameChannel Number
NFL Sunday Ticket 705 – 719

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Does DIRECTV still have rights to NFL Sunday Ticket?

Is was reported that DirecTV is likely to stop broadcasting NFL Sunday Ticket however as at the time of publishing this article, NFL Sunday Ticket is still aired on DirecTV on channel number 705 – 719

How much does NFL Sunday Ticket cost on DIRECTV?

NFL Sunday Ticket – costs $239.94 for the whole season and $73.49 a month.
NFL Sunday Ticket Max – is available for $99/month and $395.94/season.

What channel is NFL Sunday Ticket on directv?

NFL Sunday Ticket on channel number 705 – 719

Will DirecTV have the Sunday Ticket in 2022?

As at the time of publishing this article, NFL Sunday Ticket is still aired on DirecTV on channel number 705 – 719

How to watch all NFL games 2022?

You can watch NFL games on several platforms such as PS5, Hulu + Live TV, Samsung Smart TV, etv


The aforementioned article provides concise information on how to use Direct TV to watch NFL Sunday Ticket. Fortunately, Direc TV members get exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket streaming. Make sure your DirecTV subscription is still active, then enjoy viewing it on the streaming device of your choice. We hope reading this content made you happy.


  • Initially, NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription-based service.
  • It is available in two categories.
  • ‘NFL Sunday Ticket, ‘ costs $73.49/month and $239.94 for the entire season.
  • ‘NFL Sunday Ticket Max,’ costs $99/month and $395.94 for the entire season.
  • You can get an NFL Sunday Ticket without subscribing to Direct TV.
  • The NFL Sunday Ticket is available as a standalone service to purchase and watch online.
  • It is not possible to get or watch NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV Stream.
  • As of now, there is no option to add and access NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV Stream as an add-on.
  • Instead, you can subscribe to the respective sports package as a standalone service.
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