Top 21 Best IPTV App for LG Smart TV [Updated 2022]


Best IPTV App for LG Smart TV

Have a good day, guys! Our goal today is to talk about one thing that will make your daily life easier and better. Let’s ditch the cable company and replace it with a modern online streaming service. Permit me to present our practical answers for IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol Television. This post will provide a rundown of the top 21 best IPTV apps for the LG Smart TV.

What is IPTV?

Internet protocol television (IPTV) refers to a group of technologies that allow users to stream their preferred shows android movies over the internet. With the help of an online connection and this IPTV service, you can watch any kind of video you want. Over IPTV, you can watch both live and previously recorded material.

There is no need to utilize a cable box because IPTV content streams continually from a reliable source on the internet. More than 100 million individuals throughout the world use IPTV services. IPTV is affordable and efficient for consumers of all financial means. This IPTV service is, thus, a useful addition to your daily routine.

Top 21 best IPTV App for LG Smart TV

Top 21 Best IPTV App for LG Smart TV

IPTVs are online channels that can be viewed on any smart device. Videos and content are easily accessible on smart TVs, cellphones, and even game consoles that are compatible with the technology.

IPTV, in contrast to traditional cable services, gives you the freedom to store your favorite shows anywhere you desire. The quality of the streaming is so great that it can reach up to 4K resolution.

The best part is that you only pay for the channels you really use. This way, you can avoid spending money on stations you never watch.

Here are a few of the top internet protocol television (IPTV) services that are compatible with your LG smart TV.

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We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 best IPTVs to use with your LG Smart TV.

  1. GSE Smart IPTV
  2. Mom IPTV
  3. Lazy IPTV
  4. SS IPTV
  5. IPTV Smarters Pro
  6. Smart IPTV
  7. Nikon IPTV
  8. OTT Player
  9. Nanomid Player
  10. IPTV Purple Smart Player
  11. HomePlex IPTV
  12. VLC
  13. Perfect Player IPTV
  14. IPTV Extreme
  15. Net IPTV
  16. Flix IPTV
  17. MK IPTV
  18. Jungo Plus
  19. Set IPTV
  20. Quzu IPTV
  21. Bay IPTV Player

To sum up, these are the top 21 IPTVs that can be accessed using an LG Smart TV.


Over 5 million individuals around the world have utilized GSE Smart IPTV because it is an efficient solution for a streaming service. We offer 45 different video formats on GSE Smart IPTV, making it the industry standard. This GSE Smart IPTV then supports streaming in five different formats. Then, GSE Smart IPTV allows you to adjust the settings of the whole app to your liking. For the one-time cost of $3.99, you may get access to over 2,000 IPTV channels.

When it comes to IPTV organizer apps that work with both Android and iOS devices and smart TVs, GSE Smart IPTV is among the finest. It’s also one of the IPTV apps that can be tailored to your preferences, thanks to its dynamic theme and language selection capabilities.

This customizable app offers a full suite of features for both real-time and scheduled broadcasts. The local playlist can be accessed through the integrated playlist manager.

Favorite movies and TV series can be saved in a special “Favorite Playlist.” In addition, the GSE Smart IPTV is multilingual, supporting 30+ languages.

Key Features of GSE Smart IPTV

  • Supports Chromecast and lets you record live TV.
  • It has the Airplay capability, which allows you to mirror your screen on another device.
  • Make use of the Parental Control options to restrict access to inappropriate material when streaming.
  • This dynamic shifting of vocabulary and tone brings us to point number four.
  • Support for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) media streams and a built-in media player is our fifth feature.
  • Re-establishes a connection to the live feed immediately.

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Top 21 best IPTV app for LG Smart TV

In the United States, Mom IPTV is the most well-known IPTV service, with 12,000 live channels and 25,000 video on demand options. The best international sports broadcasts are available on this Mom IPTV. HD and UHD video quality is streamed via Mom IPTV channels. In this light, Mom IPTV offers a monthly plan for $14, a Standard plan for $24 for 90 days, a Professional plan for $44 for 180 days, and an Enterprise plan for $64 for 365 days.

Our ranking belies the fact that Mom IPTV is a top contender for best value and dependability among streaming providers in 2021. In all probability, it is among the Best IPTV for LG TV options.

Mom IPTV offers over 12,000 hours of premium material, so you can relax in style before the main event.

Movies, sports, and TV series are all available in high definition (HD), full high definition (FHD), and ultra high definition (UHD) for streaming. A close second is the availability of live chat help at any time.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about missing an episode of your favorite show if there is an issue with their service that may be quickly resolved. The fact that 95 nations are covered by the service makes it possible to watch so much high-quality content.

