MTN Unlimited 2022 via Stark VPN Reloaded | MTN Free Browsing Cheat


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Stark VPN Reloaded MTN Unlimited Free Browsing 2022

This MTN free Browsing cheat 2022 has been made possible by the Stark VPN team after a long wait.

It is no doubt that most of us are probably used to buying data and subscribing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and I apologize for that, but we have something that tends to work perfectly well.

This tutorial might be new to some people, but it works, and that’s all that matters.

It follows the same procedure as what we have been using in Ha Tunnel VPN, Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, UT Tunnel Plus, EC Tunnel and many other free browsing VPN apps.

However, The latest and working MTN free browsing cheat as at 2022 that I am going to share with you on this article does not require config files like the previous one.

So you only have to download the Stark VPN Reloaded either from playstore or the link I am going to share below.

Without much talks, let’s get into the real gist of this article, which will cover how to setup the latest MTN Unlimited free browsing on Stark VPN Reloaded with an active MTN Sim.


  • An Active Android Phone.
  • A strong 3G or 4G Network Speed.
  • An active MTN Network Sim.
  • Stark VPN Reloaded. Download Below!
  • The setup procedures.

If you are able to follow the procedures below correctly, the latest MTN Unlimited 2022 Free Browsing on Stark VPN Reloaded should work just fine.

How To Setup Stark VPN Reloaded MTN Unlimited 2022 free Browsing Cheat.

The procedures are not as long and stressful as the one of Ha Tunnel Plus VPN that we posted in our previous article.

It is just a few steps and you are good to go.

First Download Stark VPN Reloaded here.

Next Install the VPN

Launch the VPN app.

Click on None or Direct to Open the Tweak List.

Next Choose MTN Unlimited 2022

Lastly Click on the Red Connect Button to Connect.


Is this MTN free browsing cheat unlimited?

For now, we have not reached the limit yet, So technically it is Unlimited.

Does This Mtn Cheat work for all Apps and Browsers?

The MTN free browsing cheat on Ha Tunnel Plus VPN as at January 2022 works on all Browsers and opens all applications.

Can the MTN free browsing cheat be used on PC and Desktop?

Yes! This MTN free browsing 2022 works on both phones, Tablets, PC and Desktops.

Is it safe to install the Ha Tunnel VPN on my phone?

Stark VPN Reloaded has been proven by many users and review to be a safe and reliable VPN. You can read about other free VPN apps you can install on your phone.

What Do I do when It Disconnects.

The trick is quite simple, If your connection disconnects and refuses to connect back, force close app from settings, clear cache, set your MTN SIM network to 3G, reopen app and try connect. It will connect. Once connected, set back your preferred network type to 4G LTE

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