What Channel is ESPN Plus on Xfinity? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is ESPN Plus on Xfinity:

The number of OTT streaming services is expanding daily in this digital age, and OTT content consumption is rising. The majority of individuals enthusiastically use OTT streaming services to access their chosen material. Sports streaming TV providers are also expanding regularly. Many people look for streaming services that just broadcast sports content because they want to watch sports stuff as much as they want.

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We have an OTT service right here that only broadcasts sports-related content, such as popular shows, live sporting events, documentaries, and preseason. The statement that follows indicates that the streaming service is ESPN Plus.
One of the most popular Over-the-Top streaming services in the United States is ESPN Plus. Information on ESPN+, Xfinity, and ESPN+’s potential on Xfinity may be found in the article below. Don’t skip any words from this article, please.

ESPN Plus Channel

The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications jointly own the OTT video streaming service ESPN Plus in the US. This streaming service’s general manager is Russell Wolff, and Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution is ESPN+’s parent company. ESPN+ has 22.8 million subscribers. The headquarters of ESPN Plus, which serves all of America, are in the United States.

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Professional, collegiate, and original sports are all televised on ESPN Plus. Examples include tennis, cricket, association football, baseball, combat sports, esports, golf, ice hockey, and football. American football, basketball, and baseball are a few college sports. ESPN FC, In The Crease, Quest for the Stanley Cup, Last Train to Russia, The Fantasy Show, Always Late with Katie Nolan, and NFL PrimeTime are a few examples of unique programming.

Shows and Programming on ESPN Plus

Numerous well-known shows are broadcast on ESPN Plus. ESPN+’s genres include live sports, preseasons, series, documentaries, college sports, and original programming. Here is some of the most viewed sports programming on ESPN+.

NBA Rooks
One of the most thrilling college or high school football teams in the professional league is NBA Rooks. Its exclusive focus is on how first-year students are changed into faster, stronger, and more intricate games employed by professionals. As a result, this series draws a lot of young players.

Better Days

The ESPN+ television program Better Days, which was created by Torey Champagne, Jeff Venable, and Dave Ogle, is among the greatest. It primarily relies on sports bettors. Admiring sports enthusiasts is a different narrative altogether. The book Bettor Days was written by Joseph Campbell.

More than an Athlete
One of the best programs on ESPN Plus is More than a Athlete. One of the most popular programs on ESPN+ is this one, which is helmed by Austin Peters. LeBron James, an NBA superstar, and his life are the main subjects of the book. The show’s creator is Peter Curtis.


An American telecommunications firm and division of Comcast Corporation, Xfinity (previously Comcast Cable), used to promote Comcast’s cable television, phone, internet, and wireless services. On April 2, 1981, Xfinity was established and began providing service across the country. The Xfinity service is run by Dave Brown as President and Dana Strong as Vice President. Numerous goods are offered by Xfinity, including VoIP phones, mobile devices, broadband internet, cable television, and home security.

Xfinity Subscription Packages

Three different sorts of plans are available to Xfinity users. Basic is the cheapest option. The Basic plan costs $20 a month to subscribe to, and it offers members access to more than ten channels.

  • Basic Plan – The cheapest Xfinity subscription option is called Basic Plan. The Basic plan has a monthly subscription cost of $20. More than ten channels are available. FOX, Family Entertainment Television, Estrella TV, Cozi TV, Court TV, C-SPAN, CBS, and ABC are considered basic channels.
  • Popular TV Plan – The Popular Plan is Xfinity’s second-most expensive subscription option. The Popular TV monthly subscription fee is $49.99. There are 125+ channels on popular TV. ABC, Animal Planet, HGTV, Lifetime, HISTORY, ESPN, ESPN2, Golf Channel, AT&T SportsNet, Local Sports, PAC-12 Network, Tennis Channel, and Local Sports are among the most watched TV networks.
  • Ultimate TV Plan – The most expensive Xfinity subscription plan is called Ultimate. The monthly subscription fee for Ultimate TV is $59.99. More than 185 channels are available on Ultimate TV. ABC, Afro, AMC, American Heroes Channel, Cartoon Network, CBS, CBS Sports Network, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, and Olympic Channel are a few of the networks available on Ultimate TV.

Is ESPN Plus Channel available on Xfinity TV?

Unfortunately, Xfinity does not offer ESPN+. However, some sports stations on Xfinity allow you to view ESPN+ content. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN Classic are the sports channels.

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Xfinity TV

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Xfinity?

One of the best OTT streaming services is ESPN Plus, which offers limitless access to sports-related material. Additionally, Xfinity offers a variety of sports streaming channels that feature live games, preseason games, and sports documentaries. Unfortunately, Xfinity does not provide ESPN Plus. Please hold onto your hope. Another chance for you to watch ESPN Plus programming on Xfinity. ESPN+ material is shown on several sports channels on Xfinity, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, and ESPN Deportes. The method to stream these sports channels on Xfinity is as follows. The precise information about the sports streaming channels on Xfinity that broadcast ESPN+ content is provided in the table below.

Channel NameChannel Number
ESPNEWS102, 722
ESPN Classic726

All the available channels to stream ESPN+ content on Xfinity is in the table above. As a result, these sports channels continuously broadcast ESPN+ material. The Xfinity official website refers to these channel information specifics.


We must now wrap up this article. I believe you have all of your questions concerning ESPN Plus, Xfinity, and the potential for ESPN+ streaming on Xfinity answered. In more detail, if you use the Xfinity streaming service, you may use the ESPN sister channel to view all of the ESPN Plus content.

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You must, however, subscribe to the Xfinity streaming service in order to access all of the ESPN Content because it is a subscription-based TV provider. The sole purpose of the crucial section is to describe the ESPN+ streaming options available through Xfinity. The information in the aforementioned article has been completely revised in every aspect. You will miss out on some crucial information if you skip any section of this essay. Make a note that you have read this article from beginning to end.

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