How To Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer? [Get Rid of CC 2022]


How To Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer: 

With the help of our instruction, the subtitles problem is easily resolved. Yeah! The Closed Caption issue that annoys you when viewing your favorite on the big screen should be eliminated at this time. Therefore, today we’ll look at how to get rid of subtitles on the BBC iPlayer app. Having trouble putting up with the subtitles on your favorite BBC iPlayer content? Join us then to discover how to delete the captions from your saved videos.

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One of the best entertainment services is BBC iPlayer, which gives its subscribers unlimited access to a huge selection of shows. It offers a variety of functions, like subtitles, in this sequence. It will make it easier for you to comprehend the situation and theme. But not always; on occasion, you might prefer to turn off the closed captioning feature so you can watch your preferred content in its entirety. Enter the article without delay if you wish to disable subtitles on the BBC iPlayer app.

How To Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer?

On the BBC iPlayer app, you are free to disable the subtitles. We’ll now go over a quick method for getting past the closed caption in a few stages. On the BBC iPlayer app, there are two ways to turn off the closed captions. The first is that you may turn off the CC in the app’s settings. On the other side, you can disable the Subtitles option in your device’s settings. However, it will disable CC for all installed apps. We’ll explore how to disable the CC on the BBC iPlayer app directly in this section. Additionally, the device settings-based way of disabling will be covered in the next guide.

The best way to disable subtitles on BBC iPlayer

  • Choose the program you wish to stream on a big screen by opening the BBC iPlayer app on your smart device.

  • After that, play it and access the BBC iPlayer app’s Playback Menu.

  • Note: Using the enter, play, or arrow buttons on your remote control, you can access the Playback menu.

  • Click on the Speech Bubble option that you can now see in the top left corner.
  • To easily disable cc, click on the Speech Bubble option on the BBC iPlayer screen
  • You may effortlessly stream all of your BBC iPlayer favorites without captions on a huge screen after you disable it.

How Do I Turn Off subtitles on BBC iPlayer on my TV?

The process to turn off Closed Captioning on your Smart TV is covered in this section. The upcoming guide is a generic one; TV model variations may apply. To enjoy all your BBC iPlayer favorites without captions, follow the instructions.

  • Go to the Home Screen after connecting your Smart TV to the Internet.

  • Then, select the General or Privacy option under the Settings section.

  • On your Smart TV, select the Accessibility option under the General section.

  • Choose the Caption option after selecting the Caption Settings.

  • After that, disable the closed captioning feature on your Smart TV by turning off the caption option.

  • Once the CC is turned off, you may stream all of your favorite BBC iPlayer programs without captions on the Big screen.

How To turn off subtitles on BBC iPlayer

How Do I Get rid of subtitles on BBC iPlayer on FireStick?

Fortunately, BBC iPlayer is now officially supported by the Firestick streaming gadget, allowing you to access all of your favorite episodes easily. Using the following guide, you may now quickly turn off subtitles on your BBC iPlayer app. So, to discover how to turn off the BBC iPlayer caption, follow the steps without losing a beat.

  • Launch the BBC iPlayer app after connecting your Firestick streaming device to a reliable internet connection.

  • You can now select your preferred BBC iPlayer program and watch it on a large screen.

  • The Menu option will then appear on your Firestick screen after you click the Menu button on your Firestick remote control.

  • Turn off subtitles by choosing the option in the Firestick menu.

  • You can stream all of your BBC iPlayer faves without CC once you disable the option for subtitles on your device.

How To Turn Off subtitles on BBC iPlayer App on PlayStation Console?

On your PlayStation game console, you can now view all of your favorite BBC iPlayer programs without any captions. Use this simple technique to disable captions on your preferred app without losing a beat. But keep in mind that in this case, we stop the CC feature using the device’s settings so that it will affect all apps.

  • Start by turning on your PlayStation gaming console and connecting it to the internet.

  • On your gaming console, go to the Settings section and choose the Accessibility option.

  • Then, in order to turn off subtitles, click the Closed Captions button.

  • Once it is turned off, you may view all of your favorite BBC iPlayer programs without any interruptions.


You can disable subtitles on the BBC iPlayer app using the best and most practical way described in the aforementioned article. Fortunately, BBC iPlayer gives users complete freedom to disable subtitles. So, in this article, we’ll go over the easiest ways to turn off closed captioning on your Smart TV, Firestick, or PlayStation console when using BBC iPlayer.
You may enjoy all your favorite BBC iPlayer programmes on the large screen sans captions by using the appropriate technique for your device. The best feature of the BBC iPlayer app and how to get it are hopefully explained in this article. Let’s end this post with one more encouraging development. You can now access a wide range of technology-related guides by going to our website.


  • It’s simple to disable cc on the BBC iPlayer app. You can change the size of the subtitles and enable or deactivate them as you choose. Select the content and use the playback option to turn off closed captioning in the BBC iPlayer app. The BBC iPlayer app’s subtitles can then be disabled by clicking the Speech bubble.
  • BBC iPlayer software on your Xbox game console allows you to effortlessly toggle on and off the closed captioning. Select the Show on BBC iPlayer and open the Playback Menu to disable the CC option. Turn off the Speech Bubble option by selecting it on the Menu bar. All of your preferred BBC iPlayer shows are now available for subtitle-free streaming on the Xbox screen.

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