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In this article we will provide to all our visitors a detailed guide on what glo wtf plan is, how to activate the glo wtf social bundle and how to use the Glo wtf to power all apps.

In the guide we will be making use of Psiphon Pro VPN and Thunder VPN for this glo wtf cheat.

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What Is Glo Social Bundle?

Glo WTF social bundle is a glo data plan that is targeted at Glo subscribers who spent most of their time on social media and chat apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Ticktok, etc.

In fact the WTF is just an acronym for Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook so technically the name of this glo data plan is glo WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook bundle

It is known to all that these social network apps mentioned above use quite a lot of data which makes users to keep subscribing to their normal monthly data plan more than twice every Month. To reduce this cost for glo subscribers, Glo launched this new data plan, which is known as WTF social bundle. The Glo WTF social bundle works in the same way as that of the MTN Ticktok Bundle, which also allows MTN users to activate a whooping sum 2GB with just N350 and 200MB for N50.

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Features of Glo WTF Data

  • It is cheap
  • It is a social bundle data
  • It works only on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
  • It is easy to activate
  • You have to use a VPN to tunnel it to power all apps
  • It can be accumulated

Glo WTF Social Bundle – Eligibility

The Glo wtf data plan is available for all glo subscribers irrespective of tariff plan or Sim type however you still have to meet up with the following requirements.

  1. A Registered Glo Sim
  2. Sufficient Airtime for the subscription
  3. This Article which you are reading now.
Glo social bundle cheat code Psiphon

How To Activate Glo WTF Plan

Now that you have the above requirements, it is time to activate your desired glo wtf plan accordingly to your airtime Balance.

  • First you have to recharge your sim with at least N100
  • Then, Simply dial *777#
  • Reply with 1 to Select Buy Data
  • Reply again with 1 to Select Buy Data Plan
  • Choose Auto Renewal by Replying 1 or One-Off Purchase by replying 2
  • Reply with 6 to choose Social Bundles
  • Reply with 1 to Choose WTF
  • Finally Select your desired data plan by replying with the corresponding number.
glo wtf cheat code

The Available data plans which you can subscribe to are as follows.

Data Plan PriceValidity
100MBN251 day
200MBN507 days
500MBN10030 days
glo wtf social bundles

How To Use Glo WTF Cheat to Power All Apps

Originally this Glo data bundle is meant to only work on social media apps specifically WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

But just like I told you earlier, we are going to give you a guide on how to use this glo wtf social bundle to browse on all apps and Browsers. You can also use this glo wtf cheat to download as much as you can.

All you need is to install a tunnelling VPN like the Thunder VPN or Psiphon Pro VPN and also accumulate as much data as you wish.

Lets proceed with the tutorial.

Glo Psiphon Cheat Settings for Glo WTF Social Bundle

The glo Psiphon cheat Settings for WTF Social Bundle is the simplest I have seen so far.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

  1. Download Psiphon Pro VPN here
  2. Subscribe to any Glo WTF Social Bundle (See tutorial above)
  3. Install and Open the Psiphon App Downloaded above
  4. Locate the start button as shown in the picture below
  5. Click on the start button to connect.
  6. Wait for few seconds for the app to connect.
  7. Finally minimize the app and surf through any web or app of your choice.

How to Use Glo WTF Cheat via Thunder VPN

Due to some technical issues, some Glo subscribers find is hard connecting to the glo Psiphon cheat discussed above.

If you are also affected, don’t panic because the method will definitely work for you.

All you need is to download thunder VPN either from Playstore or any third-party website of your choice.

The process is just as simple as the glo Psiphon cheat setting so let’s dive into it.

  • Download Thunder VPN here
  • Subscribe to any Glo WTF Social Bundle (See tutorial above)
  • Install and Open the Thunder VPN Downloaded above
  • Hit the Connect Button to connect.
  • Wait for few seconds for the app to connect.
  • Finally minimize the app and surf through any web or app of your choice.
glo wtf cheat code

Glo WTF Cheat – Disclaimer

This Article “Glo WTF Social Bundle Cheat ” is solely for educational purposes. BravoTechArena and her associates is not responsible for any misuse. However, you will take full responsible for all actions you take with the article and applications downloaded herein.

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