What Channel is the Mets game on FiOS? [Updated 2022]


Mets Game on FiOS:
The New York Mets game on Fios can be seen in a number of ways, as described in this article. Fios is a U.S.-based telecommunications company, and the Mets are a well-known baseball team. In light of that, the piece that follows looks at the channels that allow Verizon Fios users to watch Mets games.

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About Mets Game

The “New York Mets” are a New York-based professional baseball franchise in the United States. In fact, the aforementioned franchise competes in each Major Baseball League as the National League (NL), East division. The Mets are moreover one of New York’s two top baseball organizations.
The opposing team appears to be the American League’s New York Yankees (AL). The Mets team was established in 1962, marking the beginning of professional baseball’s expansion era. However, the primary reason the Mets were founded was to replace the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, two former National League teams.

What channel is Mets Game on Verizon FiOS

The colors in the Mets logo do represent the two retired teams. The stadium known as Citi Field used to host their home games. The Mets franchise has won two World Series titles, five National League pennants, and nine postseason appearances, to name a few accomplishments. I have said all I have to say about the New York Mets.

List of Mets Team Roasters

The New York Mets team’s active roster is shown below. Let’s look at it now.

  • Pitchers – Chris Bassitt, Carlos Carrasco, Max Scherzer, Seth Lugo, Drew Smith, Adam Ottavino
  • Catchers – Tomás Nido, Patrick Mazeika
  • Infielders – J. D. Davis, Francisco Lindor, Eduardo Escobar, Jeff McNeil, J. D. Davis
  • Outfielders – Starling Marte, Brandon Nimmo, Mark Canha, Travis Jankowski

Overview of Verizon FiOS

Verizon Fios, also known as Fios by Verizon, is a communication service available in the United States. Fios services include television, internet, and phone service, all of which are delivered via a fiber optic network.
Currently, the Fios network provides services only in certain areas of the United States. However, Verizon was once a major distributor of fiber to the home (FTTH) service, with 6.5 million customers.
In addition, Verizon Fios has registered its streaming legacy online. The two apps, Verizon by Fios and Fios TV, appear to provide additional online services.

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You can manage your subscription with the “Verizon by Fios” app, and you can enjoy Fios TV programming from anywhere using the “Fios TV” app.
Also You may access thousands of on-demand videos and hundreds of live TV stations using the Fios TV app.

You can also download your preferred programs to watch them offline. A special remote control is also included in the Fios TV app so you may operate your TV from the app.

The most appealing aspect of adopting Verizon Fios is fiber optic technology. You consequently receive 100% signal dependability. Fios is also the greatest streaming service for popular live TV programs and on-demand programming. Additionally, the Fios TV app gives you easy access to all of your favorite Fios TV programs. You can discover a variety of well-known networks here, like HBO Max, A&E, AMC, ABC, Cinemax, and many others.

Verizon FiOS Subscription Packages

The Verizon TV packages are listed in the following section. As we all know, Fios is a streaming service that requires a subscription.

Your Fios TV costs $70 monthly with 125+ channels
More Fios TV costs $90 monthly with 300+ channels
The Most Fios TV costs $110 monthly with 425+ channels

A minimum of $50 in Verizon gift cards is included with each of the aforementioned Verizon Fios TV bundles.

What Channel is Mets Game on FiOS?

Do you want to know what Fios channel the Mets game is on? If that’s the case, this section will address your query. It would appear that the Mets are a well-known MLB team, and in order to watch them on your preferred streaming device, you will need both a live sports streaming service and a TV provider. Given that it offers specialized sports streaming channels, Verizon Fios is undoubtedly one of the greatest options for seeing the Fios game. In order to find them and stream the Mets game on Fios, the channels’ names and numbers are provided in the section below.

Mets Game is broadcasted on FiOS TV on the following channel name and numbers.

Channel NameChannel Number
SNY77 SD, 577 HD
ESPN70 SD, 570 HD
Fox Sports 181 SD, 581 HD
MLB Network 86 SD, 586 HD


This section provides a summary of the above article on the Verizon Fios channel for the Mets game. To locate and watch the Mets game on Fios, I hope the aforementioned article is fair enough. To enjoy viewing your favorite Mets game on your preferred streaming device utilizing Fios, make sure your Fios subscription is active.
Verizon Fios customers can use live sports streaming services like Sports Net New York, MLB Network, Fox Sports 1, etc. to witness the thrilling Mets game.
The SNY is a channel specifically designed to stream well-known MLB games, including Mets and many others. The corresponding channel is available on channels 77 (SD) and 577. (HD).

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