How to choose the best VPN for Windows 10?


Choose Best VPN for Windows: Are you sure that newly launched Windows 10 platform provides enough security against hackers and other cyber criminals?. Most people don’t care about that when professionals often reveal DNS leaks and other holes in a defense wall of a new operating system. 

That is why even if a person doesn’t use the Internet connection in places with public Wi-Fi, she may still need VPN for Windows 10.

If you cannot find an appropriate one for your OS, we can show some hints of selecting it right.

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5 features to look for in VPN for Windows 10

The first thing you should know while choosing appropriate VPN is what features it should have.

When professionals talk about windows 10 vpn, they always mention the following criteria it should satisfy:

1.  VPN should be compatible with the system: the first question you should do before downloading an application and paying subscription fees.

Does this provider have right solution for your system?.

If one skips this step, she might waste time or even money;

2.  You don’t need a tortoise VPN: If you see that virtual private network gradually lovers speed of your internet connection, switch to another one with a higher speed;

3.  The level of encryption: although professionals recommend 254-bit encryption, it always comes at a higher price. If one cannot afford such level of security, she can have 128-bit because it is also much better than having no encryption at all;

4.  Better try before paying subscription fees: It is always a good idea to taste the service because if you don’t like that, you will simply get your money back or not spend them at all.

Now most services provide both money back guarantee and free trial checking is always a good idea;

5.  The more countries, the better: the global virtual private network is not created only for hackers or illegal content streamers.

If you like travelling you don’t want to pay for another service for a two week trip, it is much better to use the same service available for both countries.

Top-5 VPN providers for Windows 10

Today there are so many services offering Virtual Private Network security that not experienced people get lost.

If your operating system is Windows 10 you won’t make a mistake choosing the following providers:

1.  ExpressVPN, now it is one of the best VPN providers for Windows with servers all over the world and greatest level of security;

2.  NordVPN, famous for its double-encryption techniques and high speed of connection;

3.  Buffered VPN, which helps you do anything you want online without anybody disclosing your activities;

4.  PureVPN, famous for its large level of customer support and a lot of nice features for constant clients;

5.  Hide my Ass, the best provider if you use any websites restricted in your area.

we have been able to give you a list of good VPN and how to choose the best VPN for Windows 10.

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