How To Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV? [Updated 2022]


How To Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV: 

Do you believe that happiness comes from change? If this is a question for me, I would unquestionably answer “No!” Is it necessary to change the situation when there is a solution available? Similarly, just tell the subtitle to stop bothering me. Here’s how you can watch all of your favorite shows uninterrupted on a huge screen. Yeah! You read it right; you may now choose to turn off closed captioning on your Panasonic Smart TV.
If you’re concerned about how to accomplish so, the following guide will assist you in turning off the subtitles on the Panasonic screen. In this article, we’ll discuss some options for watching your favorite shows and movies on the Panasonic Smart TV sans captions. Use the information in this article to figure out how to turn off the closed captioning on your preferred Smart TV.

How To Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV?

As we previously mentioned, there are a few simple ways you may use to quickly disable subtitles on your Panasonic Smart TV. You can also find other options specifically designed to disable the CC option. Similarly, there are two ways to disable subtitles on a Panasonic Smart TV. One of them makes use of software settings, while the other one uses the Panasonic remote control. So, in this section, we’ll look at an easy way to quickly disable Panasonic TV CC. And the forthcoming tutorial will demonstrate additional potential methods for turning it off.

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On a Panasonic Smart TV, how do you disable the subtitles?
Thankfully, there is a dedicated button on the Panasonic remote control that can be used to quickly turn on and off the subtitle option. Here is how to use the Panasonic Smart TV’s remote control to disable subtitles step-by-step.

  • Your Panasonic Smart TV should be powered up and connected to wifi.
  • The video you want to stream should then start playing on the Panasonic screen after you run the app.
  • Now, on your remote controller, press the STTL or STTL/AD key button, which is located below the arrow buttons.
  • Once you tap it, your Panasonic Smart TV will display the subtitle menu with the toggles.
  • To stop CC, just use your remote control to disable the Subtitle option.

But keep in mind that the Panasonic Viera remote is the only one with this capability. You cannot use this feature on your device if you are using another model TV or remote app.

How To Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV without Remote?

If your Panasonic Smart TV isn’t a Viera model and you wish to disable the subtitles, you can use the following instructions. You can learn the steps to use the Software options to disable subtitles by following the guide provided below. In this method, we’ll use the software settings to disable the CC option on your Smart TV.

  • Start by turning on your Panasonic TV and then tapping the Menu button on the remote control to display the Menu bar.
  • Using the remote control that came with your Panasonic Smart TV, locate and choose the Setup option from the Menu bar.
  • You can now choose the CC option from the Setup menu that appears on the screen.
  • The following tab will appear on your Panasonic TV once you hit the OK button.
  • As soon as the menu appears, choose Mode and then press OK.
  • Following that, you may quickly enable or disable the subtitle option on your Panasonic Smart TV in accordance with your preferences.
  • Turn it off and stream all of your favorite programs without closed captions on the Panasonic screen.

Disable Subtitles on Panasonic TV from Roku

To stream online entertainment, you may occasionally connect streaming devices to your smart TV. When that happens, you can use the instructions in the upcoming tutorial to disable subtitles on your Panasonic Smart TV. Here, we’ll discuss how to disable subtitles on Roku. Roku can be substituted with any other streaming device, including Firestick and Chromecast. Let’s go right to the process so you may enjoy all of your favorites without subtitles.

  • Power up your Panasonic Smart TV first, then connect your Roku to the TV.
  • The Home Page will then be displayed after you press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • On your smart device, select the Settings tab and then the Accessibility option.
  • Turn off caption mode on your Roku by clicking on the Caption Mode button under the Accessibility tab.
  • You can stream all the shows you want after turning off the captioning feature.

How To Turn Off Subtitles on Amazon Prime on Panasonic TV?

In this section, we’ll go through how to turn off the subtitle option on your Panasonic Smart TV so you can enjoy your favorite shows uninterrupted. Yeah! There is a chance. Without accessing the Settings bar, you can now quickly change the subtitle selection. In this instance, we’ll utilize the HBO Max app as an example of how to disable the subtitles. This can be used on additional applications, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and others.

  • First, connect the Panasonic Smart TV to the internet by going to the home page of the device.
  • Then, select the show you wish to enjoy on a large screen by opening the Amazon Prime app on your Panasonic Smart TV.
  • To access the Amazon Prime menu on your Panasonic Smart TV, choose the Playback option.
  • Using your remote control, choose the Audio and Subtitle option and turn it off.
  • Following that, you can use your Panasonic Smart TV to view your preferred Amazon Prime shows without subtitles.


Fortunately, Panasonic TV will let you turn off and on the closed caption feature on your TV without any restrictions, so we hope you will appreciate this post and learn the simple approach to disable the subtitle option on your Panasonic Smart TV.
Even if you lack technical expertise, you can still enable or disable subtitles on your Panasonic TV using the methods described above. Once you turn off your TV, this modified option can revert to its default setting. I’ll now bid you farewell and hope to see you soon under another amazing title. Visit our website to learn more technical information.


  • It is without a doubt simple to switch off the subtitles on your Panasonic Smart TV, and Panasonic will let you turn off the CC feature as you please. Go to the Menu menu and choose the Setup option on your TV to disable subtitles. Choose CC next, and then turn it off however you like. The Turn-off approach and the Turn-on method are comparable.
  • Fortunately, you can easily turn off closed captioning on your Panasonic smart TV. A dedicated button on the Panasonic remote control allows you to quickly turn off and on subtitles on your Smart TV. The STTL or STTL/AD key is shown on your Panasonic remote. To turn off the subtitle option on your Panasonic Smart TV, click on it.

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