How To Fix SkyUI Error Code 5? [Easy Step by Step Guide]


I’ll offer you some solutions in this article for the Skyui error code 5. The causes of the issue will also be revealed to you. To fix the problem, adhere to the step-by-step tutorial.
Skyrim must be known to you all. There is a chance that if you are familiar with Skyrim, you are also familiar with SkyUI. Skyrim’s user interface is known as SkyUI. This is utilized to run numerous sophisticated systems.
Due to the large number of mods available, Skyrim has millions of users. The SkyUI error code 5 in this game is one of its weaknesses, though. Let’s now examine SkyUI error code 5 and potential causes of this problem.

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What is Sky UI?

One of the Mods that helps you advance your PC gaming experience is called Sky UI. It also provides its users with a wealth of functions.

As the name suggests, SkyUI is a user interface for Skyrim. This user interface has a number of advanced tools for creation as well as a menu for configuration. In essence, Skyrim’s gaming mods are the reason it has so many users. It makes it prettier to look at and easier to operate with a keyboard and mouse.

It is one of the most logical mod user interfaces if you use this to recreate the entire interface in SkyUI. Additionally, there isn’t much room on the screen, which raises the game’s quality, and an even more amazing function is accessible.

The menus for crafting, captivating, and smithing have been updated in version 5, along with additional improvements and a rich panel that improves the search feature, sorting choices, and extended data columns. However, it is faultless.

Many Users have problems like SKYUI error 5, a common fault that is simple to fix. The most typical symptom of this mistake is an error message that reads “SKYUI error code 5 and incompatible objects” when you play and open your favorite game’s inventory, spells, or spells. A fresh install can resolve the problem.

Features of Sky UI

Some of the notable features of Sky UI are;

  • You will have a simple user interface, gamepad functionality, and quick keyboard navigation with Sky UI.
  • Japanese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and other languages are among the many languages it supports.
  • Additionally, you can adjust all of its characteristics to your preferences. For instance, you don’t need to use the magic menu to access the Active effects.

However, occasionally you could experience some difficulties using the Sky UI on your device.
It is a widespread problem that affects many people. Knowing the causes of the error is all that is required. These days, a lot of people are talking about this problem. Let’s examine the reasons why.

Possible Causes of SkyUI error Code 5

When you install maps and numerous mods, this problem occurs. Your files get corrupt as a result. You must remove the mod that is creating the issue in order to save your files. These causes are explained in detail below.

  • Disabled master Document
  • Port Mod of 60 FPS
  • Another program overriding SkyUI.

Disabled Master Document

You will eventually run into these problems frequently if you don’t have a master document or the master document is disabled or the game’s manager mod’s Bethesda files have a problem. SKYUI is disabled if the user tries to play the game while navigating the mods menu. Whether the gamer has opted to employ sophisticated mods like an SKSE and SKYUI can be ascertained by a third-party manager.

SkyUI becomes low as a result. Have a master document for yourself at all times. It is the primary cause of the mistake.

60 FPS Mod

The 60 fps mod is changed to 30 fps. Major issues arise as a result with maps and other items. To have a seamless gaming experience, you must address these as these are the main causes of the problem.

Another program overriding SkyUI

A program overriding SKYUI is another frequent reason for SKYUI error code 5. Users should watch for warnings in MCM while installing map/inventory changes like QD Inventory SSE, Pastel Map Markers, etc.; if not, they should search the Data/Interface folders for any missing files. Either delete those files or identify the mod that put them there. Additionally, it will be helpful to disable the favorites menu in the settings’ mod manager area.

How To fix SkyUI error Code 5 Skyrim error

How To Fix SkyUI error Code 5

There are two methods in which you can employ to fix the skyUI error code 5.

  • By Turning off the MCM
  • By Reinstalling the Mod

Fix SkyUI error 5 by Turning off MCM

You are able to fix the error messages by turning off the MCM. To disable the MCM Menu, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Select Data Folder from the Skyrim directory.
  • The interface is visible; choose it.
  • Any type of fault can be found on the path.
  • Make a backup and cancel the file.
  • Next, add the backup. You can choose to remove it instead of submitting the backup, though.

Fix SkyUI error 5 by Reinstalling the Mod

Re-installation the SkyUI mod program can also help in solving the issue. Follow the steps to re-install.

  • In Skyrim, look for the 60 FPS Mod and choose it.
  • Make it a zip file now.
  • Reinstall the SkyUI after starting the Mod.
  • Your re-installation procedure is complete and your SkyUI is ready to run again.

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Bonus Tips:

About SKSE

It is a Skyrim mod script modulator. Update frequently to receive the benefits.

Is SKSE safe?

SKSE is a really safe tool to use, I guess. All you need to do to benefit and ensure smooth functioning is update the tool periodically.

How To Fix SKSE error 5

  • Find the directory and choose SKSE64.
  • Make sure an administrator is selected on the compatibility.
  • Save the recent activity.


How do I fix SkyUI error?

The best way to fix any SkyUI issue is to provide it administrator permissions. Property can be selected by right-clicking the program. Choose the Compatibility tab next. The option to run this program as an administrator should be checked. You can delete SKSE and reinstall it if it wasn’t installed properly.

Does SkyUI need SKSE?

SkyUI doesn’t necessarily need SKSE to work properly.


The most frequently reported error by gamers is the one just mentioned. I have offered solutions for the problem. Please adhere to the instructions for enjoyable gaming. Make certain you have frequent updates. I hope this article was able to provide a solution.

See how to install SkyUI in the video Below.

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