What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV :

There are numerous channels on satellite and cable TV that provide hourly weather updates for states and cities. These channels provide a timely forecast of upcoming weather changes in a specific location. This is critical for many cities where hurricanes and storms are more common, as early warning of a disaster can save many lives.

When it comes to weather reporting, The Weather Channel is one of the most important channels. It broadcasts all weather-related news, analyses, and forecasts as a popular American pay-TV station.

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Fortunately, The Weather Channel, along with all of the popular channels from a variety of genres, is available on DIRECT TV. On DIRECTV, what channel is The Weather Channel? Let’s get started.

About The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel debuted in 1982 and is owned by the Weather Group, LLC, a subsidiary of Allen Media Group. If you’ve ever heard of Weatherscan, Justice Central, or Entertainment Studios Networks, you’ll be surprised to learn that they are sister channels to The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel’s popularity is majorly based on the weather-related programming that is both informative and entertaining.

Learning about the weather doesn’t have to be dull and tedious, does it? If you like to stay up to date on weather, The Weather Channel is a must-have. What about weather forecasts, analyses, documentaries, live studio shows, and more? Begin the day with a timely update on the local weather and your destination for the day.

Because of its popularity, most cable systems in the United States carry the network, as do other satellite TV services. The Weather Channel is available on IPTV services such as AT&T TV and streaming platforms such as fuboTV.

As a result, it is not surprising that the network reaches over 79 million pay-TV households in the United States.

However, the experience of watching The Weather Channel on DIRECTV stands out due to the revolutionary features of the service that brings it to your screen.

Shows & Programming

The Weather Channel on DIRECTV isn’t your typical weather forecast TV network that provides numbers and figures to viewers. It’s more of an infotainment channel that helps you learn in a fun way!

On top of the weather forecast, programming on the popular weather network typically includes weather-related news, documentaries, analyses, live-studio shows, and entertainment specials.

Whether you are a regular user of the network or it is a new discovery for you?

Here are some shows from the Weather Channel’s current programming:

  • Ten Ten
  • AMHQ
  • American Sniper
  • Weather Center Live
  • Storm Stories
  • Heavy Rescue: 401
  • Deadline to Disaster
  • Coast Guard Florida
  • So you think you’d survive
  • Deadliest Space Weather
  • Epic Conditions and lots more.


Over the years, DirecTV and The Weather Channel has had many disagreement which has led to the removal of the channel from time to time from the Direct TV channel list.

For this reason, it is important that we give you a list of alternatives where you can keep up to date with the weather situations of your area if the weather channel finally becomes unavailable.

What channel is the weather channel on DirecTV

Some of the weather channel alternatives are;

  • Geometric Weather
  • Windy
  • Forecastie
  • AccuWeather
  • Clima
  • Weather Underground
  • YoWindow
  • Dark Sky and many more.

Is The Weather Channel available on Direct TV?

The weather channel is available on Direct TV but You won’t be able to watch The Weather Channel if you have a DIRECT TV ENTERTAINMENT™ subscription. (See Full list of DirecTV packages)

It is part of the lineup for CHOICE™ and higher. However, as part of its basic package, DIRECT TV offers the option of tuning into another popular weather channel, AccuWeather Network.

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What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

While the DIRECTV on-screen channel guide is a fantastic tool for organizing your TV watching experience and doing so much more, learning the ins and outs of a new interface can take some time.

Until you’ve mastered the art of navigating the program guide, here’s the answer to your question, “What channel number is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?”

The Weather Channel can be found on DIRECT TV channel 362! The good news about cable channel numbers on DIRECTV is that they do not change depending on your location.

Only local broadcast networks are broadcast on various channel numbers in various regions.

How To Watch The Weather Channel on Direct TV?

To watch the weather channel on your Direct TV receiver, subscribe to CHOICE™ package or higher package and afterwards tune in to channel number 362 using your DirecTV remote.

Where Can I Watch The Weather Channel?

You can also stream the weather channel on different streaming services if you can’t get it on your Direct TV. Some of these platforms are;

what channel is the weather channel on DirecTV


How do I get local weather on directv?

WeatherNation on channel 361 and The Weather Channel on channel 362 are both available on DirecTV.
Both stations have interactive features that allow you to get local forecasts at any time.

Does directv stream have The Weather Channel?

Yes! DirecTV stream has the weather channel.

How much does The Weather Channel cost on DirecTV?

The choice™ package which has the weather channel as part of the channel lineup costs $89.99 monthly.


That’s it. This is all you need to know about watching Weather Channel on Direct TV.

I hope you find this information useful and satisfying. I’ve watched almost every weather channel available on Direct TV.

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