How To Watch NBA League Pass on Xfinity? [2022]


There are twists and turns in life, and this article includes more twists and turns to help you find out when the NBA League Pass will be available on your Xfinity streaming device. To find out which channel the NBA League Pass is now streaming on your Xfinity TV streaming subscription channel list, it is best to carefully read this post.

NBA League Pass

Start learning more about the NBA League Pass, which was introduced for the National Broadcasting Association’s live out-of-market game streaming process. You may then watch the live stream of more than 40 gaming events on the NBA League Pass streaming feature.

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Live NBA games have been added to the NBA League Pass’s collection of material on a weekly basis. You can watch every National Basketball Association regular-season game in your own home. Therefore, the price of this NBA League Pass is reasonable at $14.99/$19.99 per month or $99.99/$129.99 per year.

Xfinity TV

Let’s start by gathering some useful information regarding the Xfinity streaming service. So this Xfinity streaming service, which is mostly focused on the sports streaming category, is a good streaming component. Additionally, this Xfinity streaming platform offers the best sports watching experience.
Ideally, you can order this NBA League Pass right from your Xfinity remote. On this Xfinity streaming service, you can view live stats, results, interactive sessions, and more for every game.

Xfinity TV subscription plans

Let’s get the information regarding Xfinity’s subscriptions right away.

  • With more than ten live TV channels, The Choice Limited TV costs $30 per month.
  • The Limited Basic TV, which has 10+ live TV channels and costs $18.95/month, is the next option.
  • After that, Xfinity EXTRA with 125+ live TV channels is $65.27 a month.
  • Digital Preferred offers 220+ live TV channels for $79.99 per month.
  • Additionally, the Digital Premier plan with 185+ live TV channels is $99.99/month.

Is NBA League Pass on Xfinity?

Absolutely, the Xfinity Streaming service has offered the NBA-powered League. You can therefore continue reading the information that is provided further down to learn how to watch NBA on a Smart TV that is connected to Xfinity.

How To Watch NBA League Pass on Xfinity TV

How To Watch NBA League Pass on Xfinity?

The following items are necessary for you to get NBA League Pass on Xfinity’s streaming service.

  • Xfinity TV Streaming Device.
  • A Smart TV.
  • HDMI Cable.
  • A Good internet connection.

These are all the requirements to watch NBA games on the Xfinity TV streaming service using the designated pass.
Here, some legitimate procedures for obtaining NBA League Pass through Xfinity’s streaming service are outlined.

  • Connect your Xfinity TV streaming box to a Smart TV using a HDMI cable.
  • Also connect your Xfinity streaming device to a strong and stable internet connection.
  • After that, search NBA League Pass using the voice-activated remote.
  • The page will then appear on your screen.
  • You should now fill out the form on that screen to order the NBA League Pass.
  • You must pay for your buy according to the necessary cost in the meantime.
  • Once you have the NBA League Pass, go to the Home screen and choose it from the X1 page of the user manual.
  • Currently, you may select any NBA League Pass game and watch it on your Smart TV by selecting it from the UI.

What Channel is NBA League Pass on Xfinity?

Let’s find out which channel the NBA League Pass is on the Xfinity TV streaming service.
Name of TV service: the streaming service Xfinity TV.

Channel NameChannel Number
NBA League Pass 3034 – 3064, 750 HD

In reality, we have noted the NBA League Pass channel code, which streams on Xfinity’s channel lineup from 3034 to 3064 and 750 for High Definition picture quality.

Recall that you may use your Xfinity Stream account to access the NBA League Pass using that app. However, this League Pass is not usable with the Xfinity Flex. Therefore, in order to watch NBA League games on Xfinity Flex through its NBA application, you must have an NBA subscription.


Here, we have gathered all the information required to determine which channel on your connected Smart TV to Xfinity is the NBA League. Preferably, you can stream NBA games utilizing the aforementioned instructions now that NBA is available on Xfinity. As a result, we are honored by the immeasurable support for our article about the Xfinity streaming service’s NBA League channel.


  • You may watch the games powered by NBA League on your Xfinity streaming package, without a doubt. because Xfinity’s streaming service has offered this League powered by the NBA.
  • The Xfinity TV streaming service has offered access to this NBA League streaming channel. As a result, the NBA’s Xfinity channel codes are 3034 through 3064, with 750 serving as the basic code.
  • With an Xfinity streaming connection, you can easily watch the NBA Leaguepowered games on your Smart TV. Therefore, you can utilize the information above to watch NBA games live.

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