Key Features of Mom IPTV

Anti-freeze technology means minimal waiting time when streaming.
Mom IPTV has the best, most timely customer service and regular, free updates.
You can try it out for free and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back within 7 days.
Over three-and-a-half-thousand hours of live and on-demand programming, plus two-hundred-and-

Mom Subscription Bundles and pricing

Standard Plan – $14/month
Consistent – $24/three months
Expert – $46/ 6 months
Business – Annual Fee of $64.

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As a low-weight IPTV service, Lazy IPTV won’t hog all of your device’s storage space. The Lazy IPTV is compatible with both Apple and Google mobile operating systems. These Lazy IPTVs support both HTTP and UDP streams for your viewing pleasure. This Lazy IPTV can be obtained through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. Then Streaming live events is a breeze with Lazy IPTV, a cost-free tool.


You can find all of your favorite shows and movies on the SS IPTV app because it aggregates content from hundreds of IPTV services. SS IPTV is also widely recognized as a versatile streaming media player. You can get playlists in a variety of formats, such as m3u, xspf, ASX, and pls. Then, your LG Smart TV will be compatible with this SS IPTV.

Since SS IPTV is a cost-free program, there’s no fee to make use of it. Therefore, the SS IPTV app is available through LG Smart World worldwide.

IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro allows us to stream 56,000+ channels of live TV, along with movies, programs, and more. In order to access the LG Content store on your LG Smart TV, you may simply download and install IPTV Smarters Pro. Because IPTV Smarters Pro is a no-cost service, there is no monthly fee associated with using it. An IPTV Smarters Pro Premium subscription costs £20 per month, £40 for 6 months, £70 for 12 months, and £200 for lifetime activation.

One such smart IPTV for LG TV that does nothing more than play media is IPTV Smarters Pro. No locally produced material is available within the corresponding IPTV app.

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The app provides access to a wide variety of streaming media, including live TV, video on demand, television series, movies, and more. The app’s effectiveness is boosted by the combination of a potent media player and a simple interface.

The app’s been updated with a few new features, and parental control support is only one of them. It appears that the video player can be used to access the channel’s playlist. Chromecast and Airplay provide multi-screen capability.

Key Features of Smarters Pro

  • It has a wide range of Xtream Codes API support.
  • The top-level search bar makes it simple to get to your most-visited pages.
  • Modern UI with automatic EPG updates.
  • Use the resume watching function to pick up right where you left off.
  • It’s easier to use because Chromecast and Airplay are both built in.

Smart IPTV

Your Smart TV viewing and streaming experience can only improve with the help of Smart IPTV. You can get more channels for your LG Smart TV by subscribing to Smart IPTV. So, Smart IPTV offers both high definition and standard definition streams. Smart IPTV also allows users to watch a wide variety of recorded and live media. For a one-time charge of £5.49, you can activate Smart IPTV. The prices for the various subscription tiers are as follows: Newbie tier, £6.24 per month; Premium tier, £1.99 per year (price per week); Basic tier, £3.94 every three months (price weekly).

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Nikon IPTV

Nikon IPTV is a low-cost, high-quality IPTV service. Nikon’s IPTV service provides access to over 10,000 live TV channels from across the world and over 20,000 hours of on-demand content like movies, TV episodes, and more. If so, Nikon IPTV will be able to offer quick delivery and an anti-freeze function. Nikon IPTV offers subscription plans for $12 for 30 days, $25 for 90 days, $40 for 180 days, and $55 for 365 days.

It’s a frontrunner among IPTV service providers. I’m assuming most of you are already taking advantage of it. If you don’t already have it installed on your LG smart TV, utilize this article as a guide to doing so.

In terms of client satisfaction, Nikon IPTV is on par with other reputable streaming services. Subscriptions with high quality service are more important than low prices.

It’s more crucial to provide the greatest services possible in a consistent manner. With such high hopes, Nikon IPTV is a safe bet.

Since their server capacity is among the highest, they can meet the demands of even the most demanding customers. Nikon’s IPTV service offers more than 9000 high-definition and 4K channels. Not only that, but there are almost two hundred paid channels included.

Key Features of Nikon IPTV

  • Streaming media of the highest quality, from standard definition to ultra-high definition.
  • Reduced buffering is a result of their anti-freeze systems.
  • We provide round-the-clock service to make sure you never have to deal with disappointment.

Pricing for Nikon IPTV Subscription Bundles:

Nikon IPTV provides four subscription tiers, all of which are excellent options.

