What Channel is the Rams game on DirecTV? [Today]


What Channel is The Rams Game on DirecTV:

Here is a live post that may be used to learn about the Rams team’s availability on your DirecTV streaming service if you want to make an effort to experience life rather than just exist. Continue reading this post to find out which channel network will be broadcasting a Rams team game on DirecTV.

The Rams Game

We’ll go into the specifics of the Los Angeles Rams game right now. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Area in the United States of America is where the Los Angeles Rams franchise is from. This Los Angeles Rams team has been in good standing with the NFL for 86 years at this point.

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This Los Angeles Rams club will eventually play in the NFC West division of the National Football Conference. Rampage is the Los Angeles Rams’ official mascot. In addition, this Los Angeles Rams club has won two Super Bowl titles and four NFL crowns. In conclusion, you may watch all of the Los Angeles Rams team’s games on the aforementioned channels.


Consider this well-known TV service platform, DirecTV, which offers streaming services. Then, you may view nearly all of the sports events, live TV channels, news, and other forms of entertainment with this DirecTV streaming service.
You can eventually use this Genie HD DVR service to store your preferred DirecTV programming. Similar to that, this DirecTV supplier offers all of the premium channel networks in one convenient location.

Features of DirecTV

You may save up to $120 with this DirecTV subscription package on your first year of service. Along with that, the DirecTV service subscription package includes a reward card worth $100. Ideally, you can use up the DVR storage as part of the Genie HD DVR subscription with DirecTV, an upgraded version.

DirecTV Subscription Packages

As a result, you can use the DirecTV subscription stated below to watch this component.

  • For three months, the entertainment pack is $49.99/month and includes 75+ channels with SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, and EPIX.
  • Choice Pack offers 105+ channels for $64.99/month, including regional sports networks, NFL Sunday Ticket Max, and premium networks.
  • With 140+ channels, including Premium Networks, NFL Sunday Ticket Max, and regional sports networks, the ultimate pack is $84.99 a month.
  • With 150+ channels, including Premium networks, NFL Sunday Ticket Max, and local sports networks, the Premier pack costs $129.99 a month.

What Channel is The Rams Game on DirecTV

What Channel is The Rams Game on DirecTV?

Now, keep an eye on these channels on your DirecTV streaming account if you want to watch NFL games like the Los Angeles Rams team game. Let’s start by determining which channel the Rams game will be on on the DirecTV channel list.

  • NFL Network broadcasting on channel 212
  • Sportsnet broadcasting on channel 684
  • NFL Red Zone broadcasting on channel 703
  • NBC broadcasting on
  • NBC HD West New York on channel 639
  • Florida on channel 12
  • Alabama on channel 13
  • California on channel 4 (HD)
  • New York City, NY on channel 7
  • Los Angeles, CA on channel 7
  • Chicago, IL on channel 7
  • Houston, TX on channel 13
  • San Diego, CA on channel 10
  • Seattle, WA on channel 4
  • ESPN HD broadcasting on channel 206
  • CBS broadcasting on channel 221 or 122
  • FOX Sports 1 HD broadcasting on channel 219
  • Houston, Texas on channel 26
  • Los Angeles, CA on channel 11
  • San Diego, CA on channel 69
  • Seattle, WA on channel 13
  • Baltimore, MD on channel 45.

Start by gaining access to these network channels to watch the Los Angeles Rams games on the DirecTV streaming service.


This concludes our informative post on the Los Angeles Rams team game on your DirecTV streaming account. You can access the necessary channel networks and their codes through this post to view live streams of Los Angeles Rams team games. In the end, we appreciate your help with this article about the DirecTV channel list for the Rams team game.
To find the Rams game channel on your DirecTV channel selection, examine the fine channel networks that are shown above. So, if you want to stream the Rams game, be sure to use these channels.


  • You can use the NFL Network channel, which is the National Football League’s official streaming platform. In this way, you may watch on your TV the renowned Rams vs. Texans games.
  • NFL Network is the name of the channel network, and it is a part of DirecTV’s featured channel list. As a result, you can access this NFL Network channel on DirecTV using the channel number 212.
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