Latest Airtel 500MB Free browsing Using WT Tunnel Pro


Airtel has blessed is again with another Airtel free browsing this month which I will be teaching you how to setup this cheat using the latest wt tunnel pro VPN app. I will be dropping the procedures to enjoy the Airtel free browsing tweaks which has just dropped recently it is capped at 500mb daily. We have been spending money buying data since the airtel unlimited via ha tunnel config files stopped months ago.

I hope that with this cheat we will at least have a little something to sit with while waiting for a bigger tweak to drop.

So let me proceed with the tutorial right away.

1. A Smartphone.
2. WT Tunnel Pro.
3. Stable Internet Connection.


1. Download the WT Tunnel Pro.
2. Click on the three lines by you top left corner
3. Press update tweaks
4. Select Airtel 500mb daily
5. Hit the connect button
When you are finally connected you can proceed to browse your favourite webpages as well as downloads.
We have also observed that this cheat works better on a strong 4G network
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