What Channel is NFL RedZone on Optimum? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is The NFL RedZone on Optimum:

To watch NFL RedZone matches on your Optimum TV streaming account, let’s begin by reading this beauty of an article. Ideally, we have listed all details regarding the NFL RedZone’s channel on the Optimum featured channel lineup.

NFL RedZone

Let’s now learn more about the NFL RedZone streaming component. The National Football League’s NFL RedZone is a premium streaming service, therefore. RedZone, an NFL-powered channel, was introduced in 2009 and boasts a 13-year history of reliable sports streaming. You may watch the early and late games on Sunday afternoon during the regular season with this NFL RedZone channel.

Additionally, it is possible to include “every touchdown from every game.” Additionally, this NFL RedZone channel has a reputation for being a reliable NFL Fantasy Football Companion. Consequently, you can access the NFL RedZone mobile app and get this NFL RedZone through your TV package at no additional cost.

Optimum TV

Get more information about the Optimum TV streaming service right away. This Optimum TV service is a plethora of your preferred streaming components and is a great video streaming ally for all of you. The Optimum TV subscription does not, however, involve any binding contracts or obligations.

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As a result, this Optimum TV service offers a variety of subscription levels to suit your requirements as a streaming provider. Additionally, with this Optimum, you have access to the Altice One application, allowing you to log into your TV subscription account there.

Features of Optimum TV

Let’s look at some of the Optimum TV streaming service’s features.

  1. You can receive local sports and news with the Optimum service membership pack.
  2. The voice-activated remote control technology can then direct you to any location within the Optimum streaming service.
  3. Notably, you have the option to install the Apple TV application directly on the Optimum TV service’s built-in app area.
  4. Then, this Optimum provides us with the option to see all of the video content in 4K Ultra High Definition.
  5. As a result, more streaming services are available through Optimum’s built-in apps category.

Optimum TV subscription plans

Here are some information on the Optimum TV subscription.

  • Core TV costs $75 monthly for 220+ live channels.
  • Select TV costs $95 monthly for 340+ live channels.
  • Premier TV costs $115 monthly for 420+ live channels.

Is NFL RedZone available on Optimum TV?

Yes, of course, your Optimum TV streaming subscription has been able to access the NFL-powered RedZone channel network. You should now enter the following channel number on your Smart TV with an Optimum TV streaming service to find the NFL RedZone.

What Channel is NFL RedZone on Optimum

What Channel is NFL RedZone on Optimum TV?

Please bear with me as I demonstrate the Optimum TV channel selection and the NFL RedZone channel network streaming. The NFL-powered Red Zone channel network has been a part of this Optimum TV streaming service’s channel list. In order to access the NFL RedZone on your Smart TV using an Optimum TV service connection, you should input the channel number that is provided below.

Channel NameChannel Number
NFL RedZone 220

NFL RedZone is broadcasting on channel number 220

As is well known, the NFL Red Zone channel network is accessible through Optimum’s streaming service. You can enter 220 on the featured channel lineup of Optimum as the correct channel number for NFL RedZone on the account by using your remote control.


Here, in the final section of this article, we discuss which channel on Optimum’s streaming TV service the NFL RedZone channel network is available. Additionally, we have provided accurate channel information and streaming information so you can watch NFL RedZone games on your Smart TV using an Optimum connection. As a result, I can only say, Thanks! What channel is the NFL RedZone on the featured channel lineup of Optimum’s TV streaming service for your visit to this article?


  • The RedZone channel network, which is sponsored by the NFL, has been available on the Optimum TV streaming service. Therefore, to access the NFL RedZone on your Smart TV using the TV service connection from Optimum, enter the channel number that was previously provided.
  • The NFL RedZone channel network is accessible through Optimum’s streaming service provider, as we have mentioned. Therefore, on Optimum’s channel list, NFL RedZone’s correct channel number is 220.
  • Access to the NFL RedZone channel via Optimum’s TV package is free of charge. However, to get the NFL RedZone channel on its featured channel list, you should pick the appropriate package.

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