How to Expand the RAM of your Smartphone

How to Expand ram
Expand ram
Many people have complained to me about their smartphones closing some running applications and it reminded me of some years ago when I wasn’t using my Tecno P5 which came with a very low RAM (512).
I had a very tough time playing heavy games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, PES 2013, etc.
If you are reading this post and you are also in this situation then you should take a chill pill because what I am about to share to you is going to put an end to your problems.

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Having gone this far, All you have to do is install an application called ROEHSOFT RAM Expander. 
Big thanks to Pheelz who introduced me to this app.

This is a very effective application for android phones that help increase the Random Access Memory (RAM) of the android phone and boost its performance. This application can help issues of insufficient memory on android devices and many more issues.
This application swaps your SD card to your phone’s RAM which means that it can now run background apps on your swapped memory

Below are some features on ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP);

  • Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY).
  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (file system limit).
  • No limit on SWAP partition!.
  • The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with sd card from class-8.
  • Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap).
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis.
  • Autorun.
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set.
  • Easy foolproof use.

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is also available for download on playstore, however if you are unable to download the paid app for free you can just download roehsoft ram expander apk v.3.64 full version which is already cracked from here.

Steps to increase your Ram to up to 4gb.

Disclaimer: Rooting your phone voids your device warranty

  1. Root your smartphone
  2. Download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander below
  3. Launch the app and grant root access
  4. Make sure that you have a memory card of up to 4gb free space inserted into your device
  5. Set the RAM to your desired size
  6. Click on option and select SWAPDIR to choose either phone memory or SD card
  7. Finally click on swapactive
  8. Don’t forget to  check autorun

Download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) v3.63 Link 1Link 2

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By now you have all you need to expand ram of your android phone.

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