  • Costing just $12 per month
  • For only $25 you can sign up for 3 months, and for only $40 you can sign up for 6 months.
  • At long last, the annual subscription rate of $55 is available.

OTT Player

When it comes to app-based IPTV media content, OTT Player is your one-stop shop. With OTT Player, you may enjoy the same high-quality movies and TV shows that you would in your own home. You can control everything on your Smart TV with the help of OTT Player. Then, access this OTT Player totally free via the App Stores on all of your gadgets.

Using only one IPTV subscription, you may watch your whole collection of movies and TV shows whenever you want. In addition, it has an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that will help you schedule your shows.

The best thing is that you can watch OTT Player IPTV on your favorite streaming device, be it a computer, smartphone, or even a Smart TV. You can enjoy your shows without getting up from the comfort of your couch.

Not surprisingly, it lacks any factory-installed programming options. Instead, the m3u playlist must be included in order to see the videos. The OTT player app makes it simple to upload and update your playlist or remove unwanted channels.

Nanomid Player

The Nanomid Player is the most cutting-edge IPTV player available. This will allow the m3u playlists to be accessible on tens of thousands of smart devices. Nanomid player supports a variety of streaming formats, such as m3u, xtream code, and zui API. Then, the TV guide and the remote control will work. The Nanomid player for LG Smart TV has a one-time purchase price of €9.99.

Want to find the top m3u player for your LG smart TV? If so, I recommend Nanomid player. You read that correctly; this is the most cutting-edge m3u player available, and it comes with its own VPN service.

The LG content marketplace is the primary distribution point for this service. In addition, the Nanomid player will automatically provide you with the latest content updates and user-group-specific enhancements.

Consumers might be diverse in how they consume content via streaming services. Since the Nanomid player is available for download, it may be used on a wide range of high-tech gadgets.

In addition, the app’s user-friendliness stems from extensive feedback from their most frequent users. Your information is 100% safe with military-grade security.

The following material will tell you everything you need to know about the Nanomid player, including its features and subscription price.

Key Features of Nanomid Player

As such, the following highlights of the Nanomid player we were describing will help you quickly grasp its many salient characteristics.

  • Simply plug in your preferred music playlist and start streaming!
  • Media of any type can be streamed, and at resolutions as high as 4K. Additional features, such as parental controls and adjustable aspect ratios, make streaming even more convenient.
  • Protect your privacy with the VPN service that comes standard.
  • Plays an unlimited number of playlists in the m3u format thanks to an integrated playlist manager.

Pricing for Nanomid Subscription Packages

  • Upon first-time app launch, registration is not required.
  • Infinite use for up to 14 days
  • To keep using the service forever, get a $9.99 license.

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IPTV Smart Purple Player

Top 21 best IPTV App for LG Smart TV

Download IPTV Smart Purple Player from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or any web browser to watch Purple IPTV. You may watch IPTV, VOD, EPG, Catch-up TV, and TV series on demand with this IPTV Smart Purple Player. Accordingly, this IPTV Smart Purple Player is cost-free for usage with your LG Smart TV.

HomePlex IPTV

HomePlex IPTV is the finest option if you’re looking for an IPTV service that will appeal to everyone in your household. A service that you can count on and which will meet the needs of your entire family.

There’s no doubt that HomePlex IPTV is well-known for exclusively airing programming in English that’s relevant only in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. You can watch both family-friendly and adult-oriented shows on this IPTV service.

That way, you won’t have to go looking for a kid-friendly channel. One of the nicest features is the standard 24-hour trial period given to every customer.

You can utilize the trial to determine if the service’s streaming quality meets your needs. Last but not least, this service is compatible with a wide range of media players.

Key Features of HomePlex IPTV

More than fifteen thousand television channels and twenty thousand video on demand offerings are at your disposal.
When it comes to streaming quality, you can rest easy knowing that they have you covered with options ranging from high definition (HD) to ultra high definition (FHD) and a support staff that is available around the clock.

Pricing for HomePlex IPTV Subscription Bundles:

The four tiers of HomePlex IPTV’s subscription packages are among the market’s best values.

  • Economy $10/month
  • Classic $25/quarter
  • Six months for $40 (business)
  • Deluxe – $60 Annually


VLC is a free and open-source alternative to Apple’s own iOS and Android media player. Multimedia files can be played on it from discs, devices, or even network-oriented protocols.

With VLC, you can play just about any video or audio file without any problems. The VLC app is compatible with many platforms.

