How to Use and Access Roku Secret Menu? [2022]


Roku Secret Menu: 

Welcome, Roku users! We’re going to let you in on a little secret today. Yeah! Yes, you read that right—we’ll talk about Roku Secret Menu in this article. Roku is one of the most popular and effective streaming gadgets, and it provides its users with a wealth of options.

The top-secret menu is one of them in this list. To access Roku on your device, you don’t need need to use jailbreak or sideloading methods.

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Some shortcut keys can be used to operate it. How to use the Roku Secret menu on your device is explained in this section. So read on to find out how to use and access Roku Secret Menu in the simplest possible way.

How To Access Roku Secret Menu Codes?

With the help of the upcoming instructions, you may now access Roku Secret Menu with ease. Here we provide the simplest approach for using the secret menu, so continue reading the instructions below without skipping a beat. A certain Roku Remote controller is all that is required to access the Roku hidden Menu. Before activating the hidden menu, make sure that Roku’s Home Screen is on.

How To Find Roku Secret Menu?

  1. You can use Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Up + Right + Down + Left + Up. You can easily take a screenshot on your Roku device by using the key combination.
  2. You can use the following keys to check the temperature, voltage, CPU speed, and other information about your Roku device. Home + Home + Home + Fast Forward + Pause + Rewind + Pause + Fast Forward.
  3. With these keys, you can easily access the hidden antenna menu, which is connected to your Roku streaming device. Home + Home + Home + Home + Fast Forward + Down + Rewind + Down + Rewind + Down + Rewind.
  4. Here are the keys to using the hidden menu to modify your Roku’s screen resolution from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 color, fix HDCP errors, and fix compatibility difficulties. Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Down + Left + Up + Up + Up.

Roku Developer Mode

  1. To access the Developer Settings on your Roku device, press the Home + Home + Home + Up twice + Right + Left + Right + Left + Right buttons.
  1. You can also retrieve wifi information by using specific key combinations. With the next key combination, you can access wifi strength, signal strength, and much more. Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Up + Right + Down + Left + Up.
How to find Get access Roku secret menu codes update channels 2022

How To Get Roku Secret Menu Update?

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Certainly, the below-given keys will help you to update and reset your Roku streaming device.
Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Fast Forward + Fast Forward + Fast Forward + Rewind + Rewind. 

You can set the bitrate for the video that you streamed on your device with the keys shortcut.
Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Rewind + Rewind + Rewind + Faswt Forward + Fast Forward.

Roku Secret Channel 2022

Do you want to access Roku Channels using the key combinations? Here are the combinations for Roku channels.
Home + Home + Home + Up + Up + Left + Right + Left + Right.

Moreover, accessing the network details is very easy by using the below-given shortcut.
Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Right + Left + Right + Left + Right.

If you want to Reboot your Roku device, it is also possible with the key combinations. Here we mention the keys to reboot your device.
Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Up + Rewind + Rewind + Fast Forward + Fast Forward. 


Now, using the approach described above to reach the hidden menu on your Roku streaming device is not a big deal. But we do hope that this post will enable you to take advantage of your device’s hidden menu. Keep visiting our website if you want to receive more intriguing technological information. Visit our page under the Roku category to find out more information about Roku’s features.

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