What Channel is the Super Bowl on for DirecTV? [Updated 2022]


DirecTV Super bowl channel:

Are you are a fan of the popular Super Bowl event? This article is for you because today we are going to discuss about what channel you can watch super bowl on your DirecTV with the time and date.

As for those that are yet to know what super bowl is all about, hang on because we are also going to take you on a brief history of the super bowl game on DirecTV.

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What is Super Bowl?

Super Bowl is a game played between the National Football League [NFL] and American Football Conference [AFC] where the winner is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

It has a very vast fan base ranging to up to 90 million viewers. The super bowl competition is only held once a year since the first event on 1966.

  • What Channel is the super bowl on for DirecTV
  • What Channel is the super bowl on for DirecTV

Originally, the game was know as the AHL-NFL Championship game but was later renamed to Super Bowl.

How To Watch Super Bowl on DirecTV?

The super bowl game like I mentioned earlier is held only once every year. So for 2022, the competition is scheduled to take place on Feb 13 on Sunday evening at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California. 

What Channel is the super bowl on for DirecTV

So to watch the super bowl channel on DirecTV, all you have to do is to subscribe your DirecTV and wait for the said date at 6:30 pm.ET and 3:30 pm.PT

What Channel is the Super Bowl on for DirecTV?

Now that your DirecTV and Smart TV is up and ready. It is time to learn what channel to watch your favourite super bowl event on DirecTV.

For DirecTV subscribers, Super Bowl is aired on NBC channel. So just tune in to the NBC channel in your DirecTV.

The different channel numbers according to your city states is provided in the table below.

City StateChannel Number
Charleseton2 HD
Charleston Huntington 3
Louisville 3
Wichita Hutchinson 3
Las Vegas 3 HD
New York City 4
Albuquerque Fanta Fe4
Los Angeles 4
Little Rock – Pine Bluff4
Oklahoma 4
Nashville 4
Milwaukee 4
Seattle – Tacoma 5
Salt Lake City 5
Chicago 5
New Orleans 6
Portland – Auburn 6
Boise7 HD
Billings8 HD
Denver 9
Virginia Beach 10
Wilmington 10
Providence 10 HD
Fargo – Valley City 11
Minneapolis – Saint Paul 11
Baltimore 11
Phoenix 12
Jacksonville 12 HD
Birmingham 13
Indianápolis 13
Des Moines 13
Hartford – New Haven 30 HD
Charlotte 36
Sioux Falls46 HD
DirecTV Super bowl channel numbers on NBC


Can I watch Super Bowl on directv?

Yes! You can watch super bowl on DirecTV by tunning in to the NBC channel. See table in post for all states channel number.

What channel is the Super Bowl on 2021?

The super bowl will air on NBC channel featuring the Bengals.

What Channel is super bowl on Direc TV in Atlanta?

You can watch super bowl on the NBC on by tunning to channel number 11 in Atlanta city.

What channel streams Super Bowl on Chicago?

In Chicago, you can watch the Super Bowl game on NBC by tunning in to channel number 5.


To wrap it up, for DirecTV users this event is available on the NBC channel.

Additionally, the NBC channel has various sports events which Super Bowl is one of them.

With the help of this article, you don’t need to stress your self flipping from channel to channel as the NBC channel numbers have been provided in the table above for each City State.

If you encounter any difficulty, Let us know by using the comment section below.

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