Key Features of VLC

  • The first and foremost benefit is that it is available at no cost.
  • There are a wide variety of file formats and hardware options that are accepted.
  • The third advantage is that it is compatible with many file types.
  • Fourth, it provides a video and audio material collection that can be accessed quickly and easily.

Perfect Player IPTV

Do you enjoy watching IPTV using a streaming set-top box? If you’re looking for an IPTV solution for your LG TV, then Perfect Player should be at the top of your list. However, there is no introductory material in this software.

The app’s compatibility with a wide variety of video formats means you may easily import a m3u playlist of your choice. If you’re having trouble with your streaming video, you can optimize the experience by changing the decoder settings.

Key Features of Perfect Player IPTV

  • Playlist formats M3U and XSPF are supported.
  • Helps both XMLTV and JTV EPG formats.
  • An external device, such as a mouse or keyboard, can be used to operate the program.
  • Compatibility with a server is built in.
  • Streaming media player that maximizes comfort.

IPTV Extreme

One of the LG Smart TV IPTVs with a wide range of customization options is IPTV Extreme. Simply put, this program plays media. Although this program does not come with any videos, it allows you to import your own in a number of different formats.

You’ll need IPTV subscriptions before you can use this app to stream content. Apparently, this IPTV Extreme app is available in both free and premium variants.

The Pro edition may be different mostly because it allows users to stream content without interruptions from advertisements.

Key Features of IPTV Extreme

  • In the paid service, streaming is available without interruptions.
  • Modifying EPG aliases and updating EPGs mechanically.
  • Allows users to capture both live and on-demand content.
  • It has a parental lock and a remote control.
  • Maintain a recent backup of your app’s settings and easily restore them whenever you need to.


This is another another high-quality LG IPTV app that can be downloaded from the LG Smart Hub.

The M3U file may be uploaded quickly, and the website activation process is simple.

It also accepts a wide variety of payment methods.


Flix IPTV’s layout and user friendliness are commendable.

LG’s Flix IPTV

You may watch live TV and movies, and you can even add subtitles.

Adding music to a playlist and uploading it? Simply put, it’s a breeze.

Jungo Plus

Action, horror, drama, comedy, and romance are just some of the movie genres available. And there’s more than just TV shows and sports to enjoy!

The only bad news about this IPTV is that The LG webOS content store does not offer it directly.

Even though you can’t get it through LG Smart TV, you can still use it on your LG TV in other ways.

With Chromecast, Roku, or a Raspberry Pi, you may stream it to your LG smart TV.

Since acquiring an IPTV player might be a significant hassle for many people, it is ranked quite low.

If you’ve exhausted those avenues and still can’t get things working, you should definitely look into it.

Again, I stress that there is no cost whatsoever.

Spanish and Portuguese language film and television selections are also available.


The M3U file can be easily uploaded with the Set IPTV app.

However, there are often connectivity problems and it moves slowly.

When you’re attempting to watch live TV, this can be very annoying.

The good news is that activation is similarly straightforward.


In addition to LG’s own premium IPTV player, Quzu Player is also available for purchase via LG’s content store.

Playlists may be uploaded quickly and easily, and the interface is highly intuitive.

This IPTV player is not the quickest on the market, and as a result, it can be painfully slow at times.

Both yearly and one-time payments are accepted for the charge.

Bay IPTV Player

This is another another high-quality IPTV player offered in the LG smart TV app store.
It offers a quick, lag-free load time and is simple to navigate.
It also works with streaming videos in real time.
Both PayPal and major credit cards are accepted, and the entire payment and activation process takes just a few minutes.

There is an annual activation fee of €6 or a lifetime fee of €12.

How To Get, Download and Install IPTV App on LG Smart TV?

  • Go to LG App store.
  • Click on Apps and Games
  • Then click on the search icon.
  • Enter the name of the IPTV app you want to install in the search bar and press OK to search.
  • Now select the IPTV app from the search results.
  • Then Click on install.
  • After installation, Launch the IPTV App and upload the m3u file from your IPTV provider.


Why can’t I Find IPTV App on my LG smart TV?

When searching for the LG IPTV app on your content store, you may not see it if it is not yet available in your location.
Instead, you can access the prohibited content by adjusting the region settings on your LG smart TV to a country where it is not blocked. After then, you can resume your search, at which point you should come across it.


The primary goal of this essay has been to provide you with a more informed decision regarding IPTV types. I think I’ve accomplished that with this article on IPTVs that work with LG Smart TVs. If you own an LG Smart TV and are trying to decide which IPTV service is right for you, this post is for you. Thus, I appreciate you taking the time to read this piece about the top ten IPTV services compatible with the LG Smart TV.

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