How To Boost your Website | Blog Earnings: Ezoic vs Adsense || Full Review


Boost website earnings: Have you been earning peanuts from Adsense, or other similar ad network in your blog or website?

Today is your day because i am going to share to you how I have been able to boost my earning by using ezoic.
Ezoic achieve this feat through machine(AI) learning by testing and finding the unique ad combinations that work best for each visitor that comes to your site.
Before now Publishers have been restricted from using ezoic because of their 10,000 page views policy but ezoic took a broad step recently by launching the ezoic access now platform.
where young and upcoming publishers can also experience the power of ezoic AI ad placement.

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Ezoic is is a Google award-winning website testing company for publishers to evaluate and optimize ad placements and website layouts.

Ezoic allows websites to choose ad sizes and types for testing.

Then, machine learning will automatically learn how advertisers bid on
different sizes and types for every kind of visitor.


  • Ezoic only gives earnings per 1000 visitors which are way different from what Adsense offers through its Cost Per Click campaign where you as the website owner, can see detailed reporting.
  • The payment threshold for Ezoic is $20 while for Adsense, it is a whooping $100.
  • When it comes to ads display when you activate the Adsense auto ads on your website, it can display more than what you want to allow on your site which can lead to overcrowded ad display  But with Ezoic, it only displays what you want and the number of ads you want to be displayed on your website.
  • Adsense can slow down the speed of your webpage due to countless displays of ads loaded on the site, especially the auto ads. But with Ezoic, it’s very different because the system helps to improve the site loading with its caching and cloud flare apps.
  • Adsense can place a ban on your account without warning while with Ezoic you will be given a written notice if something suspicious is going on with your account. If the process continues – your account could either be suspended, terminated.
  • When it comes to earnings which most people find very appealing Ezoic performs better than Adsense because Ezoic does a lot of test running to give your site the best experience and the best performing ads for better optimization. Also, Ezoic would pay you based on your display ads subject to the number of visitors you have monthly. Adsense would only pay you when someone clicks on your ads before you can earn anything reasonable.

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Link Adsense Account: Ezoic as a certified google partner offers the choice to link your adsense account to ezoic thereby allowing adsense to compete amongst other ad networks for your ad spaces. however this is optional as you can still reap the full benefit of ezoic without even having an adsense account.
Ad Tester: Ezoic Uses their AI ad tester to find the best position and size for ads displayed on your website thereby enhancing user experience. The machine learning technology identifies the combination that works
best for each user coming to your website based on data from testing
different ad sizes, locations, and densities.
Mediation: With this feature you can keep your other ad network accounts like adsense and media active while using ezoic but it is also important to note that ezoic will display these ads only if they win other ad networks per bidding.
Ad Customization: Ezoic offers varieties of ad customization such as; ad color, maximum ads per page, ad density,  etc
Ad Charity: This is an ezoic monetization feature that enables publishers to dedicate their unused ad inventory to charity in the sense that the revenue for ads displayed there will go to charity instead.
SEO Optimization: In this feature is the tag tester that allows the publisher to test out different pages of their website to know which of them performs better in terms of SEO and ranking.
Big Data Analytics: We are all familiar with google analytics, this ezoic’s big data analytics serves almost the same purpose only that apart from real time traffic analysis, the daily traffic is not shown here owing to the fact that the traffic data varies per second.
Speed Optimization: The Ezoic’s Speed Leap is an all in one feature for speed optimization. It offers many options like minifying javascrpt, css, etc and caching as well, It also deliver speed analysis very well that you don’t have to switch from tab to tab testing if your current speed setting worked.


If you are still wondering how ezoic have been able to boost website earning, ponder no more as it is not that much of a big man thing as you thought earlier.
Ezoic simply make advertisers bid for ad placement and only display ads with the highest bidding and revenue potential.


Ezoic is Free to join with an optional additional premium plan. Claims have it that those who subscribed to the premium plan always experience better improvement in revenue.
Traffic: Ezoic requires a minimum of 10,000 page views to be eligible for approval. Don’t roast me yet because the ezoic access now overrides this traffic requirement. JOIN HERE NOW 
Google Policy: Adherence to Google’s Publishers Policies that require attributes such as original content, no keyword stuffing, and no invalid clicks or impressions is also applicable if you are using ezoic.
Contentwise: In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, Ezoic
further requires that publishers provide unique and relevant content.
Adsensely Sound: If it happens that you have an existing Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good shape with Google.
Ad Manager Account: Upon signing up with ezoic, you will be directed to create an ad manager account if you don’t have one.
Ads.txt file: This is yet another requirement for monetization. In this case, adstxtmanager got you covered.


I have used ezoic for quite some time now and i can testify that it worth signing up for.

Looking at the way adsense always talk about protecting the interest of the advertisers without mentioning a thing about the publishers, Ezoic got us covered on this one as they care for publishers as much as advertisers. Making our ad spaces a market place and allowing the advertisers bid for them and finally display the ads with the highest revenue potential.

What else can one ask for? SIGN UP NOW

If you still seek more answers to man’s unending questions simply take a stroll to the FAQ page and i can assure you that all your answers will be at your hands.

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