This Extension Violates the Chrome Web Store Policy | How To Fix?


This Extension Violates the Chrome Web Store Policy :

The majority of online users utilize Google Chrome Browser because it has always prioritized user safety. However, if you ever run into the “This extension violates the Chrome Web Store policy” problem, BravoTechArena will walk you through the process step-by-step so that you can resume using the Browser normally.

How to Fix “This Extension Violates the Chrome Web Store Policy”?

To access the Extension Manager in Chromium and receive notifications when an Extension is disabled automatically,

go to chrome:/extensions in your web browser. If you don’t, you won’t receive any notifications.

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What is This Extension Violates the Chrome Web Store Policy Error?

When the warning appears on your device’s screen while you’re browsing the internet, it implies that Google has forbidden you from installing or turning it back on.

In the event that Google has prohibited the Extension, you might choose the Chromium browser. Because Google doesn’t restrict any extensions on the Chromium browser and because Google supports any extensions that are supported by Chrome as well, Google maintains and upgrades this open-source version of Chrome. Google first made the open-source code for the Chrome browser available.

How to fix This Extension Violates the Chrome Web Store Policy error

How To Resolve This Extension Violates the Chrome Web Store Policy Error?

You can use Chromium Browser to enable Chrome Extensions that Google has restricted or that are in violation of Chrome Web Store policies because it does not forcibly remove existing Extensions.

Due to its unstable nature, you could encounter some problems when using the Chromium browser that are comparable to those you encounter when using Google Chrome.

You can install the Chromium browser on your PC to activate every extension that Google had disabled in Chrome. You may activate every extension that contravenes the Chrome Web Store Policy by switching to the Chromium browser from Chrome.

How To Download and Install Chromium Browser on PC?

  • The Chromium browser can be downloaded to your computer using this link for the Chromium browser’s zip file.
  • It must be downloaded or installed on your computer.
  • To launch the Chromium Browser on your computer, double-click the chrome.exe program in the copied file.
  • Because it is portable, you can keep the Chromium browser on the USB device.


How do I enable a blocked extension in Chrome?

Enter chrome:/extensions into the address bar of Google Chrome. This page will be opened for you. On the website, drag the Google Chrome extension file. Permit the installation of the expansion.

Why is Chrome not allowing me to enable an extension?

In order to protect your privacy when you browse the Internet, Chrome may have disabled one or more of your extensions if you get a warning that reads “Extensions Disabled.”

How do I fix a Chrome extension error?

You can also resolve Google Chrome extension error by following the steps below:
1. Restart Google Chrome.
2. Update Extension.
3. Reinstall Extension.
4. Clear Google Chrome Cache.
5. Run Google Chrome Malware Scanner. 6. Reset All Chrome Settings.
7. Update Google Chrome.

How do I stop Chrome from disabling extensions?

Open Chrome and enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar, then press Enter.


To learn how to resolve the error “This Extension violates the Chrome web Store Policy,” read our comprehensive guide. By using the above-mentioned steps to activate the extensions, you can browse the web on the Chromium Browser, which Google blocked in Chrome.

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